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17 Sep 2021

How to make VILT more interesting?

Elearning companies in the US have been quite instrumental in the pandemic. Its because the workers started doing their work remotely, which had an impact on the learning strategy for companies. Employee training has assumed so much priority to reduce absenteeism caused by a lack of work-related skills.

The training delivery is a tough decision for companies because they have to hire facilitators’ for virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

However, apart from using facilitation, such training can be made more interesting in the following ways. 

A very important technique used in this regard is the breakout groups. It leads to a higher user engagement because the learners are assigned to groups during the video conferencing call. The group is then given a challenge they have to tackle. For creating breakout groups, the host needs to send an invite to the participants. If they decide to click on Join, they become a part of the breakout group.

Break out Rooms

Breakout Rooms are useful so that participants are segregated into groups, where the host can see only the room screen instead of their individual member’s screen. The participants in such breakout rooms can see each other’s screens and chat about a topic. The host of the video-conferencing call only has the option to close or open such rooms or he/she can set a timer for the rooms to be closed. So when you want to see each participant’s screen and address them for the consecutive lesson, it’s important to close a room.

Such virtual groups help participants get unusual ideas through brainstorming sessions. Brainstorming is useful when you want to get unique ideas from team members who belong to different departments because they might have a distinct opinion about the work.

Another engaging brainstorming method is co-annotation. 

Interactive brainstorming session with co-annotation in Zoom

Zoom has an Annotate option where you can draw and write as much on your screen or their screen while the participants are watching you. Although the participants can’t write on such a shared screen without co-annotation, you can write on their behalf, their ideas during a brainstorming session. For example, you can open a Word document on your screen and click the share screen option and then Annotate. Instead of opening a word document; you can click on the share screen option and then click on the Whiteboard. You can decide the annotation preferences, whether the other participants in the group will be able to write on the whiteboard screen, by clicking on the Enable/Disable Annotation for Others settings in Zoom call. The feature to let other participants Annotate on the shared screen or on the whiteboard is only possible for all participants or for none at all.

You can also see who is annotating by enabling the show/hide names of annotators option.

There are many annotation tools present like drawing, spotlight, eraser, select an annotation. Under the spotlight feature, when you drag your mouse to a certain part of the screen, it is shown to other participants.

This is how you can make VILT more interesting.


08 Sep 2021
finance elearning

Ease loan origination with finance e-learning for bank employees 

The banks are keenly trying to get more customers on board for themselves. These institutions are devising loan products for customers, but, when it comes to technology they are stuck. But now there have been revolutions in LMS in banking like the invention of the loan origination system (LOS). The loan origination system has been prepared to make sure that banks don’t face any issues while giving loans. As far as a LOS is concerned, it provides leads about loan applicants to banks because it’s amalgamated with the website loan application form. So, this software ensures that the banks can integrate all the information about the borrower and even check their credibility and documents. A conventional LOS checks all the requirements which are crucial for a bank while giving loans. The LOS also sends an autoresponder email to the prospective borrower when the bank either approves or rejects the loan. This kind of banking software reduces the need for banking executives to use third-party applications in the loan appraisal process because they are integrated with it. Such software saves a bank a lot of manpower.

Permanent storage of customer information

The banks can make sure that the customer document files are not lost when they are stored in a LOS. Hence the customer documents complemented with an e-signature are stored in a LOS. As soon as a customer document is uploaded to an LMS, the verification workflow starts, and the third-party confirmation is started. The prospective borrowers are then given scorecards about their credibility prospects in the LOS.

When the customer data is stored online, it can be accessed in the future also.

The banks need to provide finance e-learning to employees so that they easily operate such software.

No need for manual verification

A LOS is a feasible option for banks that don’t have time to install heavy third-party applications. When the banks have fast systems for assessing customer eligibility for loans, they can get a faster entry into the lending market. With a LOS that’s installed on a web server, there’s no need to get an in-house server.

But there is a need for finance e-learning so that bank employees can access such software from their homes and learn about new loan applications. This kind of elearning is useful for employees so that they don’t have any dearth of knowledge but using systems such as LOS.

