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07 Sep 2021
elearning companies in the US

How can elearning companies in the US create the perfect training content?

There is so much emphasis on training these days. Companies need to make sure that employees receive the aptest training to boost productivity. It’s because employees are the biggest resource and companies can’t ignore them. The companies find it challenging to train remotely working employees, but this trend is preferred by the latter because it provides them with a favorable work-life.

The training should be conducted regularly like every week. The e-learning companies in the US can provide you with such material which can be sent to employees at such intervals. To simplify things, employees should be sent automatic emails once the sales meeting gets completed on Zoom.

Make a note of training needs

The companies should make sure that the training gaps of employees are evaluated before the e-learning companies in the US prepare content.

You can’t just beat around the bush when it comes to training requirements because funds get wasted when the e-learning content fails to address the audience’s requirements. So, the end result is that even after going through the content the employees have to go through eternal resources. Hence, before the content preparation is commenced, it’s better to ask the supervisors, employees either in person or through online surveys. Every employee has a Key Performance Indicator either in terms of sales goals or client handling, so reasons should be discovered as to why his performance does not meet these standards. The KPIs are set for middle management and executives so that they can plan their work schedule for a day accordingly, for example, how many calls an employee needs to make to close 1 sale per day.

The learners should hence be assessed based on their test scores. These tests should be a part of how well employees can attain their KPIs. When they know that their assessment scores matter to their superiors, they will take the learning seriously. Knowledge accumulation only happens when the learners’ assessment scores are sent to their managers.

Schedule the e-learning content after the meeting

The employees have already taken some a break from their hectic domestic errands for meetings, and they can watch the e-learning content during that time. This way, when the employees are required to watch the e-learning content after the meeting, a trail can be kept about how many of them went through it.

So, creating an event calendar is inevitable for learners to assimilate learning as a part of the work routine. The managers are no longer in ambiguity whether a learner accessed the course or not.

Encourage in-person interactions

Employees are working from home, but they need to be congregated together despite their different routines. There can be the same location from where they can attend the video-conferencing call or during the same work hours. Employees might not be happy with colleagues coming to their homes. A shared workspace is the best possible option to make sure employees are together in a video call without invading someone’s personal space.

Organize employee meets

Employees should not feel isolated when they are working from home. One of the most feasible ways to do this is to, have parties. This could be organized parties where invites are sent to MS Outlook to celebrate someone’s marriage anniversary or birthday. The invitations should be sent in advance so time could be taken out from the chockablock schedules.

The employees forge new acquaintances in these meetings and they also look forward to them because they get to wear some sassy informal party wear. Make sure that these meetings take place once a month for the remote workforce. At such meetings, you can share presentations prepared by eLearning companies in the US. Such meetings are crucial because video conferencing does not allow to foster camaraderie, critical for office work.

Such meets can also be useful for discussing KPIs. It’s because employees might feel that such goals are unrealistic. The employees fail to understand why they are burdened with such impractical targets. So, it’s the job of a manager during such a meet to elaborate on the purpose of such KPIs and how they contribute to the business objectives. Elearning companies in the US are perfect for such content preparation. But, when the team feels that the market conditions have changed and so the business goals are not achievable now, they should be allowed to come forth with their opinions. The business targets can be reset and hence the employees feel inspired to achieve them and the minutes of such meets can be jotted down for future reference.

12 Aug 2021
hospitality e-learning

How can hospitality e-learning ensure a safe resumption for hotels?

Hotels all over the world are seeing a rush right now. The main aim of hotels is to please the customers, which is important for customer retention. Hence hospitality e-learning is quite important for such hotels. Through such elearning, the hotels can train their staff in different aspects of treating customers like F&B, Customer Focus, etc.

Elearning companies in the US can ensure that you can get the hospitality e-learning courses that can be tailored to suit the needs of your specific customers or you can buy readymade courses for them.

Hospitality e-learning is crucial for hotel employees because there is always a change in legislation.

