20 Sep 2021
elearning companies USA

Create accessible content with eLearning companies USA 

E-learning should be accessible for everyone around the world. It’s because every individual should be able to harness the power of online learning. We just can’t ignore the disabled and their employability also.

How to aid dyslexic learners?

Dyslexia, which is a reading disorder, is found frequently these days. This has affected 10% of the population worldwide, so if it is a large organization with huge manpower there are chances that there might be a dyslexic person. Companies are often confused as to how to address the training needs of such people with accessible e-learning.

By taking care of the learning requirements of these people, you can increase their feeling of belongingness.The employees should be able to indicate whether they suffer from dyslexia so that the company can contact e-learning companies USA for such content.

Use large size fonts

Since interpretation is a major problem, include larger size fonts in the text. Such font should be bold for learners to have a better reading. Screen readers are reliable for such learners because when they can’t read something they can command this software to read it out to them. The dyslexics have a problem reading words with difficult spelling, so the language should be simple for them. Apart from refraining from the use of tough language, make sure that there is no italic font style is used which makes words tough to examine.

Use h1 and h2 tags in the content

The dyslexic and partially blind learners can’t read the content and the screen readers can only help them. And when such readers can read the headings, understanding becomes easier for such learners. It’s because they only focus on headings which makes it important to use h1 and h2 tags in your content. Using such tags can help the visually impaired too, because then they can instruct the screen reader to just declare those headings. If the learners need more insight into the content, they can ask the readers to go through paragraphs.

Get eLearning companies USA to work on the storyboard for such learners because they the specialization for ideating content for them.

Accessible learning for visually impaired

The company has to take care of the learning requirements of visually impaired learners too. It does not take much time to add alt text to an image which is the only resource for such people. They can’t see an image, but when the screen reader reads its alt text, they can understand the purpose of the pic. But when such alt text is missing from images, visually impaired learners miss out on the imagery.

Get an LMS that has a content zoom feature from e-learning companies USA so that learners who have weak eyesight can check the content thoroughly.

Accessible learning for hearing impaired

To enhance the accessibility of your content, it’s better to use captions so that people with auditory problems can understand it. They have to examine the content because they can’t hear it. For such learners, captions have to be included in podcasts also. People with motor skill challenges are also there. These people have trouble using their hands, it’s better, that more words or a phrase is hyperlinked and they can easily click on it.

All kinds of impaired learners should be able to contact technical support when they face any issues accessing the content. The contact information should be easy to get to through screen readers and captions. The best option is an instant messaging option where the learners can see their answers or even they can enable the screen reader option.

How to have the perfect LMS for disabled learners?

The e-learning companies USA can assist with creating an LMS. They can make sure that the entire information, about the user, is collected. After this information has been adjudged, various resource preferences are generated for the user based on teacher recommendations. Then the system provides the user with a resource ID based on his needs and he is assigned a resource based on it.

Of course, the LMS has to be integrated with adaptive learning software for the impaired learners. Hence the LMS administrator can create the profiles of the user and it’s stored in the database. The users with similar profiles are grouped by the Learner Profile Management system and hence the admin can see the templates suggested by such users by the LMS. So, when a disabled user logs into the LMS, he has the content zoom or the screen reader features enabled. E-learning companies USA can help you get such accessible content options in an LMS.

16 Sep 2021
cloud elearning

Why is cloud e-learning inevitable today? 

The pandemic made many professionals start working from their houses. But it had serious repercussions for them also. When employees relocated to their home towns, for example, those whose houses were not in the same cities where they worked and lived in rented accommodations, companies had to make serious changes. Although e-learning could have been imparted to employees to make them skilled, there were problems in implementing such procedures for remotely located employees. Hence, employees working in different time zones could only be trained through cloud e-learning.

Taking care of parents

Cloud e-learning was necessary because employees had to move to their hometowns to tend to elderly parents during the pandemic. The unnecessary viewership can be avoided in such e-learning for employees by making sure that they have restricted access. It’s because only certain employees must have access to specific content, aligning with their job needs.

But the best part is that although the cloud e-learning content is segregated in terms of access, it’s available all the time making it a reliable resource for employees.

It’s excellent for just-in-time usage, especially in work-from-home situations when employees can’t call anybody.

Virtual Instructor-led training is also a feasible solution for training employees. It’s like having webinars where employees can also participate. But, trainers have to be arranged for delivering such lessons because one trainer can’t teach 24/7 to remote employees. It’s better, that sessions for such employees are located on different days.