Easy accessibility of data

Since the data in a LOS hosted on a cloud-based server is accessible anywhere, it eases up the process for bank employees. It ensures that they don’t have to conduct manual verification, which is also relaxing for customers because they get a speedy response to their loan applications. With this LOS, where everything is automated including document management, loan verification, the bank employees don’t have access to third-party websites for processes such as identity verification, employment background check, and fill up their website forms.

How can finance e-learning be useful?

Scanning and uploading documents

Finance eLearning can be used by bank employees to use such software for document uploading and informing the managers about any document discrepancy. They can also search for the documents easily because LOS stores them in a database management system and hence they are searchable through the primary keys attached to each customer record.

Later, when the customer asks about where his loan processing is, they can send the status updates to him after assessing the LOS. If a customer is late in document submission, the banking employees can also initiate a chat with him through the LOS to know the reasons for the delay.

Informing customers

Since the phone numbers of the customers are stored in the LOS, they can be scheduled to receive automatic SMS about the status of their loan application. Any change in bank policies, holidays, and interest rates can also be relayed. All the SMS details of the customers are stored in this software to ensure that the banks have all their history with them.

Know about interest payments

The banking employees also learn about loan servicing through this software via finance e-learning. The software sends automatic emails to banking employees and borrowers when the interest payment is due. So, if a borrower does not meet his interest obligations, in time, they can inform the bank manager about it and hence downgrade his creditworthiness. The banking employees must also know how to check whether a customer has sent a wire transfer for meeting his due interest.

If the customer is behind schedule on his interest payments, the bank executives receive all the information about the late payment fees through the LOS. Interest payments can also be expedited when there are customer portals established for them. They can be integrated with the bank LOS and enabled through finance e-learning, banking employees can guide customers about using such portals. Even chatbots can be used for customer interaction.

Analyze banking flows

The critical aspect of finance e-learning is that it’s useful for banking managers also because they can decide the portfolio of such institutions. When you get reports about cash flows of different kinds of borrowers, from retail to individual, they can analyze what kind of profits are made by them. Any kind of misbehavior can also be recorded for future lending purposes.

06 Sep 2021
retail training

Retail training is important for businesses with multiple-channel accessibility

Modern-day customers have become more technically savvy thanks to the advent of digital communication. Today, customers have become fond of online shopping done using their gadgets where they don’t need to leave their abode. Those companies which are not making a foray into digital technologies are lagging behind competitors and losing business.

Since 2019, the world started experiencing the pandemic and online shopping became a norm. The customers were not willing to go to stores anymore due to the fear of the disease. Instead, the customer service staff was facing problems due to such a heavy rush of customers online. The customers didn’t get their answers instantly; instead, their calls had to be transferred to different departments like the Product to respond to prospects. Google Insights has already reported that right now, being in the E-commerce business is the most profitable possibility, especially in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) group countries including Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. By 2022, the online shopping market in this region will have enhanced three times from 8.3 to 28.5 billion USD.

Hence retail training has become a major requirement for companies. The customer service people are now working from home due to the pandemic because stores have been shut down and their leaders have taken such decisions. Hence there is a need for a cloud-based server to be implemented by such stores, so that customer data is accessible all the time for everyone.

Increasing demand and technically proficient customers

The rising demand faced by customer service representatives has become a problematic issue for them. They don’t have time to answer customer queries on various platforms. Hence, with a cloud-based server, they have centralized storage available to them like which customer has accessed them before and what are his product preferences.

Retail training can be useful for sales representatives because it can allow them to access customer conversations through cloud-based solutions.

The retail executives can be taught so much through such training.

How to operate the CRM: A company also has to implement a CRM to keep track of whom the customer is dealing with but it has to be integrated with an E-commerce platform so that customers can post orders and queries online. A must for all-around availability, a cloud-based server is required to host both the CRM and the E-commerce based website and mobile app. For example, the companies can reap the benefits when the customer service representative raises a ticket about the unavailability of the product and he is informed as soon as possible when the product becomes available because lets the vendor has also been added to the same CRM. So, there is not much delay between when a customer asks for a product and when it is supplied to him counting as an effective business. Retail training has come to the rescue of companies when customer service representatives learn how to raise a ticket on the CRM.

The retail training can also be beneficial when such employees what conversation should be added to the help desk so that responses to the customers are automated. This way, the customers don’t have to wait for a response when retail executives are not in their seats. Integrated voice response (IVR) is the necessity of our times.