For example, FDA has introduced some rules for the hotels trying to open up after lockdown as follows:

  • The premises of the hotel must be properly ventilated because the pandemic spreads through the air. The windows should be open.
  • Since the hotels were closed during the lockdown, it’s important to check that after reopening the utilities are functional including electricity, gas, and lighting. Fire prevention measures should be followed like posting the layout on every floor. This layout should be memorized by the hotel staff so that they can guide the visitors in case if a fire breaks out. Here also, hospitality e-learning is useful because the hotel staff can be made to see the layout through 3D glasses.
  • The managers should also check whether the exits are working properly and there are no obstacles. Also, the signage to exits should be working so that they can be recognized easily.
  • The ventilation facilities in the hotel should be working properly like air ducts so that guests have no trouble breathing. Also, there should not be any accumulation of molds on the inside of such ducts.
  • All the places in the hotel like the toilets should be sanitized
  • Pest control measures should also be followed for stopping the growth of the virus.
  • The hotel employees also have to be trained on proper hygiene measures which include that they should wash their hands with soap for a duration of 20 seconds. Washing hands has been made mandatory after using a bathroom, prior to eating, and after sneezing. All these rules can be taught to employees through hospitality elearning.
  • There should also be the placement of hand sanitizers at different locations in the restaurant so that both employees and customers can use them. Such hand sanitizers can be placed at the reception or in the washing room. Alcohol must be present in such and sanitizers till at least 60%.
  • Since the pandemic has such a high risk of spreading it is better that the utensils are sanitized too. Hence FDA has introduced a regulation as per which the sanitizer must also be used in a dishwasher to disinfect the utensils.
  • It’s important to maintain hygiene practices such as refraining from touching doo knobs while closing the restroom door. There should be paper towels present in the bathroom for touching doorknobs.
  • There should also be the provision of personal protective equipment in hotels. The employees should be wearing face masks or PPE’s while serving food. The employees should change them after a shift and they should be washed.
  • If an employee is being absent from the work more than expected there should be plans to deal with the same. The employee should only be allowed to resume work after such absenteeism after a blood test has been done.
  • Some employees have a high risk of contracting the disease; it’s because of health-related disorders. The vaccination may not have the best impact on them and they could be given different accommodations so as to not contract any infection.
  • The FDA also requires that the salt, ketchup, and spice holders are washed and sanitized after each party of guests is served. Apart from them, seat covers and table clothes should also be washed and disinfected.

Hospitality e-learning is also inevitable because employees can miss the important moments of training when it’s conducted face-to-face. It is because the employees use public transport to commute and may arrive late in training sessions. Also, it’s tough to provide the training to employees who can’t attend due to their hectic work schedules.

So, hospitality e-learning is perfect for Hotel employees to teach them how to behave in a post-Covid scenario.

11 Aug 2021
Elearning assessment

How can an elearning assessment help a company in retaining the right candidate?

There has been a lot of talk about elearning assessments. But what should be the passing score in such assessments? The instructional designers(ID) insist at 80%. But is it that necessary?

The basic parameter is that the learning objectives (LO’s) should be set and hence the questions in an elearning assessment should check how much of these objectives has the learner met.

When the questions are not related to the learning objectives, it can’t be gauged whether the course is effectual or not.

Therefore every ID has to establish some LO’s first and then proceed according to them. Afterward, you should formulate the quiz questions and then check whether the content adheres to these objectives or not.

Difference between enabling and terminal objectives

Learning objectives can be classified into two types, based on what they do, such as terminal objectives and enabling objectives. Enabling Objectives form the core of elearning.

They refer to the objectives which the learner must meet to be considered sufficient to fulfill terminal objectives. For example, if the terminal objective or the end goal of a course is to make the learner learn how to mow the grass, then the enabling objective is to see that he know how to operate the grass mower.

The SME can make sure that the questions can be segregated into three different levels, based on how difficult they are. These levels are the kind of risk involved in the job. So, a question can be given a high rating based on how risky the job is. Sometimes, the importance of the question might be high depending on its criticality in the job. But this kind of differentiating job in elearning can involve a lot of effort from the SME’s who can guide multimedia developers about it.