Global workforce

Cloud e-learning is not required in the pandemic only; it’s also needed for organizations that have employees located throughout the world. The employees with cloud e-learning can study the content when they have more time rather than waiting for a different time zone. And there is no requirement for someone to manage an in-house server for such accessibility because all the work is handled by a third-party cloud and eLearning vendor. This kind of organization has a cloud-based LMS where it hosts the content curated for you.

Also with a cloud-based server, you are protected from local accidents which can damage the server and affect your data. Moreover, It’s the responsibility of the cloud vendor to create sufficient backups in case such a situation happens. Of course, such vendors have many data centers to provide a backup of your critical organizational data.

No limitation of time and place on content usage

Apart from the freedom of time, cloud e-learning has also removed the limitation of place. The learners can access the content from a device with an internet connection, and they don’t need to login into the company intranet anymore inaccessible outside the company. Since the cloud e-learning is hosted on an LMS on the server of a third party, there is complete freedom of using such content at any place. The new content can be uploaded at any time and does not depend on the availability of the requisite IT staff in your company.

The universal accessibility of the cloud elearning course is also beneficial for managers who can see whether the employees have completed a course or not at any time.

15 Sep 2021
elearning companies in the US

Why elearning companies in the US are seeing a surge in demand?

The reason competition increased so much among the e-learning companies in the US, is because new technologies have been developed like the cloud-based LMS.

Easy creation of an eLearning course

Apart from the learners, the sponsors or the company commissioning such an elearning project are also stakeholders. The managers execute the program to get the best results in terms of human engagement. Often this role is played by the instructional designers handling the project. The last and most pivotal part is played by the LMS administrators who schedule the delivery of the course. They regulate access to the LMS also because they decide whose SignUp request will be approved. Hence, when someone wants to sign up to the portal to get access to a specific course he knows about, but it’s not relevant to his job profile, his registration can be denied. So, all these resources are needed by eLearning companies in the US for a desirable execution of client projects.

Faster product development

Career growth

The demand for elearning has also increased which is supported by Moody Research. It has been declared that even when the pandemic has receded, online learning will be getting customers. And the learner’s enrollment in such courses will increase to more than 10% of the 2019 figure. Hence, the demand for elearning experienced a boost even before the pandemic. Pearson education firm surveyed in 2019 across 11000 learners distributed in 19 countries and made some significant discoveries.

Importance of post-college education: The respondents in this survey believed that education after college is necessary for career progression. When excluding the respondents from countries other than Australia, China, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, and Columbia in such results, the percentage of participants believing in this fact was 90%.

  • Pandemic imposed demand

    The Americans often find it tough to get a college degree owing to its financial costs. Hence elearning is a better option for them.

  • 09 Sep 2021
    finance elearning

    Use finance elearning to avoid banking frauds

    Finance eLearning has become one of the mainstream changes for banks because of the landmark developments in this sector. This is the time when the e-learning companies in the US can have a progressive time. The reason there was a financial recession in the year 2008 was that BFSI employees suffered from a lack of knowledge. If the employees are made to understand their roles in the context of their effect on customers, they will adhere to compliance training. This will affect their organization as a whole because it will successfully follow the compliance rules generated by the apex banks and the government. I.e., the regulators.

    The e-learning companies in the US with their comprehensive finance e-learning courses can help the compliance teams of banks.

    Two incidents, in particular, have been responsible for the awakening of the BFSI industry to the imperativeness of finance e-learning.
    Great Recession 2008

    The Great Recession of 2008 as it is called happened because financial companies embarked on too many risky ventures like the Shadow Banking System, which includes the activities of these institutions as financial intermediaries. These financial intermediaries facilitated the lending process by serving as a middleman between the borrower and the lender. The financial institutions eased up the creation of credit across the global financial system but their activities were not subject to legal control. These activities include borrowing against unlisted derivatives.

    When the financial institutions could not get the invested money in the purchase of such instruments by their buyers, their credit flow to consumers was adversely affected. So, if the BFSI employees were given adequate financial training they would not have sold such perilous financial instruments to American consumers.

    There were also Credit Default Swaps where the banks sold CDS instruments to lenders as per which they were liable to pay them on a borrower’s behalf in case the latter defaulted on his loan. A CDS can be a safe instrument unless the borrowers stop paying their interests for them to the lender. As per this instrument, the lender, who buys CDS pays insurance premiums to the bank, which sells them so that the former’s loan repayments are safeguarded when anything unfavorable happens.

