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04 Aug 2021

A BFSI LMS helps banks train employees with new technologies 

The BFSI industry has seen a lot of changes recently. There have been increasing customer demands due to so many banks coming up. Due to so much competition, automation has become a part of this industry. Indeed, this industry has now started deploying technologies such as artificial intelligence and Big Data.

Therefore, the BFSI has been stressing about hiring intelligent people for roles who can handle the new technology. The companies, therefore, want them to undergo training through an LMS for BFSI before they can be given skill assessment modules to test their knowledge, and completely become attuned with what the industry needs. Through an LMS, the companies provide initial training to bank recruits so that they can be assessed for their upcoming job roles.

Moreover, the employees have to be trained when new technology gets adopted by a bank, and hence an LMS for BFSI is a necessity where such content can be uploaded. It’s also beneficial when bank employees can’t attend the in-person training.

Use of APIs

The banks have started using specific APIs(application programming interface) to handle this huge number of customers. These APIs are integrated with the software of the banks so that they can easily uncouple the integration between the backend i.e. the server and the front end such as help desks. These APIs enable smooth data transfer without the need to update the back-end programming when a change is made.

Through these APIs, banks don’t need a data entry operator because a 3rd party service provider like a software development company provides them with online application forms linked to databases. The BFSI does not have to worry about wrong data entering the databases. Here, when API comes into the picture, they contain the script for checking credentials and performing other certificate-based customer validation.

Hence, the bank employees have to be trained on how to help customers in using such online application forms and that can be done through video tutorials uploaded on an LMS for BFSI.

The higher reach of banks

Since the banks have expanded their reach especially in developing countries such as India, where they have made a foray into rural banking also, they need to have better data handling and analysis capabilities. It’s because with such a huge influx of data banks have to make critical decisions like whether to provide credit cards to such customers. How to evaluate a customer’s creditworthiness when there are so many applying for such cards all the time? Therefore artificial intelligence software which can rate credit card applicants for their creditworthiness score is extremely useful in such situations. The bank employees can also make better decisions about how to handle customers better based on the data gathered through various surveys and apps. The banks have experienced such a huge flow of data because customers are also applying for credit cards through app etc.

Use of Augmented Reality(AR) in apps

There has also been coming up of technologies such as augmented reality which are working well with the customers of every industry. So, they can be used for creating better experiences for banking customers also. Using such technologies in the banking sector aims to ensure that customers can conduct transactions from home.

For example, some banks have already started deploying AR technology into their mobile apps. The customers can use this feature to find the nearest bank ATM located near their house. Augmented reality means adding something to the environment of a person. The customers can click on the Near Me tab of a banking app so that they can create a geographical radius and find the number of branches located there. They also get to know the route to ATMs through such apps.

AR has also been integrated into their current technology by another bank that can scan the debit card with the phone’s camera and hence get to know their bank balances on phone. These apps provide present account information to the customer.

This is how banks have been using modern technology like augmented reality. The employees have to be trained to access data gained through all such apps through an LMS in BFSI.

What augmented reality does is that it makes sure that through your camera display you get relevant information like the cost of a building. Augmented reality adds objects like cost and other relevant virtual objects into the real world.

30 Jul 2021
elearning services

How elearning services are helpful for retail stores in increasing sales?

The second wave of Covid 19 has receded and the people are heaving a sigh of relief. There has been a removal of lockdowns in many countries. So, since the situation has improved, people have started shifting to new jobs instead of sticking to their old jobs. Companies are realizing the worth of a talent before it leaves them.

The resources are scarce and there are more roles for them. Thus in a way, the demand-supply curve has finally turned in the way of human resources who can choose their jobs based on employee satisfaction offered.

So, how should retail companies attract the eligible resources towards them? Retail stores know that frontline worker are the most important resources for their organization because they handle customers. In the times of the pandemic, they have made things easier for retail stores by managing understaffed stores and ensuring that both they and the customers follow safety procedures. The companies had to extend a real hand of support to these employees during these tough times.

Companies should know how to provide elearning services to employees so that their morale stays boosted when the work conditions change.

This is a major reason why some retail companies are chosen by employees as compared to others because they believe in the latter relating to their brand values through elearning.

The companies can offer offsite elearning services to their frontline workers to teach them more about sales and store management concepts.