There should be different points for different kinds of questions. The points are assigned based on the difficulty level of the questions. For example, basic questions can be given lesser points just like the intermediate questions. But the advanced questions should be given more points so that when a learner does not attempt them correctly in an elearning assessment, he fails in the test. He has to start over the course again, or he can be guided to those sections of the module about the advanced questions. All this programming can be easily done by a multimedia developer. So, the learner who can answer all the advanced questions correctly gets a high score on the test. The multimedia developers can also decide whether the questions are changed depending on the number of times the user has performed the test. He can be given tougher questions as per his attempts at the test. So, this is how an elearning assessment can make sure that you hire the right candidate for a job.



30 Jul 2021
Creativ Technologies

How elearning services are helpful for retail stores in increasing sales?

The second wave of Covid 19 has receded and the people are heaving a sigh of relief. There has been a removal of lockdowns in many countries. So, since the situation has improved, people have started shifting to new jobs instead of sticking to their old jobs. Companies are realizing the worth of a talent before it leaves them.

The resources are scarce and there are more roles for them. Thus in a way, the demand-supply curve has finally turned in the way of human resources who can choose their jobs based on employee satisfaction offered.

So, how should retail companies attract the eligible resources towards them? Retail stores know that frontline worker are the most important resources for their organization because they handle customers. In the times of the pandemic, they have made things easier for retail stores by managing understaffed stores and ensuring that both they and the customers follow safety procedures. The companies had to extend a real hand of support to these employees during these tough times.

Companies should know how to provide elearning services to employees so that their morale stays boosted when the work conditions change.

This is a major reason why some retail companies are chosen by employees as compared to others because they believe in the latter relating to their brand values through elearning.

The companies can offer offsite elearning services to their frontline workers to teach them more about sales and store management concepts.

Webinars can also be shown to retail employees where they can be taught about merchandising. Higher sales can indeed happen through retail elearning services because of the following reasons:

Offer customer-focused merchandising: Merchandising is important for a company because it attracts customers to the product store. We all get attracted to the merchandising displays of clothing stores.

Retail merchandising helps a customer understand the value of a brand’s products, what is his perspective about the based on the brand is shown in retail stores. The company’s brand equity is decided in the color schemes of its products also. For example, an Apple store is never green in color because the brand is about technology. Hence the walls of an Apple store are painted white. Brand merchandising is an important part of creating the identity of a brand. For example, the McDonald’s restaurant had the Ronald Macdonald character sitting on a chair outside until the character was finally taken away due to the terrorizing clown sightings in 2016 in the US.

The store should be decorated and the merchandising displays must be arranged for holidays such as Easter. The sales are heavy on this holiday because of favorable warmer weather also. During this time there is a major demand for clothes.

Whether the products are placed correctly: The elearning services can teach workers how to perform a retail store audit. It means that they can check whether the right products are placed on the right shelf and whether the expired products have been removed from the shelves because otherwise, the store loses its trust among customers. There should be a count of items on shelves to ensure that the products are completely tracked and none of them has been stolen. The use of signage is also important because it ensures that the customers get drawn to the brand and sales are easier. Such audits are helpful for product companies because they know that they are getting the allotted floor space as promised.

Learn how to use inventory management software: Elearning services can provide training to the employees about the right use of retail software. This implies that when the retail store employees count the on-shelf goods and the inventory, they know whether any product needs reorder so that it does not go out of stock. This also depends on the past and forecasted sales of the product.

When the retail workers add all such information to the inventory management software it can automatically reorder, saving the hassles for the store manager.

For shelf verification by managers: Elearning services are also important for managers because they can get to know how the employees are performing. If the employees are showing them older photos of product displays, they can track them down using the software. They can track the time when such photos were taken to ensure that they are the latest. It’s because empty shelves can mean not happening sales, which means a store’s business is getting affected.

How to make customers buy: Retail employees can also be taught how to make sales by altering the store display. It’s important to have signage related to happiness so that customers feel positive emotions in the store. You can also ensure that there are dog pics in your stores that evoke a positive customer response.

