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11 Jun 2021
elearning India

How to give student feedback in elearning India?

There has been a massive change in the educational process. The students have been coping with this process, just like the teachers. The students have not been that accepting of the new technology of LMS and elearning. But they have to accept that until the pandemic lasts, the elearning India will be a part of their lives.

Students had to cope with a lot of problems with elearning India such as lack of computers, slow internet, etc.

But teachers are the only ones that can guide students through this process. They have to give continuous student feedback to ensure their participation.

Student feedback is very important for students to take elearning seriously. It can encourage them to participate more actively and inspire them to study more. The students can attain the requisite performance levels through feedback only. It can be given to students, in offline and online ways.

Students have to be given feedback very cautiously in the online learning environment. A teacher needs to know that even if students are not attending school when they know that she/he is present for them, they feel motivated. These are some tips that teachers can follow before giving feedback to students:

  • Give feedback at intervals

The students should be given feedback intermittently for every step so that they can improve their performance. Once the feedback is given at intervals, students could be motivated to study more. So, the student’s feedback needs to be individual to them. But the same does not apply to teaching, where learning everything at once is discouraging.

Before establishing goals for the elearning India classes make sure that they are attainable. The students are not able to study much because of the pandemic and the digital means of teaching.

It depends on a student’s grasping power on how much he can learn from the current technology.

  • Student feedback needs to be specific to them

As said earlier the feedback for the students, needs to be given to them on an individual basis. The students can understand fake feedback and pay no heed to it. So the feedback must be according to the needs of the students. Tell a student what is good or bad about his performance and how he can improve upon it. When the students know that the teacher has gone through their assignment/assessment, they feel encouraged. This makes sure that they boost their productivity.

  • Focus on changing the behavior

The student feedback needs to be completely directed at his/her behavior. It should not be directed at a student, for example, the way he/she dresses because that can affect the student negatively. When you don’t discriminate between intelligent and not-so-intelligent students, you can improve the performance of the latter.

Due to non-judgmental feedback, the latter also won’t feel offended because of their personality because they have been judged for their work. They can thus reach their best levels.

  • Make sure you give feedback through different forms of elearning India

There are many different ways in which you can offer feedback. For example, when you offer feedback in writing, it is supposed to be short because no one likes to read lengthy passages. But with elearning authoring tools, video feedback can be recorded. This can be feedback providing detailed insight to a student about his work and how it can be improved.

Student feedback can also be given through audio. It’s because recording videos in elearning India for giving feedback can be quite time-consuming for teachers.

So, this is how student feedback should be given in the scenario of elearning India.

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