    Hence, the BFSI executives must be aware of the lending norms and assess the risk carefully for which finance e-learning is crucial.

    As a result, there were amendments in which securities could be registered and traded. It was done to safeguard the money of innocent American citizens.

    There were changes in Regulation D of the Dodd-Frank Securities Act of 1933 especially to change the definition of an accredited investor. As per this change of definition, an accredited investor could not be someone who has a primary residence to prove his net worth. This asset could not be counted as part of his net worth to issue a security.

    Hence banking employees had to be informed of this change through finance e-learning so that they had cognizance of what is a registered security.

    There has been a detailed survey in which it was found that BFSI employees do consider improvement in knowledge critical for making sure that their institution is saved from risks. The finance e-learning can make sure employees know about compliance training. There might be a limitation on what intradepartmental knowledge transfer can happen in banks, but such employees should be acquainted with policy changes.

    Nirav Modi-PNB fraud

    For example, a similar kind of financial crisis happened in India because of unsupervised lending by a bank and in the aftermath, these institutions were asked to integrate their internal software into the advanced SWIFT interbank messaging system. Such interlinking implies that whenever banks communicate with the international banks, the RBI knows of it. This kind of regulatory action was needed because 1.77 billion dollars were lost by international Indian banks in loans to Nirav Modi who defaulted and later fled. PNB, whose Mumbai branch employees were responsible for this fraud, said that the latter didn’t enter any kind of illegal transactions in the bank’s banking software. If the issuance of these LOU’s was recorded in PNB’s software, it would have discovered the ongoing fraud in time. These illegal transactions happened when those two employees generated unauthorized Letters of Undertaking to Nirav Modi to get credit from overseas branches of PNB. As per these letters, Nirav Modi was supposed to provide PNB with margin money which didn’t happen. The Letter of Undertaking is generated by the issuing bank so that its customers could be given a short-term credit by a foreign bank to pay money to their overseas vendors. However, this credit is given for a limited period, which is 90 days. If the PNB Mumbai’s bank employees had been aware of the rules associated with an LOU through finance e-learning, they would not have committed such a fraud.

    SWIFT is a software developed by Belgium based company and is used for communication between banks located all over the world.


    02 Sep 2021
    E-learning companies in the US

    How can e-learning companies in the US cope with this huge pandemic-related competition? 

    E-learning companies around the world now have so many opportunities before them. This has been a positive result of the pandemic.

    But the e-learning companies in the US are still suffering from tight budgets and human resources acting as an obstacle to their expansion to meet growing demands.

    One reason for that is many employees have quit due to the pandemic as they prefer working from home.

    The leaders of such organizations have to therefore evaluate how they can capitalize on such a surge in demand for their services.

    As a CEO, the main responsibility is to see whether you can supply everything asked for by the internal customers. The e-learning companies in the US need to set some service level agreements for such clients because things can go haywire due to a lack of manpower. Internal customers of an e-learning company are the various departments that require training materials for their employees.

    But when you have set some realistic expectations for them, they don’t go overboard with their requirements. There is a significant demand for e-learning services as businesses are trying to cater to a worldwide market and hence need training content in different languages for their staff. They even require language-based apps so that communicating with foreign employees is not a problem as remote work has become a feasible possibility. Businesses are looking forward to smarter LMS platforms that have facilities such as calendar scheduling and editing of project documents in real-time. Even bite-sized learning has become quite regular as employees don’t have time on their hands.

    Internal customers

    For example, there can be training requirements for the sales teams who interact with the customers and acquaint them with the products. When the sales team has excellent customer handling skills or has developed a forte in them, the customers feel that your business is worthy of their money. They will want to come to you for developing their eLearning content. But preparing such training content for the sales teams requires time and that is where the e-learning companies in the US need to strike a balance.

    Requirements of procedures

    The scale of the elearning process also varies with the quality delivered. The companies need to have a process in place when they are handling several projects simultaneously. The biggest problem is the communication when so many projects are getting handled together.

    When the teams grow in size, a protocol should be in place to manage things like record communications to avoid any confusion and chaos.

    Customer feedback is crucial to ensure that teams work with their needs, but how to provide such feedback to every team member for which protocols are required.