Retail training can ensure that the salespersons can provide feedback to general questions posed by customers on WhatsApp. This helps in chatbot programming also.

Communication skills: Online shopping has seen such a boom because the customers are expending so much time on their cell phones and the ads on such devices capture such attention. The placement of mobile ads has increased by 70%, which has fuelled such a surge in online shopping. Chatbots have also become a necessity where customer queries are handled through software. But retail training is mandatory because the customer care executives are required to handle those WhatsApp queries which a chatbot can’t resolve. Retail training is required for the betterment of communication skills for the executives. They can also consult the company’s website to solve customer confusion, but they need to multitask. Retail training also helps them to search a cloud contact center solution through keywords for answers to customer troubles to give a prompt reply. Customers are now in a hurry to make sales and when they can’t get the right answer, they leave the chat, so retail training is an essential solution to make such executives skilled with new technologies.

Due to the pandemic, all the businesses are offering omnichannel support and are now reachable through Live Support, website contact form, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to name a few. Businesses can’t afford to be complacent anymore, and retail training is all about that. The sales executives should be ready to set auto-responder emails in a CRM to an inquiring customer based on the keywords in his question. The customers want instantaneous responses and any delay in the reply can force them to look elsewhere.

27 Jul 2021
Life Sciences elearning

Why is Life Sciences Elearning so important for medical trials?

Elearning has occupied a predominant position as a learning methodology all over the world. It’s also being used in the domain of life sciences elearning. There is the use of elearning in the different sub-domains of life sciences which include pharmaceutical and medical devices. Even biotechnology which includes gene research is a part of this domain. Lifesciences elearning can be used to make the workers in the pharmaceuticals industry aware of the new requirements imposed by the FDA.

Information about new HIPAA rules

Under the new HIPAA rules imposed by the US government, the medical practitioners have to ensure that the information regarding patients is transferred electronically so that its unauthorized access is prevented. This includes information regarding their Medicare plans and insurers. Medical Aid is also given by employer-sponsored group plans through an insurer where the salary of employees is deducted to contribute to the health contingencies.

So apart from medical practitioners, entities that reimburse the cost of medical care like insurers have to follow HIPAA patient privacy rules.

But HIPAA rules don’t apply to certain situations.

This rule excludes those health plans where the employer is taking care of the expenses rather than an insurer. Also to be excluded, this health plan must have less than 50 people being a part of it.

Otherwise, HIPAA applies to medical health care plans including health, vision, and dental problems. It also includes health plans in which the long-term expenses of a patient like his nursing-home-stay is covered.

Work from home for medical researchers

There has also been much change in the work pattern in the drug industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of employees have been working from homes against only 25% in that situation before the pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry is facing problems in conducting trials.

The clinical trials which had been suspended due to lockdown are again taking place. Now, digital tools are getting used for remote monitoring of a candidate for a clinical trial.

With remote monitoring of volunteers, it can be seen, how much dosage they are taking and if there is inefficiency and delay in drug consumption. But such databases can be created accurately for every patient when proper Lifesciences elearning is given to doctors and also trial data can be recorded in an LMS.

Life sciences companies have also been benefitting from this shift to work-from-home. The workers are more productive because they don’t have to take tiring journeys to the office. The drug manufacturing companies took proper initiatives to combat the spread of disease because they disinfected those manufacturing plants where the Covid-19 sufferers were discovered.

But work from home also had negative impacts on the life sciences industry. Although pharmaceutical companies have been able to manufacture drugs with a lower number of employees in the office, this approach has not been so great. According to 33.3% of employees of such companies, the output of such production was of lower quality.

The life sciences e-learning can be used to replicate experiments.

There can be demonstrations shown to the lab workers so that they can learn how to analyze and evaluate data related to experiments.

How to conduct lab trials at home?