Webinars can also be shown to retail employees where they can be taught about merchandising. Higher sales can indeed happen through retail elearning services because of the following reasons:

Offer customer-focused merchandising: Merchandising is important for a company because it attracts customers to the product store. We all get attracted to the merchandising displays of clothing stores.

Retail merchandising helps a customer understand the value of a brand’s products, what is his perspective about the based on the brand is shown in retail stores. The company’s brand equity is decided in the color schemes of its products also. For example, an Apple store is never green in color because the brand is about technology. Hence the walls of an Apple store are painted white. Brand merchandising is an important part of creating the identity of a brand. For example, the McDonald’s restaurant had the Ronald Macdonald character sitting on a chair outside until the character was finally taken away due to the terrorizing clown sightings in 2016 in the US.

The store should be decorated and the merchandising displays must be arranged for holidays such as Easter. The sales are heavy on this holiday because of favorable warmer weather also. During this time there is a major demand for clothes.

Whether the products are placed correctly: The elearning services can teach workers how to perform a retail store audit. It means that they can check whether the right products are placed on the right shelf and whether the expired products have been removed from the shelves because otherwise, the store loses its trust among customers. There should be a count of items on shelves to ensure that the products are completely tracked and none of them has been stolen. The use of signage is also important because it ensures that the customers get drawn to the brand and sales are easier. Such audits are helpful for product companies because they know that they are getting the allotted floor space as promised.

Learn how to use inventory management software: Elearning services can provide training to the employees about the right use of retail software. This implies that when the retail store employees count the on-shelf goods and the inventory, they know whether any product needs reorder so that it does not go out of stock. This also depends on the past and forecasted sales of the product.

When the retail workers add all such information to the inventory management software it can automatically reorder, saving the hassles for the store manager.

For shelf verification by managers: Elearning services are also important for managers because they can get to know how the employees are performing. If the employees are showing them older photos of product displays, they can track them down using the software. They can track the time when such photos were taken to ensure that they are the latest. It’s because empty shelves can mean not happening sales, which means a store’s business is getting affected.

How to make customers buy: Retail employees can also be taught how to make sales by altering the store display. It’s important to have signage related to happiness so that customers feel positive emotions in the store. You can also ensure that there are dog pics in your stores that evoke a positive customer response.

There is also certain software that can help a retail store track what kind of customers buy certain products like their age, gender, demographics, and at what time they buy. So, you can ensure that your product display is designed correctly at a certain time of the year to attract maximum customers. Elearning services can help store workers learn how to use such software. Such software can also help you design surveys through which you can get to know how many customers of a certain gender are going to shop there on holidays. In 2018, more male shoppers shopped in stores compared to 2017. So this way, when the stores became aware of this trend beforehand, they could arrange their shopping displays that way. Apart from using the retail store software which uses autoresponder emails to send such surveys, you can also add the URL to the survey on the physical receipt. There can be a QR code of the survey on the receipt also. If your store has a web app make sure customers take part in the survey. The survey can also be added to a kiosk so that customers enter details while buying something.

So store operators can use a lot of techniques to boost sales when they are provided elearning services about new sales and inventory-based software.


29 Jul 2021
Pharma elearning

How can pharma elearning help drug manufacturing companies?

Pharma elearning is crucial these days when so many drugs get invented and approved every year.

The companies of this industry make sure that the employees work efficiently so that they give their best performance. This way, the employees can get the best job aids for their work.

The basic challenge in the pharma industry is the continuous introduction of new drugs. The companies need to provide information about such new drugs to employees. The workforce must be trained to ensure that they can use such drugs. Although every sales personnel hired by these companies gets a training of 1-3 months before the fieldwork, every time these personnel can’t be gathered to get training about a new drug. Thats why, a pharma LMS can be used to disburse all the information.

Some of the advantages of for pharma e-learning industry include:

Avoidance of medication errors: The drugs have to be administered in the right doses.

The FDA has given a proper definition of this kind of error known as a medication error. This kind of error can cause harm to a patient. According to the definition, the error in the consumption of the drug can happen when the doctor is preparing the prescription for it and he enters the wrong dose amount.

Even when the patient is seeking telemedicine and the doctors type the wrong dosage amount on the PC. In case, the drug is being given to a patient, he can be provided with the wrong amount by the medical practitioner.