    Technological gaps

    There have been huge changes in technology during the pandemic. As a result, learner expectations have increased and the e-learning companies in the US are facing some stiff competition. As a result, the management of such companies needs to invest in the technical department to offer the customers the most up-to-date products in eLearning.

    E-learning companies in the US are providing LMS with improved customization preferences. So, customers can make sure that they receive notifications through the LMS as per their preferences. . An LMS can corroborate the ROI in an eLearning course because it records important details such as learner engagement and course attendance. LMS administrators also have increased privileges like being able to find users who have attained a certain level of competency after completing a course. Thus, a company in the eLearning domain can progress once it has prepared a long-term plan for fulfilling technical gaps in its products.

    New skills needed

    The e-learning companies in the US also need to hire people to ensure that they comply with this booming demand. Examples of such resources are data analysts and MOOC facilitators who can tackle the new prerequisites of an online learning course. Such companies are also offering blended learning options where the learners can attend classroom sessions after browsing through the content on the LMS This is how e-learning companies in the US can cope up with a plethora of competitors who have sprung up during the pandemic.

    20 Jul 2021
    elearning for nonprofits

    How elearning for non-profits benefits such organizations?

    Nonprofit organizations are helping everyone during these critical times because it is important for them. The underprivileged that were unable to take care of themselves during the pandemic benefitted so much from their initiatives.

    Through elearning for nonprofits, they were able to impart training to so many without extending their budgets.

    This pandemic had imposed closures of offices throughout the US. The nonprofits collected donations for those who were laid off from their jobs due to the pandemic and could not afford groceries also. Nonprofits have been a major help during these critical times because office closures lasted longer than anticipated. People took help from these organizations for improving their mental health also as they lost their jobs. Businesses took PPP loans which stands for Paycheck Protection Loans to ensure that they could support their workforce. But these funds were also not sufficient to help businesses during such mass closure. The businesses could use these loan funds to ensure that they were able to pay for property damage caused due to vandalism during Covid-19. They could also pay supplier costs. But there were some conditions for businesses such as they had to retain employees after the loan was given to them.

    Apart from donations of money, these nonprofits also accepted blood donations. It is because the blood of Covid free individuals was used to extract plasma for the patients. The recovered patients could donate their blood to ensure that their plasma could be given to the sick. The interested donors could schedule an appointment with the local centers of such NGOs to support the cause.

    The nonprofit organizations also raised money to make sure that the health care workers were able to arrange amenities including masks, gloves, gowns, and PPE kits for treating patients of this disease. The nonprofits also collected food donations in their local food banks for the patients who had nobody to cook for them.

    LMS makes it easier to handle donor data

    The biggest benefit of the elearning for nonprofits is being able to manage the donors. Since there can be all sorts of donors, like blood and food donors, it becomes tough to manage the data. One way to do this is through elearning for nonprofits that have an LMS integrated with the portal. The donors can register themselves on the portal entering all the information about their location, age, covid19 status, and blood group, name, and other credentials. They can also access information about how to donate at the local site of the NGO. An LMS is like donor management software only but it has some different features. The donor management software does not require any donor to register, they can be tracked easily through their names because it’s like fundraising software. This software is integrated with Facebook so you can get all your donor information from there once he creates an account. You can also organize fundraising events through this software.

    The elearning for nonprofits is also integrated with Mailchimp through which you can send automated emails to registered donors about the next donation event. You can arrange such emails depending on how much the donor contributed in the past event.

    How do employees benefit through elearning for non-profits?

    The elearning for nonprofits is beneficial because they can train a large number of employees through it. They can also provide useful information to volunteers. As the volunteers belong to different areas, it’s tough to arrange face-to-face learning for them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, elearning for nonprofits was extremely useful because they were able to add so much new content through the LMS dashboard. Such content was about topics like how to get donations remotely without contacting the donors. So, employees of such organizations benefitted from such content.

    It’s easy to train workers through elearning for nonprofits through microlearning sessions. It’s because scenarios can be created in elearning through elearning software. Such scenarios help workers of non-profits organizations in dealing with situations like getting donations through the phone. The workers have to be patient on the phone because sometimes the recipients of such calls can be rude. So, this is how such workers got proper training through elearning for nonprofits.



    27 May 2021
    elearning USA

    How is elearning the best training method for 21st century learners?

    There has been a hardcore impact of e-learning USA since the Covid19 pandemic started.

    There are some great discoveries which have been made about it. First of all, elearning has become a rage because the employees can great just-in-time learning with it. The employees become more productive because they can retain everything taught to them in elearning.