Also, the lab trials can be conducted at home with tools available such as online lab simulators. There can be 3D simulations and the doctors can view the results through the software used for such experiments in the simulations. For example, they have data analyzing tool which they can use to evaluate the result of clinical trials like if a certain substance is increased in an experiment would the resulting product be stable or not, and what will be its impact on the human body. For example, the company can develop software for the blood sample of a Covid19 patient and how can any drug affect the virus. For the development of this software, the company must have done a detailed study of how Coronavirus is affected by various substances. The use of this kind of software which is taught as a part of Lifesciences elearning is based on artificial intelligence and eliminates the need to recruit human volunteers for clinical trials. Apart from finding the right candidate depending on age, gender, etc, and another problem is that the participants don’t believe that they would be safe in a trial. Also, sometimes, the participants are not studied closely to study the impact of a drug. The candidate dropout rate is also high between successive trials.

How to recruit candidates for drug trials?

A Lifesciences LMS can solve the problem of recruiting candidates for such trials. It’s because, with a database query language, the doctors’ prescriptions and lab reports uploaded to such an LMS can be used to find patients who are apt for a trial.

But doctors often use different medical language to describe the same disease, so it can be troublesome for computer software to find the right volunteer. But an algorithm can be used for this search purpose which makes use of the right keywords related to a disease. However, the Lifesciences elearning can focus on teaching such a search-based tool depending on this algorithm to the drug researchers. Of course, these doctors can’t be taught a database query language to search records for eligible drug trial volunteers.

So this is how life sciences elearning can be useful for biotech companies.

23 Jul 2021
telecommunications elearning

Why is telecommunications elearning important for telecom companies?

Telecommunications e-learning is important for companies so that you can deliver training to employees. It’s because store operators manage customers, so telecommunications e-learning can have a direct bearing on the kind of customer service.

The staff can be happy when telecommunications e-learning has been implemented because every year a telecom company brings so many plans into the market, that it’s tough to remember all the information.

Why can’t telecommunication companies impart conventional training? It is because once the store operators are not on the field, i.e. in stores, how will they sell products. If you take them away from stores, you are simply reducing sales.

Apart from training SIM card store operators, telecommunications elearning can also be used for training call center operators who must know how to sell prepaid connections.

Also, with the availability of so many communication apps such as WhatsApp which are reliant on mobile data, there has been a surge of opportunities for the telecom industry. Every mobile app requires the use of mobile data, hence companies providing the fastest network succeed in winning customers as compared to others. But all these benefits why a telecom company is better than others can only be explained by a retail store operator when he has received telecommunications elearning.

The business of these companies has even increased more when the customers have started using personalized mobile data plans to access official computer networks due to lockdown. Digitalization of office communication through apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom has happened for which network connectivity on PCs and mobile phones is crucial.

Impact of the pandemic on telecom companies

A lot of new opportunities have opened up for the telecom industry due to the ban on international travel imposed by the US. So, all the gaps in face-to-face communication will be fulfilled through the use of mobiles. There has been an increased use of mobile phones, and all the limits on mobile data consumption have been lifted. Due to this, the telecom companies might not be able to provide the same network availability to all the customers.

Apart from the impact on the customer front, the telecommunications industry has also been affected by the pandemic. Hence, such workers must be given telecommunications elearning because they have to work remotely now. They have to make sales on phone due to which training can’t be ignored. If such front-line employees can’t be allowed to work from their homes, they should be given enough guidelines to prevent exposure to Covid-19 because they come into touch with customers regularly.

As a result, the telecommunications industry has to assess which employees can work remotely and which cant.

If the companies think that it’s going to impact productivity by making the front-line staff work online, then there should be Covid risk reduction guidelines given to them. However, the telecom retail stores have been shut down due to lockdown regulations, due to which such companies have to conduct sales through call centers. Therefore, adequate training is needed for call center employees to maintain the sales volume. But, telecom companies can deal with the huge incoming call volume in call centers and address such customers beforehand that they are likely to face some service disruption to cooperate. Such companies can also delay their fee schedules because due to heightened customer demand service disruptions are caused. For example, companies can stop imposing late penalties on customers of postpaid plans to compensate for service disruptions.

Since retail operations are only conducted through call centers now, the telecom companies should supervise how their call centers are performing by setting up a command center. They can also instruct the call center employees through telecommunications e-learning on how to conduct sales.


23 Jul 2021
performance support tools

How can performance support tools improve an employee’s performance?

Corporate training has become so important for companies because it can ensure that employees are given the most important knowledge to survive in a company. But, there are some problems with formal training. The first one is that the formal programs don’t improve the practical skills of learners. Most formal training programs have another problem which is that they are not of long duration. The learners are supposed to grasp up all the knowledge in a short training program which does not work well. It just equips them with the basic knowledge and that’s it.