FDA has prescribed several rules for the consumption of these drugs which can prevent deaths and other kinds of harm caused due to an inappropriate dose. These harms include the victim suffering from a life-threatening condition or hospitalization as aftermath. Other serious consequences can also occur such as when the drug is administered to a pregnant woman, it causes a defect in the unborn child.

So, the medical practitioners have to be provided with the right pharma elearning to prevent such costly mistakes from happening which can harm the reputation of the drug manufacturer. The staff has to be elucidated about the FDA prevention measures for such errors which are:

Proper labels: There should be proper container labels on the drug so that it’s not confused with any other variant. Apart from that, there should be different labels for the drug components in different quantities. It’s because the patient may consume the wrong drug variant based on no quantity being mentioned on the label.

How should doctors prescribe the drug: The drug manufacturer should also ensure that the doctors have all the information about whom to prescribe the drug and the proper instructions to consume, i.e. whether it should be taken before and after meals. How much should be the time gap between different doses of the drug in a day. This information should be included in the imprint codes of the tablet.

This is important because otherwise the patent can get confused between tablets that have the same color, size, and shape. This kind of imprint code can include the manufacturer’s logo or the National Drug Code(10 digits in number). The strength of the drug included in the form of a number like 0.5mg of a substance contained in the drug is also preferred as an imprint instead of the manufacturer’s logo.

For example, a drug imprint can be in the form of M367. The letter M stands for the manufacturer’s name such as Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

The digits 0367 refer to the 4-digit code used to represent the drug manufacture or the labeler. There are 3 other digits following these 4 digits used in the National Drug Code which includes the form of the drug whether its tablet, capsules, or liquid, and the strength of the drug i.e. quantity of substances. The last 2 digits included after the drug form represent how many tablets are present in a bottle of the medicine. FDA has mandated that all oral drugs(whether OTC or prescription) should include this information. All this information has to be taught to the workers especially the sales personnel of a drug manufacturer through pharma elearning. Even such elearning can be arranged for doctors.

Bar code printed on drug bottles and stripes: FDA has also prescribed other rules so that there is no confusion in the consumption of drugs. These rules apply to drug manufacturers. As per these rules, there should be barcodes printed on the drug bottles so that healthcare professionals can check them before prescribing them to their new patients.

Such scanning of bar codes before prescriptions is important because new drugs with new substances are getting released into the market every day and the doctors might not know them. This bar code also contains information about the right dosage and the right way for the drug to enter the patient’s body, whether it’s through the nasal route or the mouth. Pharma elearning makes drug manufacturers aware of such new rules.

Right packaging: The drug manufacturers especially those who manufacture topical creams also have to know the new rules released by FDA relate to product packaging.

As per these new rules, the cream should be packaged in such a way, that the consumer does not confused about whether to put the cream in the eye or the ear or apply it on the skin.

If the cream is packaged in a bottle similar to that used for eyedrops the consumer can put it in the eye leading to severe implications. Again pharma elearning can prevent such errors.

Similarly, if a drug has to be consumed orally, oral syringes are given for this purpose. If a liquid oral dosage accompanies this syringe, the markings on both should be in the same measurement standards as millimeters. With different measurement standards, like millimeters on syringe and milliliters on liquid dosage, confusion can be caused for the consumers. Again, sales personnel can solve this confusion by guiding the patient or drug companies that should make sure that the measurement standards are the same. This is how pharma elearning can save drug manufacturing companies from penalties

These kinds of penalties can be imposed when the patient suffers from an injury or a life-debilitating change after a medication error has happened. So, if it is the fault of the drug manufacturing corporation, not concluding in the death of the victim, it can result in a penalty of $200,000.



28 Jul 2021
virtual assistants

How virtual assistants are helping in mobile banking?

“Artificial intelligence is about replacing human decision making with more sophisticated technologies”.

Falguni Desai

Conversation time with customers is saved

There is the use of artificial intelligence everywhere now. It’s true that banks are now trying to save on the use of human resources by applying chatbots for interaction. The reason is that chatbots are smarter than human beings and have so much data with them, so they don’t take much time to answer questions like them. Instead, it has been estimated, that when banks apply chatbots, they reduce the conversation time of customers by 4 minutes. Hence the queries of customers are resolved quickly which means greater customer satisfaction.

