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12 Jan 2021
future of elearning companies

What will happen for elearning companies in 2021? 

Elearning Companies are going to see a lot of trends happening in the year 2021.

These elearning trends are going to decide on their future. 

Companies know that for them to be globally competitive they have to work on their workforce. But this kind of training kind-of halted when the Corona pandemic hit the world. Almost 50% of training in North America was stopped due to this pandemic. Apart from the pandemic, companies were not prepared to take the training into the virtual mode. The organisations will look for more online training and hence elearning programs where such training is imparted. The elearning companies will deliver the programs to train the trainer in the companies. All this will happen through virtual learning where the learner and trainer don’t have to present in offices. Emergence of microlearning 
Elearning companies have to now move towards microlearning. It’s because training can’t happen in 2-3 hours sessions. The learners don’t have time for that because they are busy balancing their work-life schedules. So, there will be a move towards microlearning where learning is imparted in 10-15 minute modules. 

Use of more mobile learning

Mobile learning will also become more popular. A study has found that out of 42.1 training hours per month, only 4.9% were happening through mobiles. This will change in 2021. The emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence which is used in chatbots will make sure that the percentage of mobile learning increases. Virtual reality in Elearning will also make mobile learning more popular. Since most of the employees will be working from home in 2021, mobile learning is likely to become more popular. There will be flexible working hours for employees and they will find it easy to accommodate mobile learning in schedules. 

Trainers bridge the gap

Trainers are very important in training. But since most of the learning in 2021 will happen in the elearning format, the trainers will have to come forward to bridge the gap with the learners. If the learners don’t get any kind of communication, they can feel alone which can affect their learning. Hence counsellors need to stay in touch with learners so that they don’t feel aloof. So, elearning companies will have to work extra hard to make sure that you get in touch with learners often apart from teaching them online. 

Use of BigData to analyse learner’s patterns 

There are benefits when the instructor-led training is imparted from classrooms. The instructors can offer detailed feedback about the learners. Therefore, trainers could adjust the content as per the needs of the learners. however, the trainers can’t assess such needs in elearning. Now, they will make sure that they use Big Data to assess the learning patterns of learners. This way, they will be able to offer more personal training experience to learners. 

The companies will manage training by outsourcing it. Elearning companies will benefit from this boom. The companies will allocate someone to manage the work allocated to these companies. The training content won’t be developed in-house but through these elearning companies. 

So, this is how elearning will happen in 2021


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