Such programs impart limited knowledge which is not sufficient for learners. On the other hand, an LMS portal can equip learners with so much knowledge. The learners can get continuous feedback about the improvement in performance through the LMS portal because assignments are uploaded on it after every module. The learners are also able to access the manager’s emails about their change in performance. They can ask questions from them if unable to understand anything. Managers can also suggest topics to employees based on their performance gaps. This is how employees can become better at what they do.

The employees need knowledge which they can use.

Hence there should be learning aids given to them in the form of performance support tools(PST’s).

Employees might not have time to log in to the LMS and then search for a specific piece of information. So, they can use PST’s in those cases.

Performance support tools are like notes which employees can access after they have attended formal training.

Since they are concise, they can be used to teach employees about system upgrades and new processes. For example, the employees can be shown 3-minute videos to teach them about software process change and the new video link can be uploaded on the company’s Facebook page.
An elearning content provider knows how to convert formal training into PST’s. This can be done by letting them know which portions are important to be remembered by employees. The PST’s can also be personalized according to the learning path of a specific learner.

These are the different formats of PST’s that can be given to a learner

Text animations: Text animations are important to make sure that the learners can remember a checklist. They can also be used to convey the steps of a workflow.

Interactive infographics: Infographics can also be used to ensure that the learners can grasp the summaries. You can use avatars in infographics to capture learner’s attention. The infographics can be interactive too, where you can add a label to the specific elements. They are an excellent way to let the learners know huge information.

For example, you can create a map of the USA and color different states in different colors according to the population ranges. Then whenever a user clicks on a state, he can see information like the population of a state, etc, and the different literacy levels, etc.

Although such PST’s are not integrated with an LMS portal, they are highly useful for learners when they need just-in-time information. For example, webcasts can be sent to learners through push notifications which they can access to view some important matters like the introduction of a new product, etc. It has been found in surveys that job aids improve employee proficiency much more as compared to formal training.

How to design job aid/performance support tools?

It’s important before designing a performance support tool that you take interviews of the relevant learners. You might have conducted some online research but such interviews are quite crucial.

After conducting interviews, talk to managers to know how the job aids will be given to employees. The employees can also get feedback from managers as to whether their performance has improved or not.

Selecting the right format for a performance support tool

The format of the job aid is important because it depends on the information that needs to be conveyed. For this purpose, you should consider whether the employee needs to remember practical information then a video is an apt tool. But if the employee needs information about a new product, then a poster might be sufficient. A step-by-step diagram is useful to inform employees about a new process. An elearning content provider can help you with the selection. This kind of job aid is useful if the worker has to follow some instructions in a linear order and does not require any decision-making.

15 Jul 2021
telecom elearning

How can telecom elearning help such companies?

The telecommunications industry all over the world has seen a dramatic change. It’s because this industry has seen this growth because of privatization and competition due to which there have been considerable improvements and hence growth. There is training required to run a telecom store efficiently. This kind of training involves telecom elearning. There is a high need for telecom elearning because there are so many protocols and layers involved in the technologies in this sector.

Benefits of telecom elearning

Training of a large number of employees: When we talk about the telecom providers in the world, their stores exist in every nook and corner. So they need telecom elearning for all such store operators and international branches. It’s because unlike classroom training, where more than a certain number of employees can’t be accommodated in the classes, the elearning does not have such space constraints. Elearning can be accessed by thousands of employees at the same time that can use it to imbibe new concepts.

Telecom elearning is important for dealers who sell the products of the company like SIM cards etc.

They should be aware of the prepaid and postpaid plans to give better deals to customers. Apart from the store dealers, the workers employed by them should also know the latest service plans, etc.

Uniform elearning content: There is also standardization in the telecom elearning. This standardization is due to the standards given by the parent company. These standards are applied to the training content imparted by branches. So, when such training is developed, there is no need to change it in the future because it can be used to train new employees also. Hence, such telecom elearning is employed to train new and old employees also.

Customer service is important for telecom companies because through this way they can sell the maximum number of products. They can also create brand loyalty because of exceptional customer service. The telecom elearning is important because front line staff including the store dealers can be trained on how to understand a customer’s body language and resolve their demands.