Banks are also using chatbots in their mobile apps. This implies that the chatbots provide automated notifications to banks about their balance whenever customers add money or withdraw. This makes sure customers can cut down on their expenses.

Ease of operations for banks and customers

In India and the US, the banks are using virtual assistants to enable ease of use for customers.

The customers can integrate such virtual assistants with their banking accounts.

Hence, they can order the cash payment by giving instructions to the virtual assistant. Then they can log into the app and authorize the transaction with a touch ID.

The best part about that is for knowing your balance, you don’t need to login into your mobile app. You can simply ask about it from the Virtual assistant and it will ask for your voice PIN. Once that’s confirmed, you will then get the balance on your mobile number registered with the bank. But, make sure that you don’t share the Voice PIN with anyone else. It’s true that by using this technology, customers don’t need to come to the bank branch to inquire about their balances. Although you can send an SMS to the bank’s number to get the balance, it can sometimes take hours to get the intended message on your number because of the unavailability of servers. Virtual assistant manufacturers like Amazon and Google have huge databases stored on their cloud-based servers which have round-the-clock and easier accessibility.

Also, mobile banking can be made faster with the use of such virtual assistants. Mobile banking apps took their own sweet time to conduct transactions because of the internet availability, but the virtual assistants it is not so.

Credit risk evaluation is easy

Banks have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. It is true that they have an enormous number of transactions happening per day. The banks have to maintain huge databases, but sometimes, getting the relevant data through such databases becomes time-consuming especially if there is no sophisticated software. But with the use of virtual assistants like Alexa, when Amazon comes into the picture, fetching such data is easy. Earlier, banks had a few customers, and hence accessing the data through computer software was easy because internet availability didn’t matter. But now, there are so many branches with so many of them trying to access the server at the same time. So, it was easier to check the credit history of a person before giving him/her a loan. But this is not so easy now because banks have so many customers.

Artificial intelligence helps banks in analyzing the data. These apps integrated with mobile banking apps can easily store and retrieve data about customers. Hence, this is useful for customers who get speedy approval for loans from banks. There is also a decrease in costs incurred by banks due to such automated data reporting by 10%.

At least those days, of standing in long queues in banks to meet banking executives and applying for a loan are over. Nowadays, you apply for a loan on a mobile banking app and get a response within minutes whether you are approved or not.

Apart from evaluating the issuance of loans, these AI-based mobile banking apps are also useful to evaluate whether a customer can be issued a credit card or not. In the case of a credit card, the customer is given a monthly credit limit and he can withdraw money. But, he has to repay back the same amount with a certain interest amount. This all sounds possible when a customer has a stable income and can repay back the credit card loan on time. But, when he loses the job and defaults on his credit card, the banks can face major losses. In 2020, when losing jobs became a common trend in the US, credit card defaults started happening more frequently. So, AI-based apps that analyze customer data for banks are a huge help now.



27 Jul 2021
Life Sciences elearning

Why is Life Sciences Elearning so important for medical trials?

Elearning has occupied a predominant position as a learning methodology all over the world. It’s also being used in the domain of life sciences elearning. There is the use of elearning in the different sub-domains of life sciences which include pharmaceutical and medical devices. Even biotechnology which includes gene research is a part of this domain. Lifesciences elearning can be used to make the workers in the pharmaceuticals industry aware of the new requirements imposed by the FDA.

Information about new HIPAA rules

Under the new HIPAA rules imposed by the US government, the medical practitioners have to ensure that the information regarding patients is transferred electronically so that its unauthorized access is prevented. This includes information regarding their Medicare plans and insurers. Medical Aid is also given by employer-sponsored group plans through an insurer where the salary of employees is deducted to contribute to the health contingencies.

So apart from medical practitioners, entities that reimburse the cost of medical care like insurers have to follow HIPAA patient privacy rules.

But HIPAA rules don’t apply to certain situations.

This rule excludes those health plans where the employer is taking care of the expenses rather than an insurer. Also to be excluded, this health plan must have less than 50 people being a part of it.

Otherwise, HIPAA applies to medical health care plans including health, vision, and dental problems. It also includes health plans in which the long-term expenses of a patient like his nursing-home-stay is covered.

Work from home for medical researchers

There has also been much change in the work pattern in the drug industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of employees have been working from homes against only 25% in that situation before the pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry is facing problems in conducting trials.