There is also certain software that can help a retail store track what kind of customers buy certain products like their age, gender, demographics, and at what time they buy. So, you can ensure that your product display is designed correctly at a certain time of the year to attract maximum customers. Elearning services can help store workers learn how to use such software. Such software can also help you design surveys through which you can get to know how many customers of a certain gender are going to shop there on holidays. In 2018, more male shoppers shopped in stores compared to 2017. So this way, when the stores became aware of this trend beforehand, they could arrange their shopping displays that way. Apart from using the retail store software which uses autoresponder emails to send such surveys, you can also add the URL to the survey on the physical receipt. There can be a QR code of the survey on the receipt also. If your store has a web app make sure customers take part in the survey. The survey can also be added to a kiosk so that customers enter details while buying something.

So store operators can use a lot of techniques to boost sales when they are provided elearning services about new sales and inventory-based software.


27 Jul 2021
Life Sciences elearning

Why is Life Sciences Elearning so important for medical trials?

Elearning has occupied a predominant position as a learning methodology all over the world. It’s also being used in the domain of life sciences elearning. There is the use of elearning in the different sub-domains of life sciences which include pharmaceutical and medical devices. Even biotechnology which includes gene research is a part of this domain. Lifesciences elearning can be used to make the workers in the pharmaceuticals industry aware of the new requirements imposed by the FDA.

Information about new HIPAA rules

Under the new HIPAA rules imposed by the US government, the medical practitioners have to ensure that the information regarding patients is transferred electronically so that its unauthorized access is prevented. This includes information regarding their Medicare plans and insurers. Medical Aid is also given by employer-sponsored group plans through an insurer where the salary of employees is deducted to contribute to the health contingencies.

So apart from medical practitioners, entities that reimburse the cost of medical care like insurers have to follow HIPAA patient privacy rules.

But HIPAA rules don’t apply to certain situations.

This rule excludes those health plans where the employer is taking care of the expenses rather than an insurer. Also to be excluded, this health plan must have less than 50 people being a part of it.

Otherwise, HIPAA applies to medical health care plans including health, vision, and dental problems. It also includes health plans in which the long-term expenses of a patient like his nursing-home-stay is covered.

Work from home for medical researchers

There has also been much change in the work pattern in the drug industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of employees have been working from homes against only 25% in that situation before the pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry is facing problems in conducting trials.

The clinical trials which had been suspended due to lockdown are again taking place. Now, digital tools are getting used for remote monitoring of a candidate for a clinical trial.

With remote monitoring of volunteers, it can be seen, how much dosage they are taking and if there is inefficiency and delay in drug consumption. But such databases can be created accurately for every patient when proper Lifesciences elearning is given to doctors and also trial data can be recorded in an LMS.

Life sciences companies have also been benefitting from this shift to work-from-home. The workers are more productive because they don’t have to take tiring journeys to the office. The drug manufacturing companies took proper initiatives to combat the spread of disease because they disinfected those manufacturing plants where the Covid-19 sufferers were discovered.

But work from home also had negative impacts on the life sciences industry. Although pharmaceutical companies have been able to manufacture drugs with a lower number of employees in the office, this approach has not been so great. According to 33.3% of employees of such companies, the output of such production was of lower quality.

The life sciences elearning can be used to replicate experiments.

There can be demonstrations shown to the lab workers so that they can learn how to analyze and evaluate data related to experiments.

How to conduct lab trials at home?

Also, the lab trials can be conducted at home with tools available such as online lab simulators. There can be 3D simulations and the doctors can view the results through the software used for such experiments in the simulations. For example, they have data analyzing tool which they can use to evaluate the result of clinical trials like if a certain substance is increased in an experiment would the resulting product be stable or not, and what will be its impact on the human body. For example, the company can develop software for the blood sample of a Covid19 patient and how can any drug affect the virus. For the development of this software, the company must have done a detailed study of how Coronavirus is affected by various substances. The use of this kind of software which is taught as a part of Lifesciences elearning is based on artificial intelligence and eliminates the need to recruit human volunteers for clinical trials. Apart from finding the right candidate depending on age, gender, etc, and another problem is that the participants don’t believe that they would be safe in a trial. Also, sometimes, the participants are not studied closely to study the impact of a drug. The candidate dropout rate is also high between successive trials.

How to recruit candidates for drug trials?

