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02 Nov 2021
Compliance training

Why is compliance training necessary to prevent evasion of laws?

Compliance training has taken precedence for industries because of the heavy ramifications involved which include OSHA taking away your license.

The most important reason why compliance training needs to be provided is that employees also need a safe place to work.

So, compliance training has to be implemented so that company can show records to the audit authorities when the need arises.

Different industries like banking, healthcare, and manufacturing have distinct compliance requirements also. Apart from protecting employees against unanticipated accidents, compliance training also ensures that the environment is protected. It’s when companies treat the wastewater released from manufacturing plants properly.

The Sherman act passed as an antitrust law in 1890 prohibits companies from entering into mergers with other companies so that monopolies are not formed. It’s up to the discretion of courts to decide which mergers are illegal. In 1914,one more law was introduced, known as the Federal Trade Commission Act. All these rules aim to ensure that the businesses can’t enter into mergers with others which results in them controlling the market unreasonably and increasing the prices, acting to the disadvantage of customers.
There are heavy penalties as per such laws. Under the Sherman act, the penalties of 100 million dollars can be imposed on companies. 

Federal Trade Commission penalties on Amazon

The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) can also conduct an investigation for companies against whom it has received complaints of false advertising. When the complaint is found to be true, the FTC can start a federal lawsuit. The Bureau Of Consumer Protection which is a subdivision of FTC IS responsible for attending to such complaints. It makes sure that consumers have proper materials with them so that they are aware of the laws enacted for their protection. As per the FTC laws, companies can be punished for any kind of fraud, even when it is done with its employees. For example, in 2021, the eCommerce company Amazon was punished because of its denial to pay Amazon Flex drivers all the tip money received from customers during the checkout. The customers had been given the choice to pay for such tips while ordering the restaurant and Prime Now products online, but Amazon didn’t pay such amounts for two years to its Flex drivers, although they had been told that all their tip amount would be given to drivers. The E-commerce Company had to pay $61 million to its drivers by FTC due to this misdemeanour. The Flex drivers had already been promised the entire tip amounts by the company. Amazon Flex was a program in which this company hired independent contractors to deliver its goods using their own vehicles. The drivers who enrolled themselves in this program were lured by fake advertising telling them they could earn up to 18-25 dollars every hour for their delivery work. But Amazon only fulfilled this promise once it came to the notice of FTC in 2019 that it was not paying Flex drivers any of the tip amounts.

Hence, compliance training has become a necessity for companies because they can’t evade laws.

29 Sep 2021
employee elearning

Provide employee eLearning for DSE users 

Every company is focusing on employee eLearning these days. It’s because of the stringent rules imposed by government authorities on employee’s health.

Employees are either working from homes or offices but companies have to take care of their health to avoid any health-related absence and medical expenses. Since all the employees are working on display screen equipment (DSE) such as laptops or desktop PCs these days and even smartphones, since the advent of mobile apps, there has been some strict rules imposed for safeguarding their health. 

Hence the apex health organization of the UK, HSE(Health and Safety executive) has mandated some rules for employee safety while working with such devices:  

Take breaks to avoid pain in the eyes

The employer must ensure that the DSE users can take some time off from work. All those employees who use DSE devices for an hour or more per day in their work schedule are called DSE users. This break time can be as brief as 5-10 minutes per hour. For example, an employee can attend a meeting to avoid sitting in front of the DSE for long. But if an employee does not have any change in his schedule and he has to sit in front of DSE, then an employer should permit him to take breaks.

All this information about his rights can be given through employee eLearning included in onboarding.

Employers can ensure that the employees compulsorily take respite from work by installing break-monitoring software on their PCs. Employees can also stand during work for eight minutes every 30 minutes by placing the laptop on a height-adjustable laptop board whose height can be varied according to individual levels.

Employees can add positivity to the work environment by placing some potted plants in their workroom and have open windows.

Arrange for eyewear when DSE users need them 

Employees eLearning is necessary because they must know that in case, they have a problem working with DSE’s due to their glare then they can ask the employer to provide them with glasses. Sometimes, working on DSE equipment for long hours can lead to eyesight issues such as myopia, and then the employers must arrange for an eyesight test. The employees can be helped with such vision-related problems by ensuring that the lighting conditions in the cubicle are suitable. 