The clinical trials which had been suspended due to lockdown are again taking place. Now, digital tools are getting used for remote monitoring of a candidate for a clinical trial.

With remote monitoring of volunteers, it can be seen, how much dosage they are taking and if there is inefficiency and delay in drug consumption. But such databases can be created accurately for every patient when proper Lifesciences elearning is given to doctors and also trial data can be recorded in an LMS.

Life sciences companies have also been benefitting from this shift to work-from-home. The workers are more productive because they don’t have to take tiring journeys to the office. The drug manufacturing companies took proper initiatives to combat the spread of disease because they disinfected those manufacturing plants where the Covid-19 sufferers were discovered.

But work from home also had negative impacts on the life sciences industry. Although pharmaceutical companies have been able to manufacture drugs with a lower number of employees in the office, this approach has not been so great. According to 33.3% of employees of such companies, the output of such production was of lower quality.

The life sciences elearning can be used to replicate experiments.

There can be demonstrations shown to the lab workers so that they can learn how to analyze and evaluate data related to experiments.

How to conduct lab trials at home?

Also, the lab trials can be conducted at home with tools available such as online lab simulators. There can be 3D simulations and the doctors can view the results through the software used for such experiments in the simulations. For example, they have data analyzing tool which they can use to evaluate the result of clinical trials like if a certain substance is increased in an experiment would the resulting product be stable or not, and what will be its impact on the human body. For example, the company can develop software for the blood sample of a Covid19 patient and how can any drug affect the virus. For the development of this software, the company must have done a detailed study of how Coronavirus is affected by various substances. The use of this kind of software which is taught as a part of Lifesciences elearning is based on artificial intelligence and eliminates the need to recruit human volunteers for clinical trials. Apart from finding the right candidate depending on age, gender, etc, and another problem is that the participants don’t believe that they would be safe in a trial. Also, sometimes, the participants are not studied closely to study the impact of a drug. The candidate dropout rate is also high between successive trials.

How to recruit candidates for drug trials?

A Lifesciences LMS can solve the problem of recruiting candidates for such trials. It’s because, with a database query language, the doctors’ prescriptions and lab reports uploaded to such an LMS can be used to find patients who are apt for a trial.

But doctors often use different medical language to describe the same disease, so it can be troublesome for computer software to find the right volunteer. But an algorithm can be used for this search purpose which makes use of the right keywords related to a disease. However, the Lifesciences elearning can focus on teaching such a search-based tool depending on this algorithm to the drug researchers. Of course, these doctors can’t be taught a database query language to search records for eligible drug trial volunteers.

So this is how life sciences elearning can be useful for biotech companies.

27 Jul 2021
HR elearning

How to modernize the HR processes with HR elearning?

Companies must have the best personnel on board. That’s why companies these days use all kinds of tools to hire. One of them is hiring through social recruiting tools. Now how can a company get candidates through such tools?

Build the right company profile to draw applicants

HR elearning is quite important for this kind of recruitment.

For example, Linkedin can help you in hiring but it requires an investment. So, you have to convince the team members why such kind of investment is necessary. Linkedin is used to get the right kind of people for your company. Once you put up a job on the company’s profile page it is visible to a lot of people, those who don’t even follow you. But, you cant post more than a free job on the LinkedIn page, otherwise you have to make payments. Once you have decided on hiring a candidate the next step is to do some background checks. Such software is also available in the market. But all this is a costly process and the company should be willing to invest in HR elearning so that resources are used judiciously. You would be surprised to know that there is even software available in the market to manage the salaries of employees apart from attendance management software. If you avail of Linkedin’s premium plan, then you can send emails to candidates who have premium membership on this portal. It’s better to include keywords in your job description so that candidates can be attracted to your job. A company’s page should look good too with the right kind of profile picture.

Create a database of applicants

Sometimes, you need HR to sift the resumes. It’s because the resumes received through social recruiting may not be the best fit for a job. But in the end, you can build a resume database so that you can use it to extract resources for future openings. You can filter through the applications through keywords and know which resource is best for the job. Although a telephonic round of interviews can be conducted for such screening, it can take a lot of time, hence filtering resumes based on keywords is the best option. Sometimes, hiring through job portals is a waste of time because firstly they charge money for giving the contact details of applicants.

