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15 Dec 2020
elearning videos

Tips for using elearning videos to get learner’s attention

Elearning has become the heart of learning these days. There as been a revolution in terms of how much elearning is used to provide training across the world. 

Listed below are some strategies that will make your elearning video engaging and interesting:
Initiate curiosity 
Human beings learn the most when they are curious to know something.

One way to initiate curiosity is by making sure that some portions of elearning videos are shown to the learners in the introduction.

If tactics such as teaser videos are employed, learners will be more curious to watch the topic in depth.
Have attention-grabbing parts
Learners must be attentive throughout the video. Afterwards, when you are measuring the user’s attention, you can use analytic tools to see which portion got the maximum attention. If the learners are rewinding a certain part of the video to watch that section repeatedly, that means they have enjoyed it. When the designers understand how to capture the user’s attention, they can correctly design the video. Every video must have certain segments to catch the viewer’s attention which must be only 3-5 minutes in length. These attention-grabbing parts can be about presenting a certain fact.
Take care of Audio
Audio should be connected with the video. This implies that the narrator’s voice should be in perfect sync with what’s shown in the video. Moreover, the narrator should not have an accent. He should have a voice with good intonation. There should also be careful use of music in the video. Instead of using music, it’s better to use narration.
Include a story in the video 
Everyone is interested to listen to a good story. Therefore, you should make sure that the video elements are built in a certain way. This implies, there should be initial suspense, then an explanation of the suspense, and then final results.
It’s better to include a good story in the video. The learner must be moved around the story of discovery where they comprehend the issue and then find a solution to it. It’s also important to see that learners can relate to the plot of the video. The exercises should also be well aligned with the plot of the video.
Which video to choose?
The learning videos are of the following types

  • Simulation videos: These videos are important to teach the learners steps for doing something
  • Need-based videos: These videos make sure that employees learn something when they most need it. These could be in the form of “Frequently asked “questions and “How to” questions.
  • Teaser videos: Teaser videos can be there to initiate curiosity and make sure learners are stirred about the elearning module.

A company should choose the video type depending on the need of the target audience. 

Hence this is how videos can be employed to have a better elearning strategy for the audience.

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