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16 Mar 2021
elearning templates

Why to use free elearning templates?

Elearning is an interesting job that requires the best of creativity from an elearning developer. Naturally, they want to give the best to their jobs. However, some elearning professionals refrain from the use of elearning templates. They think using elearning templates brands them as someone lazy. There are some myths associated with the use of such templates. Let’s clear them.

There is no experience required to apply an elearning template

It’s a wrong myth. Everybody thinks that using elearning templates is about uploading them to the authoring tool. Then, you can edit them as per your own choice. This editing is done with the help of placeholders. Placeholders can be for placing text and images on the template. But here comes the catch.

To use such elearning templates effectively, you must have experience in graphic design.

It is because although the objects in the placeholders can be edited, you need to know how to add colours to them. There are many ways, in which you can use the templates, you should be aware of all the features of the elearning tool for this purpose. There are many objects like background music and images available in an elearning tool, but how you can combine them to produce an engaging visual is upto you.

It’s not worth your penny to invest in free elearning templates

It’s not worth your money to invest in templates. They are useless for an elearning module. But it’s not true. There are good elearning templates in Vyond that can be customized to include objects as per your subject matter. These animated objects and their facial expressions are also available in the tool itself. The best part is that these templates are mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about whether the learner will be able to watch them on a mobile phone. It’s better to use these free elearning templates, which are cost-friendly rather than opt for those elearning tools, in which templates are not available and you have to be created from scratch. It also takes time to learn the basics of such elearning tools to create such templates.

Elearning templates place limits on creativity

Another myth about elearning templates is that they restrict creativity. You cannot realize your aesthetic goal with a template that has all the elements. But this is not true. It is because such you can adjust the background colour of such templates. You can also edit the visual elements like text size, placement of objects of such templates. You can also come up with your own editable elearning template in an authoring tool that can be used in the future.

How to search for an elearning template?

Now, how to search for an elearning template? This is important for all the elearning developers out there. You can choose an elearning template that is available with the tool. When you are trying to search for a free elearning template, make sure that it is compatible with your tool. In case, it not compatible with the tool, you might have to search for a new elearning tool. If you are not able to find a new elearning tool compatible with the elearning software, it’s better to make it compatible with the existing tool. This can take heavy research into elearning technology and prove to be exhausting. So, make sure you get free elearning templates compatible with your existing tool.