Someone who has applied for a job is of no use when you can’t contact him/her. Also, some candidates may not be actively seeking a job, so when you contact them, you find out that they have left their last company a long time back.

Social recruiting is fast and practical

Moreover, the rest of the workers at the office feel demotivated because they have to do some extra work per day. So, instead of a cumbersome hiring process, it’s better to hire someone through social recruiting because they can attract candidates easily through hashtags in the job profile. They also help you hire somebody through the use of artificial intelligence and sieve through applicants through filters.

The most amazing part about hiring through social platforms is that you can reach out to many applicants, particularly those who live abroad. This is not possible through a job portal. In the times of lockdown finding, finding candidates for remote work is simpler through social recruiting.

What are the courses you can sign HR for?

You might want to signup the HR resources of your company for MOOC. But these courses can be quite generic, and may not help HR with the latest state laws. There can also be problems when HR wants a scenario-based elearning course because it can teach them about situations like how to handle irascible employees.

So, depending on the needs of your company you have to choose the course. if the HR of the company needs some software training, then MOOC’s are a good option because they include simulations about certain software. But when soft skills training is needed, the course should be delivered by a live instructor or through a webinar where the students i.e. the HR can ask questions. The HR professionals should get the knowledge about how to use online testing to hire the best candidate instead of getting it evaluated manually. There is software where you can input questions and send the test in an email to a candidate. Also, there are tests for checking the soft skills of a candidate also.

HR elearning can also be used for training small businessmen who don’t have the resources to hire HR.

They can use such elearning to ensure that they build their knowledge about how to shortlist someone by asking relevant questions. So, it’s beneficial for such entrepreneurs because it can save costs for them and they can only hire an HR professional when needed.

This is how HR elearning can be beneficial for companies.

23 Jul 2021
telecommunications elearning

Why is telecommunications elearning important for telecom companies?

Telecommunications e-learning is important for companies so that you can deliver training to employees. It’s because store operators manage customers, so telecommunications e-learning can have a direct bearing on the kind of customer service.

The staff can be happy when telecommunications e-learning has been implemented because every year a telecom company brings so many plans into the market, that it’s tough to remember all the information.

Why can’t telecommunication companies impart conventional training? It is because once the store operators are not on the field, i.e. in stores, how will they sell products. If you take them away from stores, you are simply reducing sales.

Apart from training SIM card store operators, telecommunications elearning can also be used for training call center operators who must know how to sell prepaid connections.

Also, with the availability of so many communication apps such as WhatsApp which are reliant on mobile data, there has been a surge of opportunities for the telecom industry. Every mobile app requires the use of mobile data, hence companies providing the fastest network succeed in winning customers as compared to others. But all these benefits why a telecom company is better than others can only be explained by a retail store operator when he has received telecommunications elearning.

The business of these companies has even increased more when the customers have started using personalized mobile data plans to access official computer networks due to lockdown. Digitalization of office communication through apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom has happened for which network connectivity on PCs and mobile phones is crucial.

Impact of the pandemic on telecom companies

A lot of new opportunities have opened up for the telecom industry due to the ban on international travel imposed by the US. So, all the gaps in face-to-face communication will be fulfilled through the use of mobiles. There has been an increased use of mobile phones, and all the limits on mobile data consumption have been lifted. Due to this, the telecom companies might not be able to provide the same network availability to all the customers.

Apart from the impact on the customer front, the telecommunications industry has also been affected by the pandemic. Hence, such workers must be given telecommunications elearning because they have to work remotely now. They have to make sales on phone due to which training can’t be ignored. If such front-line employees can’t be allowed to work from their homes, they should be given enough guidelines to prevent exposure to Covid-19 because they come into touch with customers regularly.

As a result, the telecommunications industry has to assess which employees can work remotely and which cant.

If the companies think that it’s going to impact productivity by making the front-line staff work online, then there should be Covid risk reduction guidelines given to them. However, the telecom retail stores have been shut down due to lockdown regulations, due to which such companies have to conduct sales through call centers. Therefore, adequate training is needed for call center employees to maintain the sales volume. But, telecom companies can deal with the huge incoming call volume in call centers and address such customers beforehand that they are likely to face some service disruption to cooperate. Such companies can also delay their fee schedules because due to heightened customer demand service disruptions are caused. For example, companies can stop imposing late penalties on customers of postpaid plans to compensate for service disruptions.