When an employee is required to wear glasses to look at the screen from proximity, then such expenses have to be borne by the employer. 

Correct sitting posture 

Employees eLearning is equally important when they are working from home. So they could be explained how to work correctly rather than overexerting themselves. The employees could be given a workstation checklist which they can use to see whether it has been properly set up. The employees could also change their posture frequently to avoid developing any MSD. The employees should sit straight in front of the DSE rather than bending to view the screen because it can cause a hunched back and then it further aggravates an MSD. The height of the chair should be modified to be the same as the PC because otherwise the neck gets strained. 

The employers can provide employee eLearning to ensure that they are well trained about proper sitting postures etc. Employees should know that their feet must be placed on a footrest for the duration of their work. 

Employers have to ensure that employees can shift all the equipment like keyboard and mouse to home. But employees can’t take ergonomic chairs home and hence should replicate them with cushions placed behind their backs while working. 

While employees take work intervals, they could do some stretching exercises to relax muscles. 

Room ambiance 

Employees must also focus on the room temperature for proper working. It’s because they can’t work under low temperatures as they won’t be able to move their hands due to cold. The perfect room temperature for a work environment is between 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. Moreover, employees must also refrain from checking phones after and before work hours, especially during the night when they are sleeping and the lights are off. Apart from that, employees should also refrain from working on weekends to avoid side effects.

Employers should also hold frequent discussions with employees to know about the feasibility of their working conditions. 

28 Sep 2021
elearning content

How can elearning content be made available for all? 

Knowledge is quite important to our generation. We have been created with the desire to seek more and more knowledge. With human beings, it’s a never-ending quest for knowledge. A world where all kinds of knowledge are accessible is good and it’s profitable for those who are sharing it.

But should knowledge be shared at a cost only because most people can’t afford to pay for it?

For example, accessible e-learning content should be created for all.

But sometimes, those who are speech impaired can’t interact in a video conference. Hence, they should use emails to express opinions or be on discussion forums.

Distance learning is such a form of education that some of the learners may not be able to learn from it, for example, those who have hearing issues. But this problem can be solved with closed captions/subtitles which can be read.

Universal Design is about the creation of content that is accessible to all those who have different abilities regardless of sensory capacities. This kind of design makes sure that the relevant information is communicated to the learners. So, the changes may be made in the mode of delivery for this kind of content to be accessible like in the electronic system used for imparting it or the environment where it is delivered.

The content designed by applying universal design principles ensures that all kinds of users can comprehend it. Universal access is allowed by such content in terms of age, language, race, gender, and ethnicity. There are interactive video tutorials like webinars where speech impaired people can’t speak and ask questions. However, there should be sign language interpreters for them and the trainers so both can communicate. There should also be lip reading for learners who can’t listen at all so that they can understand. The trainers should ensure that they speak loudly and coherently and are facing the learner which eases the lipreading process.

Also, it’s important for the trainer to verbally describe the content during the webinar for those who can’t see it.

Furthermore, it’s better, that the entire webinar conversation is emailed to the visually impaired learners so they can understand it better through a screen reader. Sometimes, learners have disabilities due to which they might not understand quickly what is taught in a webinar; hence, they also need recordings of webinar speeches and questions. Captions are also necessary for those who can’t understand the language of the trainer and need subtitles.

Those students who can’t hear can also participate in such meetings through the TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service). This service makes sure that an operator is assisting the speaker throughout the teleconference. And the operator types the entire speech of a speaker word-by-word on the TTY (Text Telephone) so that the student can see it on the display panel of his text telephone. Such students can so join web discussions in a chat.

When the student wants to ask some questions he can type the information on his TTY and it will reach the TTY at the other end. Sometimes, people also don’t want to view graphics on the screen because it increases the loading speed, hence it’s better to provide alt text to images so that they can be read instead of pics.

Hence this is how eLearning content can be made accessible to all.