    IBM study has discovered that for every dollar spent in elearning, there has been a 30 dollars productivity increase. It’s because when employees have access to mobile learning, they can solve their problems and continue with work. In the case of conventional learning, the employees had to be either dependent on their recalling knowledge for solving a problem or consult their notes.

    Communication between course designers and learners improves

    Employers also get access to what employee feel about elearning USA. They can get immediate feedback through chat messengers. The learners also get an immediate assessment of their performance. It’s because their grades can be seen through an LMS or they can be even sent notifications bout the same. So the course designers have full knowledge about how learners are reacting to their course.

    Better skills

    Elearning USA makes sure that employees think differently. The employees start thinking critically when they are given different case scenarios in an elearning USA training module. But this not possible for employees in a traditional classroom environment because they are just imparted training without any practical perspective.

    Easy to update content

    Online learning can make sure learners can download the videos. So, they can watch it with offline access. It’s all possible for learners with administrative privileges. However, those learners who don’t get such privileges can watch the elearning content by logging in to LMS. So, they don’t have to consult an instructor all the time to answer their questions. They can watch the content all over again. It’s also easy for learners to add content to the LMS and the learners are immediately sent notifications.

    Good for modern-day learners

    Elearning is suited to the needs of modern-day learners because they can adapt to its requirements. They are glued to their devices and enjoy watching videos. They also feel happy when they win in some game included in the elearning. They prefer watching screencasts rather than going through PDF-based documentation to learn about new software.

    Training on different subjects

    The organizations can also focus on training several departments through elearning. It also does not involve getting various facilities for training them. Employees can be informed about the onboarding process quickly when they are working from homes and can’t come to the office for onboarding.

    20 May 2021
    elearning USA

    How can banks use elearning to train recruits? 

    The elearning is now the new learning model. It has enabled many people to find routes to growth. The banking sector is also now relying on this mode of learning. The best part about this elearning is that employees can learn without having to deviate from their work.

    Elearning can be quite helpful for banks and their new and current employees.

    Banks can also modify their elearning USA LMS software to make sure it matches their needs.

    But they need highly trained software professionals for this purpose.

    This is because employees need the best training through an LMS. They can only do so when both the elearning software and the LMS are upto their requirements.

    Banks can teach their employees by including the following in elearning solutions:

    Inclusion of stories

    There is a lot of monotonous information in the banking industry. But employees need to be made aware of it. So, in that case, the banks should make sure that they provide storytelling in elearning videos. This way, employees feel glued to the course. The banking organizations could take the help of SME’s to make sure that such storylines are relevant to their industry.

    Including games

    Banks can make sure that their employees learn when they have the most interesting elements listed for them. This can happen when they get badges and prizes when they do well in games. They can also have social media combined with LMS to be able to chat with their employees about how they are feeling about the course.

    Question answers based on narratives

    The trainees should be tested regularly for their grasping power from the course. So they should be tested regularly for whatever they are studying in the elearning module. This means they have to learn everything by heart because it will be required to do their everyday duties in the bank. This implies that there should be narratives for their questions and answers. When they are asked in such a manner, they can remember what is taught to them.

    Including case studies

    Just like stories case studies can also be included to teach trainees how to respond in relevant situations. These case studies could be derived from real-life banking situations.

    The banking trainees can learn on their own whenever they get time through elearning USA solutions. The content is always available to them. They can also learn without taking help from someone else.


    11 May 2021
    elearning USA

    How to have an elearning USA course suited for busy learners?

    Elearning has become a popular mode of training. But herein lies the trick. How to develop elearning for adults? It is because they are not that enthusiastic to learn as compared to kids. Also, adults don’t have time for elearning USA due to their busy schedules. So, for adults, elearning in US should be designed in such a way that it offers them the freedom to study whenever they want.

    Have fewer words on a page

    Make sure that your elearning USA course is divided into proper pieces of information.

    There should not be any long text in it. This is because learners can find that monotonous. Also, use short sentences in the course. Whenever you are using jargon in the course, make sure that you have a popup box to explain its meaning. There should be proper white space on the page so that learners find it easier to read. Apart from that, there should not be more than 1000 words per page.

    Use infographics in an elearning USA course

    This is a great way to include information in an elearning module. It includes information with visuals that attract the reader. It’s also an excellent tool when learners want to revise the course and don’t want to go through text. But don’t include too many images in an infographic because otherwise, it can have a long loading time. Also, the size should be less otherwise it won’t be showing in the course.