Since retail operations are only conducted through call centers now, the telecom companies should supervise how their call centers are performing by setting up a command center. They can also instruct the call center employees through telecommunications e-learning on how to conduct sales.


23 Jul 2021
hospitality elearning

Why should a hotel impart hospitality elearning?

Hospitality Elearning has become a must for hotels and restaurants. This kind of elearning can help hotels earn a lot of revenue. For example, the most prominent example of this is that there is a change in the behavior of employees with the guests. The hotel employees can be taught how to increase booking while talking to interested prospects on the phone. This can increase the probability that the customer will book because, throughout his phone conversation with the hotel staff, he was addressed by his name. The hotel staff had been trained to collect all his information right away like what are the booking dates, how will be the occupancy etc. These are the notable advantages of hospitality elearning:

Improves guests retention rates

Hospitality e-learning is done on a large scale by the best hotels in the world.

These hotels have lesser staff attrition rates because employees have been given the best training in the world. The employees also feel happy with their jobs and are motivated to perform better.

Clients can understand when the hotel staff has been trained or not. It is because they are treated better. The clients like to give repeat business to customers when its staff has been trained. It has been found in a survey that when the staff is well rained, the revenues of the hotel are enhanced by 5%. The satisfaction of the guests also increased by 5-7% which is the reason for them coming back again.

Provides soft skills training

In the hospitality industry, soft skills are the most required skill. Without such skills, it’s tough to handle international customers.

Employees with better hospitality elearning can ensure that their behavior is suited to offer guests a memorable experience.

The hospitality employees can ensure that the guests are completely satisfied with their stay in the hotel. It’s because guests today require a wholesome experience, much like staying at home. So, hotel staff who has been trained in Emotional quotient skills can fulfill the needs of the guests better. The key skills of emotional quotient training are skills training such as resilience, critical thinking, and better stress response.

Dealing with stressful situations

Although there is no way to measure the emotional intelligence of a prospective employee, such tests can indeed be implemented for employees. Its because hotel employers believe that employees with higher EQ are good leaders.

For example, EQ training is useful for hotel employees when they have to deal with customers who are asking for more alcohol.

There are also problems caused when tourists face any medical emergency. Employees who have EQ can handle the same situation without being perturbed by the panic.

Employees who have received hospitality e-learning can be made aware of the culture of tourists. They can be taught how to take customers to the beautiful spots in the country.

Dealing with international tourists

The most inevitable advantage of elearning is that the employees from different parts of the world can be trine. There might be some employees who don’t understand English but understand the language of the guests. So, it’s better to have a multilingual hospitality e-learning course for such employees. International hotel chains have branches all over the world and they cant train all their staff because of location issues. The answer to this problem is a multilingual cloud-based hospitality LMS which can be viewed any time. With face-to-face training, new hotel employees have to be relocated to another place for training, which isn’t the case with elearning.

23 Jul 2021
customized online training

Customized online training is need of the hour for hospitals

There have been so many innovations in the medical industry which has been better for human lives. But the medical employees have to be informed of all such changes. Such employees have to be prepared for work-based challenges that can affect the lives of patients.

Have better employee morale

When you as a hospital owner have customized online training implemented for your employees, it can improve their morale.

They consult such resources all the time, to make sure that they can help the patients in a better way. Through simulations, they can be told the perfect dosage for medicines.

Give better employee training

The problem with implementing regular training for hospital employees is that because you can’t track the employee performance whether they are studying elearning content. But this is possible with LMS software where training assessments are sent regularly to medical practitioners and know whether their knowledge and skills levels have improved.

Get ahead of the competition

The hospital industry has a lot of competition and making a single mistake can be disastrous for your business.

With customized online training, you can ensure that the hospital employees deliver their best.

They can make sure that they interact with patients better and follow all compliance rules. It’s also important that they know how to take immediate decisions through such tools.

Get better reputation

The customized online training can make sure that your hospital gets a good reputation. The medical team gives the best of services and patients are happy. When it comes to competition, patients choose you over others. And doctors also want to work with you because you have set standards for others. Government subsidies can also come your way because you care for employees. When you implement customized online training, it shows your dedication to your workers and the patients.