20 Sep 2021
elearning companies USA

Create accessible content with eLearning companies USA 

E-learning should be accessible for everyone around the world. It’s because every individual should be able to harness the power of online learning. We just can’t ignore the disabled and their employability also.

How to aid dyslexic learners?

Dyslexia, which is a reading disorder, is found frequently these days. This has affected 10% of the population worldwide, so if it is a large organization with huge manpower there are chances that there might be a dyslexic person. Companies are often confused as to how to address the training needs of such people with accessible e-learning.

By taking care of the learning requirements of these people, you can increase their feeling of belongingness.The employees should be able to indicate whether they suffer from dyslexia so that the company can contact e-learning companies USA for such content.

Use large size fonts

Since interpretation is a major problem, include larger size fonts in the text. Such font should be bold for learners to have a better reading. Screen readers are reliable for such learners because when they can’t read something they can command this software to read it out to them. The dyslexics have a problem reading words with difficult spelling, so the language should be simple for them. Apart from refraining from the use of tough language, make sure that there is no italic font style is used which makes words tough to examine.

Use h1 and h2 tags in the content

The dyslexic and partially blind learners can’t read the content and the screen readers can only help them. And when such readers can read the headings, understanding becomes easier for such learners. It’s because they only focus on headings which makes it important to use h1 and h2 tags in your content. Using such tags can help the visually impaired too, because then they can instruct the screen reader to just declare those headings. If the learners need more insight into the content, they can ask the readers to go through paragraphs.

Get eLearning companies USA to work on the storyboard for such learners because they the specialization for ideating content for them.

Accessible learning for visually impaired

The company has to take care of the learning requirements of visually impaired learners too. It does not take much time to add alt text to an image which is the only resource for such people. They can’t see an image, but when the screen reader reads its alt text, they can understand the purpose of the pic. But when such alt text is missing from images, visually impaired learners miss out on the imagery.

Get an LMS that has a content zoom feature from e-learning companies USA so that learners who have weak eyesight can check the content thoroughly.

Accessible learning for hearing impaired

To enhance the accessibility of your content, it’s better to use captions so that people with auditory problems can understand it. They have to examine the content because they can’t hear it. For such learners, captions have to be included in podcasts also. People with motor skill challenges are also there. These people have trouble using their hands, it’s better, that more words or a phrase is hyperlinked and they can easily click on it.

All kinds of impaired learners should be able to contact technical support when they face any issues accessing the content. The contact information should be easy to get to through screen readers and captions. The best option is an instant messaging option where the learners can see their answers or even they can enable the screen reader option.

How to have the perfect LMS for disabled learners?

The e-learning companies USA can assist with creating an LMS. They can make sure that the entire information, about the user, is collected. After this information has been adjudged, various resource preferences are generated for the user based on teacher recommendations. Then the system provides the user with a resource ID based on his needs and he is assigned a resource based on it.

Of course, the LMS has to be integrated with adaptive learning software for the impaired learners. Hence the LMS administrator can create the profiles of the user and it’s stored in the database. The users with similar profiles are grouped by the Learner Profile Management system and hence the admin can see the templates suggested by such users by the LMS. So, when a disabled user logs into the LMS, he has the content zoom or the screen reader features enabled. E-learning companies USA can help you get such accessible content options in an LMS.

31 Aug 2021
compliance training

How to make compliance training interesting for employees?

Compliance training has become crucial due to so many regulatory changes happening.

But compliance training has to be stated in simple terms for employees so that they adhere to it. For example, when a company wants to restrict the data theft, it should be explained, that if employees don’t put a laptop lock i.e. Username and password, they would be fined. But if stated in a legal language that employees are needed to safeguard company data, they would think that it does not apply to them. The employees can be taught in detail about data theft situations that could land them in trouble. For example, to elaborate on the importance of using credentials, it can be stated that any computer can’t be easily hacked when it has the credentials and firewalls.

When a PC has credentials, even when an employee loses access to it due to theft, computer data can’t be stolen. The employee can lose his laptop while coming to the office, but because he had installed a program to detect the laptop, it was located. And because it had credentials, it could not be hacked by thieves. However, apart from employees, it’s the company’s responsibility to ensure that all the data is stored in the cloud-based server for retrieval.