A Lifesciences LMS can solve the problem of recruiting candidates for such trials. It’s because, with a database query language, the doctors’ prescriptions and lab reports uploaded to such an LMS can be used to find patients who are apt for a trial.

But doctors often use different medical language to describe the same disease, so it can be troublesome for computer software to find the right volunteer. But an algorithm can be used for this search purpose which makes use of the right keywords related to a disease. However, the Lifesciences elearning can focus on teaching such a search-based tool depending on this algorithm to the drug researchers. Of course, these doctors can’t be taught a database query language to search records for eligible drug trial volunteers.

So this is how life sciences elearning can be useful for biotech companies.

13 Jul 2021

Why do banks need a BFSI LMS?

The world has changed dramatically in the past with new technologies coming to the fore. The service industry has indeed seen a boom, but there are so many complexities also one of which is intense competition.

How can a BFSI LMS help bank employees?

This is true in the case of the financial sector. Banks have to make sure that customers get a prompt response when they ask questions from their executives whether on phone or in person. The banking executives can hence take the help of chatbots who have been programmed to answer the common questions posed by customers. The banking executive can make sure that they ask the chatbots about the perplexing questions asked by customers and using the keyword of questions, these bots respond within seconds.

Apart from chatbots, many new technologies are getting used by banks, including a BFSI LMS.

This is because such LMS can help companies train employees effectively about new compliance laws. There can be huge consequences for defaulting banks. In case they are unable to follow a compliance law, a bank may have to shut down.

New Banking laws in the US

Computer-Security Incident Notification Requirements for Banking Organizations and Their Bank Service Providers

Cybersecurity is one of the critical concerns of banks, especially since there has been digitalization of their services to please the customers. Although services like Net Banking have been introduced, there is a need for a lot of security so that no data breaches occur through the bank’s server. In January 2021, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) proposed a new rule as per which banks are supposed to inform the OCC within a maximum of 36 hours if they believe that a cyber attack(“notification incident”) has happened. This kind of communication can be in verbal or written form also. A notification incident is defined as something that can stop the banking operations or the provision of banking services and goods.

Apart from that, if there is a cyber attack on a bank service provider, which could ensure that its services to the bank are going to be affected for four hours, then it’s his job to inform at least two persons at every bank.

Corporate Transparency Act

There is also an imposition of anti-money laundering laws known as the Corporate Transparency Act. As per it, the financial institutions if they have a business customer who opens accounts with them, then they are supposed to get all his details. The business customers often open accounts with banks to conduct a transaction on behalf of legal entities owned by them. So, such business customers known as beneficial owners in legal terms are defined as someone who has ownership rights of 25% in an entity or has major control. Such an entity is defined as Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. So banks are supposed to train their front line staff about all such new regulations through a BFSI LMS.

Other advantages of a BFSI LMS

A BFSI LMS ensures that the banks can also monitor how well the learners are reacting to it. They can allow more participation rates for employees because after going through each nugget, they are sent a survey in which they can provide feedback. The learners can also be checked for their gained knowledge through an assessment. Sometimes, the internet connection is not steady in some branches of a bank due to which the BFSI LMS must be accessed offline.

So, this is how a BFSI LMS can help banks in updating their employees with the latest compliance laws.

03 May 2021
elearning companies in US

Precautions to take before getting an LMS from elearning companies in US

There has been a lot of demand for elearning companies in US because of the pandemic.

It’s because people can’t attend courses and they need online courses. However, it’s not so easy to get an LMS. The worst part is that how to convince everyone to get an LMS. They don’t agree on the budget. Apart from that, there needs to be an investment in upgrades. Over time, the upgrades also add up. So how to save costs on an LMS when it is such a necessity.

Don’t invest in an open-source LMS because it can have its cons 

One of the best ways to save money on an LMS is to get one that is open source. Of course, this sounds like a feasible option, but the only point is that if it does not work out as intended, you would need to do a lot of coding. Technical professionals have to be hired and extra charges will have to be paid. Apart from that if the technical staff comes from your team, they will deviate away from their existing projects leading to delay. So although an open-source LMS sounds like an attractive option, it requires a lot of labour. So, it’s better to get an LMS that has a vendor supporting its maintenance.