Introduction of new laws

Also, such training is quite important in the medical industry when new drugs are introduced all the time. So training all of the medical employees located in different states about the new drug and new laws is not possible at the same time. So, using customized online training is the best possible option so that employees can see it from their places.

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

For example, there was the introduction of a new law such as the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program in 2012.

Hospital readmission refers to the readmission of a patient into a hospital from which he has been discharged.

This program wants to make sure that patients are involved in discharge plans so that they are not discharged too early and readmitted again. This also involves talking about better care to patients after they have been discharged. So hospitals have to pay heavy penalties if they have more than the average readmission rates for infections such as heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, pneumonia, etc. The patients should not be readmitted in 30 days or less for these diseases into the hospital.

The hospitals must have no initiative to allow readmission of patients. This new law allows CMS(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ) to decrease payments to those hospitals that are part of the IPPS(inpatient prospective payment system) when they have more than average readmissions. The readmission rates of the hospital are contrasted with the national average after adjusting them for age, similar conditions, and gender, and their payments are deducted as a percentage of the Medicare payments which is 3% in 2015. So, this new law needs to be explained to healthcare practitioners who should avoid readmissions.

23 Jul 2021
performance support tools

How can performance support tools improve an employee’s performance?

Corporate training has become so important for companies because it can ensure that employees are given the most important knowledge to survive in a company. But, there are some problems with formal training. The first one is that the formal programs don’t improve the practical skills of learners. Most formal training programs have another problem which is that they are not of long duration. The learners are supposed to grasp up all the knowledge in a short training program which does not work well. It just equips them with the basic knowledge and that’s it.

Such programs impart limited knowledge which is not sufficient for learners. On the other hand, an LMS portal can equip learners with so much knowledge. The learners can get continuous feedback about the improvement in performance through the LMS portal because assignments are uploaded on it after every module. The learners are also able to access the manager’s emails about their change in performance. They can ask questions from them if unable to understand anything. Managers can also suggest topics to employees based on their performance gaps. This is how employees can become better at what they do.

The employees need knowledge which they can use.

Hence there should be learning aids given to them in the form of performance support tools(PST’s).

Employees might not have time to log in to the LMS and then search for a specific piece of information. So, they can use PST’s in those cases.

Performance support tools are like notes which employees can access after they have attended formal training.

Since they are concise, they can be used to teach employees about system upgrades and new processes. For example, the employees can be shown 3-minute videos to teach them about software process change and the new video link can be uploaded on the company’s Facebook page.
An elearning content provider knows how to convert formal training into PST’s. This can be done by letting them know which portions are important to be remembered by employees. The PST’s can also be personalized according to the learning path of a specific learner.

These are the different formats of PST’s that can be given to a learner

Text animations: Text animations are important to make sure that the learners can remember a checklist. They can also be used to convey the steps of a workflow.

Interactive infographics: Infographics can also be used to ensure that the learners can grasp the summaries. You can use avatars in infographics to capture learner’s attention. The infographics can be interactive too, where you can add a label to the specific elements. They are an excellent way to let the learners know huge information.

For example, you can create a map of the USA and color different states in different colors according to the population ranges. Then whenever a user clicks on a state, he can see information like the population of a state, etc, and the different literacy levels, etc.

Although such PST’s are not integrated with an LMS portal, they are highly useful for learners when they need just-in-time information. For example, webcasts can be sent to learners through push notifications which they can access to view some important matters like the introduction of a new product, etc. It has been found in surveys that job aids improve employee proficiency much more as compared to formal training.

How to design job aid/performance support tools?

It’s important before designing a performance support tool that you take interviews of the relevant learners. You might have conducted some online research but such interviews are quite crucial.

After conducting interviews, talk to managers to know how the job aids will be given to employees. The employees can also get feedback from managers as to whether their performance has improved or not.

Selecting the right format for a performance support tool

The format of the job aid is important because it depends on the information that needs to be conveyed. For this purpose, you should consider whether the employee needs to remember practical information then a video is an apt tool. But if the employee needs information about a new product, then a poster might be sufficient. A step-by-step diagram is useful to inform employees about a new process. An elearning content provider can help you with the selection. This kind of job aid is useful if the worker has to follow some instructions in a linear order and does not require any decision-making.

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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.