Similarly, compliance training is important for office staff, who manages the entry of guests. It’s because unless they mark their entry they can’t be allowed to enter. After all, any guest can access the company assets and it becomes tough to track unrecorded entries.

How can e-learning companies help in drawing the attention of employees?

Although a business might upload compliance rules on its media like the website and the LMS, it’s important to put it across clearly to employees in layman’s terms which is the task of e-learning companies. It is because it knows how to create vibrant situations in e-learning content to garner the attention of employees. It’s easier to make an employee remember when he has read a personal anecdote either illustrated through a video or a podcast about noncompliance effects.

Serious games can also be used to show the importance of noncompliance because it contains simulations. Through simulations, the previous knowledge of employees can be tested in a virtual world. The reason they are called “serious” games is that their objective is not fun, but to teach employees something.

How to make sure employees comply?

The e-learning companies in the US can ensure that software can be created which shows continuous notifications to employees asking them, questions about compliance. For example, a character can pop up on their screens asking them whether they have altered the PC password this month. If the answer is no, then it can be reported to managers and employees can be sent emails to change their password immediately. Another way, to make them comply is by sending animated videos. Employees can also be demonstrated the adverse impact of their non-compliance through scenario-based videos where a character pays for its ignorant behavior. i.e. What happens when an employee does not wear a PPE kit while dealing with dangerous chemicals?

How to make sure compliance happens?

Diversity training

Apart from the safety of data, compliance training also ensures that employees maintain their behavioral standards. They treat people of other races with equal respect. Managers who have to pass judgments on such situations when they are informed about them should have received diversity training so that people in the minority don’t feel excluded in a company. So, compliance training for diversity should be able to strengthen all employees to speak for themselves when they face such disheartening situations.

Setting up the right examples

The companies should make sure that employees are held responsible for noncompliance so that no violation happens at least intentionally.

Managerial attitude can also affect the morale and willingness of employees to follow in line. It’s because any lackluster behavior on their part when noticing noncompliance can encourage the same behavior from employees.

The managers should therefore ensure that they take suitable action if they observe any noncompliance and vice versa. When employees trust the ethical behavior of managers, they can also speak with candor to them about noncompliance.

Unfavorable impacts of noncompliance

A noncompliance scandal can have a long-lasting impact on a company’s reputation. It can adversely affect the business and customers can cease to buy from it. There is so much widespread use of technology these days that any noncompliance issue comes to public knowledge within days. But you can make sure that such an incident does not happen due to compliance training and enforcing the adherence to rules. You can exhibit a strong company culture with high value for laws like a safe working environment by posting about it on social media and blogs.



27 Aug 2021
Graphic tablets

Graphic tablets are making elearning easier 

E-learning has become a part and parcel of our lives. The companies are swarming into e-learning companies in the US to get the most innovative solutions for their corporate training purposes.

The entire e-learning pedagogy starts with making learning easier for users and corporate institutions have realized it.

The eLearning professionals are also finding technologically diverse ways to produce aesthetically rich and entertaining solutions at the same. One of such devices is the graphic tablets which make sure that the e-learning content is created on them without resorting to the use of PCs. So, it becomes easier for e-learning professionals to generate content from the confines of their homes and there are no location-based restrictions because such tablets are so portable.

Since these tablets use the touch screen technology activated through a stylus, they are easier to operate than a PC. The stylus gets an electromagnetic signal from the tablet when it, touches it, and the tablet deciphers the position of the stylus through this signal.

Use in the education sector

The teachers find graphic tablets immensely useful because instead of typing comments for students in Microsoft word documents, they can write handwritten notes for them via a stylus just like a pen is used to write on paper.

So, when the graphic tablet is connected to a computer, the students see answers to their questions getting written on the shared computer screen through a Zoom meeting interface. As a teacher or a corporate trainer, you can open any document on your tablet and write on it to explain the concepts better. The student can see you writing on the same document through the screen sharing feature. The concept of graphic tablets is more useful in the context of developing countries like India, where education has not gained so much priority, especially for the female gender. They are discouraged from going to school and the dropout rate is high among females at a staggering 57% before they reach the 11th standard.

