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07 Apr 2021
educational technology

How is educational technology simplifying learning?

Educational technology has developed a lot in recent times.

There are many tools in which such technology is being used these days, like mobile apps and websites. The biggest benefit of online classes is that they can be conducted through computers and smartphones. There is no restriction on the limit of students who can attend it. Such technology also helps students in so many ways because artificial intelligence checks what students are doing. This kind of intelligence helps to generate content that is useful for the students because it measures their preferences. Personalized learning is an important factor why educational technology is preferable over teaching students in a classroom.

The educational technology available today is excellent for reaching out to a wide variety of audience. In classroom-based learning, the learners have just been exposed to book based learning. This type of learning is not effective for most learners. So, in modern-day educational technology, there are learners who can benefit from video-based content, and learners who learn through sound can use podcasts. And in online learning, there are not a limited number of books, there are unlimited resources for learners preferring reading.

Immediate feedback

Feedback is also important in online learning. In this kind of feedback, everything is told instantly to the student. He knows where he is going wrong. For example, a class happening through video conferencing has the facility of online polls where students mark their answers in assessments. The teacher gets to know who has answered correctly or not. So, in this case, students get motivated immediately to learn more and pay attention to the online class.

In fact, in e-learning also, when students complete assessments, they are sent to the teachers. After evaluation, the students get feedback immediately. This is not the case with offline learning, where students get feedback after some time for the assessment, and they have forgotten completely about it. They have been forgotten about what answers they have marked. They might have to go through the assessment again to recall the answers.

Advantageous for teachers

This method is quite effective for teachers because they don’t have to evaluate written assessments. An LMS does it for them because correct answers for MCQ and true/false questions have been given to it. Since the teachers don’t have to check assessments, they can spend more time preparing good video lessons.

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