Training about new compliance rules: Ever since the GDPR rules got implemented by Europe stringent conditions have to be followed by telecom providers. Now, companies need to ensure that the customer data is saved so it can be supplied as and when the customers need it. So, the personally identifiable information of any customer needs to be stored in a convenient format for this purpose. Customers give a lot of confidential information when they buy SIM cards. The mobile operators have to make sure that even when customers are applying for SIM cards online, their data storage is safe. Their data processing procedures have to be strong for this purpose. Any kind of data breach can cost a company heavily in terms of reputation, so data access has to be monitored carefully. The companies have to ensure that the customer data is stored in an encrypted form so that it’s safe.

Internet service providers have to maintain excess data security. They should get customer consent before using their data. If the individual subscribers of such services want the service provider to erase their data, it has to be done.

This is how telecom elearning can help companies of this domain to boost their sales and follow compliance laws also.

08 Jul 2021
virtual learning

How to get student attention in virtual learning?

Due to the pandemic, every educational institution started using virtual learning. This had a great impact on teachers who had to accommodate video-based learning into the syllabus. It required a lot of effort from teachers because the syllabus of a year had to be converted into video communication very quickly.

Educators were not happy with the implementation of virtual education. During the same, many teachers wanted to leave the teaching profession.
The students also felt very irritated that they had to study from home. Virtual learning has become a norm now.

The schools have started shifting to hybrid learning which includes virtual learning and learning through physical presence at schools.

However, educators can use better tools of educational technology to improve the experience of teaching students.

Controlling the Distraction: It’s important to check whether a student is listening or the lecture or not. The teachers can get alerts when the students open other tabs on their PC’s. The teachers can either scold the student or change the topic to get the attention of the student.

Students can reply to chat: You can make sure that the virtual learning environment is the same as a classroom’s. This implies that the students are asked a question on chat and asked to reply. Although a student’s classmates get to know his answer, this helps in building camaraderie among them. This is much like a classroom where students can also make fun of someone over a wrong answer.

Quizzes: There can be the use of quizzing tools like Kahoot. This quizzing app can be used to generate quizzes for students by teachers. The best part is that instead of just text-based questions, videos and pictures can be used as questions. Images can also be used as answers which are useful in mathematics based quizzes. Apart from that students can be sent the game pin to access the quiz on their Kahoot app. Both the students and teachers can access the app without any cost. Company employees can also use this app. It can be used by teachers all over the world because quizzes can be created in multiple languages. Apart from that, there are already quizzes uploaded on different topics on this app which can be used by new joiners also.

Since Kahoot can also be used on desktop PC’s, schools can indeed get the site license and onboard as many members as they want. After you enter the site license code, you have to enter the email addresses of teachers and students whom you want to invite.

Instead of quizzes, you can also test students with true/false questions. You can also present students with polls so that they can express their opinions.

You can also ensure that you get to measure what was the student’s response to the call, whether they answered a quiz or responded to a chat question. You can make sure that in the video conferencing tool, you can set a counter for every time a student says something or types in a group discussion.

This is how you can engage student attention in virtual learning.

06 Jul 2021
elearning solutions

Why companies need elearning solutions?

There has been a lot of events happening ever since the pandemic happened. Elearning was although a valuable tool for companies earlier, after the Covid-19 it took unprecedented importance. The LMS learning has taken such huge importance because it can make sure that the ROI spent on training is invested completely. LMS learning has also become important for companies because apart from employees, it can be train customers also. The companies can implement the following kinds of elearning solutions for employees and customers:

Software training: Elearning solutions are of great usage in companies. It’s because companies employ software to get their work done smoothly. After all, they have to maintain a record of inventories. When you have elearning solutions implemented for your employees, to create courses that can teach employees, you can ensure that they work with comfort. There can also be no downtime because the employees don’t know how to use the software properly. Their learning curve is shortened as they don’t learn to work on the software through trial and error but can use elearning solutions to work with them. Every employee in the company can benefit from such software training related to either AutoCAD or Microsoft office.

The best part about elearning solutions is that the money has to be invested in it once and it can be used for old and new employees repeatedly. This can make sure that the training needs of future and existing employees are met. In this way, there is always training prepared for new employees and things don’t have to be done haphazardly when they join.