For them, online teaching using graphic tablets is a feasible solution to avail. Their progress can be tracked to know whether they have logged in to Zoom or not and the vibrant process of drawing on graphic tablets even makes the process more interesting.

The use of graphic tablets among distance education teachers has also increased because NCERT materials are available without any cost.

The students can also ask questions from teachers by referring to a document which can then be opened by the teacher on his/her PC and shared with students in the Zoom meeting. On top of it, the students can be easily explained such materials by writing explanatory notes on them during a Zoom meeting session.

The students can be taught complicated topics quickly through this technology.

Use in offline teaching

Graphic tablets are also used in classroom teaching because they can be connected to large screen monitors and students can see everything. The teacher can also open up the document created in an earlier class and use it to teach the successive batch of students rather than repeatedly writing. So, the days of traditional teaching where the teacher had to stand in front of a blackboard and write are the days of yore.

Use in the medical sector

Apart from being an invaluable tool, in the field of education, these tablets are useful for doctors also who can write prescriptions on them. The doctors can deal with a larger number of patients, rather than treating a few because the prescription is seen on the screen by the patient. The entire crux of telemedicine where a patient can explain his symptoms on a zoom call and the doctor shares his computer screen to provide the prescription is captured by a graphic tablet. The storage also becomes feasible with graphic tablets because no paper is required. Using such tablets is an empowering experience because the doctors don’t need to scan and store every medical prescription written on paper, rather they can retrieve it from their PC when required.



16 Aug 2021

How can elearning reduce employee burnout?

Is elearning a viable resource to reduce burnout?

Yes, when an elearning LMS is integrated with discussion forums, an employee can resolve his queries and not feel stressed due to work. Employee burnouts have become very common in offices these days.

Employees might be trying to work hard but sometimes, the monotony of work starts taking a load on them. An employer should make sure that employees don’t face such a situation by giving them an interesting work routine and ensuring that their productivity does not go down. Now, what exactly causes employee burnout? Is it just the boredom associated with the job or the stress of performance?

Lack of resources: Employees can be stressed out because they don’t have the resources required for work. This situation was common during the pandemic when employees were restricted to their houses and communication was limited.

No clarity about job duties: Sometimes employees are not sure about what is expected from them. They have to perform multiple job duties despite a clear job description. This also causes stress and an employee does not feel happy at the workplace. This kind of burnout happens when a new supervisor joins the office and burdens an employee with work. New employees often face such burnout because they don’t know what their manager expects from them.

No work-life balance: Sometimes employees are so overburdened with work that they don’t have any time left for the family. There might not be any time left for physical activity which causes boredom. Such kind of situation is common in the medical industry where doctors don’t have any time to devote to their families. They also reach home late at night.

Job burnout causes a change of behavior in an employee. He might get irritated while dealing with other employees. He can also have trouble sleeping at night and hence feel exhausted during work hours. It can also cause substance abuse.

So, undeniably a company needs to take action when employee burnout starts affecting someone’s personal and professional lives.

The company can reduce such burnout by ensuring that the employees don’t work on vacations. If an employee is working on a holiday, he is likely to feel stressed.

So, make sure every employee in the company is given a break from work on holidays.

Also, employees should be appreciated for what they do, so that they don’t suffer from any kind of job insecurity which is a major cause of burnout.


If an employee feels that unreasonable deadlines have been set for him, he can talk to the HR manager about them.

It is the job of a manager to see that employees don’t have burnout.

Share mental health resources: Elearning is a useful tool in this regard because it provides employees with content aimed to reduce their stress. They can also learn new techniques of managing their time which will help in achieving more in a lesser time.

Conduct skill-based training: A competency check is also useful for employees who are facing trouble at work. If such employees need some skill-based elearning, it should be scheduled for them. It’s because they have to work overtime to complete their work. After all, they are not the best person for it.

As an alternative to elearning, you can also change their job duties and assign their responsibilities to someone else.

13 Aug 2021
Pharmaceutical learning management systems

How can Pharmaceutical Learning Management Systems help this industry?