    Make sure there are small sessions for adults

    In the case of adults who don’t have much time except when they are free from kids and jobs, it’s better to have short sessions. For them, elearning USA modules should be divided into 5-minute sessions. So, the total session duration must be 15 minutes which can be further divided into 5-minute modules. This way, they can watch the videos without finding some extra time for it. They don’t need to be given video lessons only, they can be given audio lessons also which they listen to.

    Include entertainment in elearning in US

    Elearning USA is an excellent way to impart training to adults. Only if you know how to include entertainment in it. The learners always look forward to something entertaining. So, it is better to include video clips. There could be storytelling used in such videos. It’s tough to make videos with real-life characters. So, you can include character-based slides of elearning USA tools and tell stories through narration and slide transition. Otherwise, there are always animated characters in elearning USA tools and telling a story is easy with various special effects like whiteboarding etc. You can also include character movements. So when such elearning sessions are so entertaining, the adult learners try to find time to go through them.

    Design a full-fledged course

    The adults have a lot of tasks at their hand. Indeed, they can’t sit and watch videos. They have to attend videos such as going to sites and are always attending meetings. Therefore if you think that they can watch a course on a desktop PC, you are wrong. You can make sure that there are mobile apps for your course. It should be hosted on the cloud so that access without the internet is possible. When such access is there, office goers can watch it after their jobs get over.

    This is how you can design courses for the learners who don’t have any spare time on their hands.

    07 May 2021
    elearning USA

    How elearning should be made better for students?

    Elearning has become one of the major ways to teach students ever since the pandemic happened. But it has put an additional responsibility on schools to see that the students are learning something. The schools have made learning more interactive and fun for students.

    These are the following ways in which they are doing so:

    Proper space for learning

    When they are at home, the students should not feel as if they are away from school. So, there needs to be proper space at home for the learning of kids. This implies that this room should not get any disturbance from parents. There should be proper lighting in this room. Although parents should enter this room only when required, this room should be under their supervision. The parents should make sure that they don’t enter the room while the student is studying on his own or the class is going on because it can make the environment unhealthy for him and the teacher.

    How should lessons be imparted through learning USA?

    The students should be able to access the teaching material. It should be shared with them in the form of .pdf documents. During the class, the teachers can also call parents to inform them about their wards’ progress. When parents learn how well their child is doing, they encourage the child and also feel proud. Apart from that, the schools should impart instructions in byte-sized modules and after that, the length of the lessons should increase.

    Content should be engaging

    The learning can only be imparted once the content is stimulating for students. So, videos should be there in Elearning lectures. Apart from videos there can also be interesting characters built-in for the students and have animation. There can also narration for students or subtitles appearing on the screen.

    Elearning USA activities should be mobile friendly

    The students are so addicted to using mobile phones in their lives. So, the elearning USA courses must be accessible on mobile phones. When the courses can be accessed on mobile phones, the courses of the schools are accessible to a vast number of learners. This makes sure that the courses are available to so many learners who don’t have desktop PCs with them.

    Gamification in elearning USA

    The students have to be encouraged to learn most playfully. For this, it’s important, that there is gamification in elearning USA. The students can increase their confidence when they win in a game. The games should be designed as creatively as possible. When students use their imagination in elearning USA courses, their cognitive faculties become stronger.

    Safety of children in remote education

    There is also a need to make sure that online education is safe for children. For this purpose, some malicious sites can be blocked. The students can also be made aware of what information they can divulge on a site. The students also should not register for any site with a personal email id. This email id can be hacked and a lot of information about the student and his family can be compromised.

    The students when studying from home are a part of a virtual learning environment in the form of a school portal. These portals have discussion boards and the students should be refrained from posting anything malicious here without consulting an elder.

    When parents are creating online profiles of their children on the school websites, they should refrain from divulging information such as date of birth, phone number and residential addresses.

    You can also make sure that the students are guided properly through a tool known as Skypito. Through this tool, students can’t talk with anyone they want to Skype unless their parents approve of him. Apart from that, students can’t also talk to strangers.

    It’s important that the anti-virus software is installed on your system to prevent unauthorized downloads on systems. Also, the number of websites offering malicious content has been increasing. Make sure that you renew the antivirus software as often as you can. This is how students can be taught through elearning.

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