The modern-day elearning solutions make it possible to capture any kind of software screen for showing it to employees.

They can also be given feedback about where they are lacking through assessments.

Compliance training: Business owners also have to deal with compliance requirements. Therefore compliance training is important to make sure that there are certain rules they have to follow.

The employees must follow all laws and so do the employers. The employees can suffer so much when they have not been given proper compliance training. Heavy fines can be imposed on employees and even the public image can be ruined. A business owner must make sure employees get the proper compliance training. When the compliance rules change the business owners can change the compliance based elearning solutions.

Soft skills training: The employees also need to have their skills changed when a company grows. It’s because the senior employees need to impart their knowledge to junior employees. However such senior employees can take part in the preparation of elearning solutions for younger employees. This knowledge can be for soft skills and special skills like software knowledge. Soft skills are required regarding deal with customers which is important for the latter’s satisfaction.

But companies need to make sure that they choose a proper elearning vendor to fulfil their requirement of elearning solutions.

18 Mar 2021
elearning companies

Common myths about elearning courses and modern-day learners 

Elearning companies are devising new ways to attract audience attention.

But some myths need to be cleared about these modules.These myths are as follows:

Myth No.1:Brain games boost short term memory 

Brain games are quite popular among learners. It’s because it is believed that they are good at enhancing someone’s short term memory. People can play these games, but that won’t increase your short term memory. If you want to become better at doing what you do, you should try doing that task after repeated time intervals. So if you enjoy playing games, you can do them but they won’t boost your short memory. 

Myth No.2:Evaluations measure how the elearning will improve the performance at work

The elearning companies want to measure the response of their learners to the elearning course. For this purpose, they are shown the smile sheets. But, although the survey results can be in favour of the elearning course, it does not mean that the learner’s performance at the job will improve. 

Sometimes, the evaluations are also poorly designed. The results of such evaluations depend on who cared to answer them. If someone has liked the course, but fail to respond to the evaluation, then you won’t know. All the learners may not answer the evaluation. Only a minority do. So, the results don’t provide any useful information. 

At the time of answering such evaluations, the learners don’t know how they will apply the information gained through elearning on the job. Therefore, we can’t say, whether the elearning training was useful or not. 

Instead of trying to judge the elearning outcome right after completion of the course, the performance of learners should be measured after some time. Their performance modifications can be measured to know how much information they have retained from the elearning module. 

Myth No.3:It is the same thing as completing a course as learning from it 

Completing the course is not the same as learning something from it. The myth about elearning is that once learners have completed the course they have learnt something. It’s not true because although it is easy to measure how much time, the learners spent on the course through SCORM metrics and whether they have completed the course, they might not learn anything. Therefore, SCORM metrics are not important indicators of how much learners have learnt. Learners must imbibe something useful from the course and for that it has effective. 

Myth No.4:Any interactivity in the module would do

An elearning course must have interactivities planned properly to make learners interested in the course. You can’t have frivolous games in the elearning content like graphical hoops to make sure that the learners take interest in the content. Participating in such games won’t make learners recall the content and remember it. So, there should be intelligent games included in elearning such as scenario-based learning which makes learners apply the knowledge of the module. Through such games, they become thorough with the module. 

Myth No.5:Graphics keep learners hooked upto the course 

An elearning course must have a clear navigation design. It’s not important to put too many efforts into graphic design so that learners are unable to understand how to move through it. If the learners can’t figure out how to navigate the course, they can leave it midway leading to a waste of resources. 

Even the use of fonts, font size and colours is important in this regard. Too much animation in the course with complex fonts can make learners lose interest.  

Myth No.6:Modern learners don’t like to read

It’s a myth that modern learners don’t like to read the content. According to a survey done by Pew Research, a large percentage of adults have read some book in the last year. Millennials also go to a public library to read books. So, if your elearning material is not getting the response from Millenials as it should, it’s because the content is not important for them or it already includes content known by them. It is not because they dislike reading. 

So, the content should just include the core, to encourage reading. Any other details should be included in the form of supplemental resources in the content to be consulted by the readers if desired. 

So, elearning companies should get rid of these myths while designing a course. 


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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.