Pharmaceutical learning management systems are the key requirement of this industry in the wake of so many changes happening here. This kind of LMS can make sure that such companies keep employees in the loop of the changes happening in the industry. Since most of such LMS’s are integrated with the rapid authoring tools, it’s inevitable for a company to have them because you can easily create courses and add them.

The other important use is that as soon as the standard operating procedure is updated on Pharmaceutical learning management systems, triggers can be sent via emails to the managers.

Compliance training is quite mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry. Such companies also need to conduct assessments on time to make sure that employees were given updates about certain changes. So, when it’s time for an audit, the pharmaceutical learning management systems can be consulted to show how many employees accessed and completed the course and the assignments.

The pharmaceutical industry has compliance rules because unless they have been issued a license by the FDA in the US or any other industry regulator elsewhere, they can’t sell their products. For example, MHRA(Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) is the industry regulator in the UK. And to get a license from this regulator, every pharmaceutical company needs to show that it complies with GMP(Good manufacturing practices). Update the employees about such rule changes through a pharma LMS. Apart from GMP, the pharmaceutical employees also need to be updated about Good Distribution Practices(GDP). This means that a company cannot sell medicines without having authorization for wholesale distribution. These guidelines involve the time when the pharmaceutical companies get the medicine from the manufacturer and then it’s sold through a chemist/pharmacy to the general public. It’s the job of the wholesaler to check all the facets of distribution such as purchasing, storage, transportation, repackaging, and documentation.

So the wholesaler companies can only get a wholesale dealer license when they follow the GDP before selling the medicines commercially.

Good laboratory practice

Good laboratory practice is also important where the non-clinical testing of medicines is done in a safe environment. The reason it is called non-clinical testing is that the testing is not done on human beings but rather on animals or their tissues and cells. The testing of such medicines is important to see whether human consumption of such items should be allowed. The kinds of medicines which are important for such clinical trials are Veterinary drugs, industrial chemicals, feed additives, and food additives, pesticides, medicines, and cosmetics.

Effects of not following such practices

If such testing is not done, there can be several impacts on human beings such as toxic effects on the reproductive system, any kind of genetic change, and even growth of malignant tumor i.e. cancer which might be irreversible. The toxic effects can occur when the medicine has been consumed for a long duration. The results of such nonclinical studies are then used to plan clinical studies so that the effects of a long consumption of such medicines can be seen on human beings.

Although pharmaceutical companies only fund such trials and don’t conduct them directly. Without such practices being followed, all the costs of such clinical trials can go waste which is about 60% of developing medicine.

Therefore, they must have pharmaceutical learning management systems for organizations doing them.

FDA advocated some guidelines for such nonclinical trials in the 1970s when many problems occurred due to non-adherence to any rules and these practices became law in 1975 known as the Good Laboratory Practices Act.

Wear PPE: Since chemicals are getting tested in such trials, it’s better to wear PPE. By not wearing such equipment chemicals can get spilled on your clothes. Apart from causing damage to human skin, working without gloves can also cause contamination in such chemicals.

Have written records: You might have to go through the data again before it’s published. So, it’s better that you enter everything so that you have a record of the data and use abbreviations to record such details. Record keeping is an important part of such trials because in the future when your supervisor asks something, you have written notes to trust and not only your memory.

Implementing a pharmaceutical learning management system for such organizations is important because otherwise, they can’t provide a positive and fair test result. There are various members of such organizations who conduct the trials including one specialist doctor, physicians, and nurses. Such results have to be shown to the industry regulator for getting the drug license.



12 Aug 2021
elearning mobile app design

How to create a fruitful elearning mobile app design?

Our generation has become more tech-savvy and hence they use mobile apps for trivial tasks like ordering food online. Kids have started becoming adept at using mobile phones to find their way. But with so much competition in the market in terms of educational apps, finding the perfect elearning mobile app design is a tough task. Having mobile apps is imperative for elearning companies today that need to have the maximum accessibility for their solutions. Such apps have to cater to the needs of office-going adults and hence the elearning mobile app design has to be mature and cater to the cognitive theories as well. In the following ways, elearning companies can come up with the most accessible and attractive mobile apps.

