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09 Jun 2021
elearning marketing

Is it important to use banner ads for elearning marketing?

Elearning has become one of the most effective ways to deliver knowledge now. But how should eLearning USA companies promote their business? You never know which eLearning marketing strategies would be more useful; hence it could be risky to try out a new strategy. It’s better to use those eLearning marketing strategies which are effective and yield important traffic for your business.

A banner is shown on a web page and can consist of an image or a gif. It is clickable and can take the webpage visitor straight to the website of the advertiser which in our case is an eLearning USA company.

There is one such tried and trusted strategy which is known as e-learning marketing.

They can make a lot of difference to your business. But there is a lot of research required before creating these banner ads like which colors should you use in them. It’s also important to see where a banner ad should be placed in the header of a page or its sidebar. All these decisions have to be taken by the eLearning marketing team of the company. The website which shows the banner ad generates revenue through the click-through rate like how many visitors click on the ad to reach an advertiser’s website.

How the ad is to be designed?

For a banner ad to be effective in the eLearning marketing of a company, the ad must answer a question related to the use of the product. It should have the same topic as the website on which it is placed.

The eLearning marketing strategy behind a banner ad is that its reach should be maximum. So, people might not click on it but they should see it. Only then, the banner ad will have the highest click-through rates. So, you should place them on a website where potential eLearning buyers are likely to see them. When analyzing where to place the ads, you can check the traffic of a website through so many SEO tools available.

Make sure that the ad clicks on the right link

It’s better to increase site traffic by making sure that the users click on the right pages. You can make sure that the ad clicks on the LMS of your company or the eLearning authoring tool. You can also direct the ad towards the eLearning solutions like the portfolio created by your company. Such banner ads in eLearning marketing aim to get the attention of senior executives of the company who are looking for learning and development solutions to educate their employees and customers.

Spread awareness about new products

You can also make sure that your banner ads inform customers about new product features. So, there can be GIFs in the ad about the new features. For example, if you have launched a compliance training course, you can create a GIF about the same.

Which are better: Popup ads or banner ads?

Popup ads are also a popular way of eLearning marketing and they can contain GIFs and images. But their downside is that the user may leave the website when he gets irritated by them. Yes, but the users also have an option of blocking pop-ads on their mobile devices and desktop PCs because there are browser extensions present to do so. Website visitors can also click on a pop ad because they are trying to close it and since the close-up option is not visible for some time after the ad is launched, they click anywhere on it. As such pop-up ads have good click-through rates.

Sometimes banner ads can be problematic for the user when he is trying to browse the website and sounds are coming from the ad. In that case, they are likely to close the ad.

So, even though both banner ads and pop ads attract good click-through rates, it’s better to see whether the user spends any time on the website after reaching there. This is important because otherwise, the user might not buy anything from the website and just bounce off from it after reaching there.


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