Expect changes 

You must think of the future when you decide to develop a training course. It’s better to review your training course on time based on the feedback received. There can be changes required in the training course based on how the industry changes. The world is changing at a fast pace and we all know that. There can be modifications required in the course depending on how the economy and government policies have changed. Even technical changes like the launch of new software can necessitate changes in your course. So, it’s better to create plans for change, so that your course does not get obsolete before you even know it.

Create a schedule 

So once you have realized that your LMS will be needing changes in the future, it’s better to be prepared for them. When you are purchasing an LMS from one of the eLearning companies in US, create plans for unexpected changes. Decide who will implement those changes. For example, will you need an expert coder? You can also create a schedule for the required changes from your team members. Once their time has been allotted for the maintenance of the LMS, they won’t ignore their current projects. The Calendar with the developers time slots should be shared in tools such as Microsoft Outlook so that there everyone is aware of it.

Use e-learning templates 

It is also important to use an elearning template for designing a course. It is important because in that case, making changes to the course in the future is easy. Once a template is used to prepare a course, changes can be made easily without affecting anything. So, any newbie can also make changes to such a course without affecting the complete course. It requires lesser cost than hiring a multimedia specialist to make the changes and requires lesser time also.

Use analytics 

The LMS has many tools which gather data. You should be aware of the usage of such tools because they can help you analyze the performance of the course and the learners. This way you can make changes to the course knowing which areas are less frequented by learners showing that they are finding them tough.

Learn about the compatibility of the LMS 

The LMS should automatically update itself so that its functionality is the best. Before getting an LMS from elearning companies in US, make sure that you consult the vendor as to when and where the LMS will update. Are they charging any extra fees for the update? It’s also important to know whether the LMS is compatible with the elearning tool because otherwise, it’s the job of the vendor to help you.

28 Dec 2020
Elearning companies in US

Elearning in the next decade 

The future of elearning is going to change. However, it’s not easy to predict what will happen. However, with the coming of authoring tools, elearning has already changed so much.

Are Elearning companies in US ready for the following changes?

Augmented reality will be the future of elearning 
Almost 10 years back, being in a virtual environment seemed so much impossible. However, thanks to the advent of technologies such as Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality headset, augmented reality is possible.
Employees will be trained using augmented reality. Employees have their real-world expanded by objects which ensures that their training is better. But employees don’t have to worry about the practical risks while getting trained through augmented reality. There are many objects which can cause problems while real-life training such as machinery and sales terminals.
Therefore, since such objects are replicated in augmented reality through computers, it is ideal for training for onboarding of employees. But this kind of technology is not accessible to many companies today due to costs. The augmented reality headsets are costly. But after a decade from now, there are going to many elearning programs using augmented reality. 

Analysis of Big data 
Big data will be analysed perfectly by organisations in the future. Big data refers to the huge volume of data a company gets daily. The companies will be able to review this data and ensure that the training is based on it. The big data will be used to customise the learning paths of individuals. There will be a search of Big Data tools that will make sure that the companies are easily able to analyse the behaviour of modern learners. The Big data will be checked and it will allow companies to provide training to employees to become important team members. 

LMS platforms will be on the cloud 
LMS platforms will be available on servers available on-demand i.e. the cloud. It will be so that a large number of elearning tools will be hosted in the cloud. This will ensure that learners are easily able to access elearning information. There is a small number of authoring tools that are hosted on the cloud. There will only be a small number of elearning tools that will be on local hosts. The companies want web-based training for their employees which is only possible with servers located in different parts of the world. Employees can reach out to training resources whenever from whichever location they want through such online servers. The limitations of place and time are eliminated through cloud-based servers. 

Mobile learning will expand 
Many people these days are using smartwatches. They want the training material to be accessible to them. This technology will be more advanced in the future when such technology will be built into clothing. With this, employees will able to access eLearning from anywhere. They can enhance their skills without having to wait. These devices make sure information is available to the employees without any glitches.

The employees will have complete control over the e-learning content i.e.its accessibility and hence it will bring greater satisfaction for them. Creativ Technologies provides the most advanced solutions as one of the Elearning companies in US.

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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.