Provide triggers:

An elearning mobile app design aims to ensure that the user is initiated to go further once he clicks on the app.

That depends on the user interface design. There must be micro sessions included in the app accessible through the main page.

Using FOMO and instant feedback techniques:FOMO (Fear of missing out) which is a common trait used by social media apps can also be harnessed in elearning apps to garner an audience. The learners can be sent notifications through such apps so that every time someone completes a certain course and reviews it, they are informed about it. They then are forced to believe that unlike someone else, they are missing an exciting and informative course. Moreover, notifications can be sent when a new virtual reality game has been introduced in the course, again utilizing FOMO to pull learners.

Feedback is also an important part of the ways to trigger audience interest. Instant feedback is the biggest tool used by social media apps which immediately send notifications once someone likes your posted pic. So, they can be sent notifications when someone surpasses their score in an elearning assessment o someone has posted an answer to their query on the discussion forum. These kinds of notifications build dopamine in the mind. So, by again using FOMO, the learners can be made to log in to the elearning mobile app repeatedly. The users can also be asked to post their answers in the form of text and pictures to queries on the mobile app discussion forums or best they can design infographics if they have designing skills. When someone likes their answer, they get a notification making them feel appreciated.

Flashcards can also be used in the elearning mobile app design so that users are shown the prompt on the cards and then asked to click on an answer in an MCQ. When they are wrong, the flashcard flips over and they can see the correct answer. Provide push notifications so that learners can check when any new flashcard has been added to the app.

Design from a user’s perspective: In an elearning mobile app design, it’s important to take care of the user’s inclination to use the app. He might not be interested in using the app if he does not have any idea about what the app will teach him. He needs to know before using the app, where his skills levels are and how the app will make him progress. So, he can be sent a skills test before actually introducing him to the app. A learning meter can be included in an eLearning mobile app design, which shows his progress levels after completing each module and assessment. When he has progressed to the last stage of the learning meter, he feels like he has attained something. But the levels of the learning meter should be in sync with the skills required by the learner.
So, this is how a company can produce a great elearning mobile app design.

11 Aug 2021
Elearning assessment

How can an elearning assessment help a company in retaining the right candidate?

There has been a lot of talk about elearning assessments. But what should be the passing score in such assessments? The instructional designers(ID) insist at 80%. But is it that necessary?

The basic parameter is that the learning objectives (LO’s) should be set and hence the questions in an elearning assessment should check how much of these objectives has the learner met.When the questions are not related to the learning objectives, it can’t be gauged whether the course is effectual or not.

Therefore every ID has to establish some LO’s first and then proceed according to them. Afterward, you should formulate the quiz questions and then check whether the content adheres to these objectives or not.

Difference between enabling and terminal objectives

Learning objectives can be classified into two types, based on what they do, such as terminal objectives and enabling objectives. Enabling Objectives form the core of elearning.

They refer to the objectives which the learner must meet to be considered sufficient to fulfill terminal objectives. For example, if the terminal objective or the end goal of a course is to make the learner learn how to mow the grass, then the enabling objective is to see that he know how to operate the grass mower.

The SME can make sure that the questions can be segregated into three different levels, based on how difficult they are. These levels are the kind of risk involved in the job. So, a question can be given a high rating based on how risky the job is. Sometimes, the importance of the question might be high depending on its criticality in the job. But this kind of differentiating job in elearning can involve a lot of effort from the SME’s who can guide multimedia developers about it.

There should be different points for different kinds of questions. The points are assigned based on the difficulty level of the questions. For example, basic questions can be given lesser points just like the intermediate questions. But the advanced questions should be given more points so that when a learner does not attempt them correctly in an elearning assessment, he fails in the test. He has to start over the course again, or he can be guided to those sections of the module about the advanced questions. All this programming can be easily done by a multimedia developer. So, the learner who can answer all the advanced questions correctly gets a high score on the test. The multimedia developers can also decide whether the questions are changed depending on the number of times the user has performed the test. He can be given tougher questions as per his attempts at the test. So, this is how an elearning assessment can make sure that you hire the right candidate for a job.



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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.