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30 Jun 2021
enterprise LMS

How has pandemic encouraged the use of enterprise LMS?

There was a lot of change in the way businesses have been working because of the pandemic.

The businesses had to deal with clients and employees virtually through an eLearning platform included in an enterprise LMS.

The IT managers had to work a lot to ensure that every remote worker had VPN access. They had to provide credentials to everybody so that everyone can work safely and soundly. Even licenses had to be obtained for employees to access the VPN through their houses.

Changes in supply chains

The companies had to accommodate clients also. Since the clients started ordering online, the staff had to be taught through eLearning platforms. Apart from that eCommerce was integrated with the websites of the company so that the customers could make payments online. The companies even had to link up with logistics aggregators so that their supply chains delivered goods on time.

Hence, the eLearning companies were consulted to supply companies with enterprise LMS both for clients and employees.

Companies have worked to make their supply chains functional in different locations. It’s because due to lockdowns imposed, many customers all over the world have started ordering through the internet. For example, OTT platforms had expected a hike in demand from locations they had not catered to before. It’s due to free time available to people to watch content on such platforms after the commuting time to the office was eliminated due to work from home. Therefore, these streaming platforms had to arrange for infrastructure in various locations to cope with the demand increase. They had to alter bandwidth for certain regions so that more customers could use their services.

Introduction of enterprise LMS

The companies also had to make sure that the enterprise LMS was regularly updated with content like product updates and price changes. IT managers had to ensure that the companies had enough network bandwidth so that their enterprise LMS could be accessed by many people simultaneously. This kind of bandwidth availability required some time.

Many websites arrived with apps that customers could access easily. For example, many companies made it possible to make payments possible through phones based payment applications apart from credit and debit cards.

Use of helpdesk software for customers

Companies also started deploying YouTube videos to inform customers about how to use the product. It’s because customers can’t venture out of the house to discuss product usage with peers.

Instead of the customer service representative, chatbots are used to answer customer issues. This is done through helpdesk software where customers find answers to the most commonly faced problems. Helpdesk software ensures that companies can provide comprehensive information about their products. This software also arranges support ticketing for customers who are facing problems. Customers can get support tickets when they contact a company through a chat messenger provided by such a helpdesk. These support tickets are then distributed among different support agents for prompt resolution. Customers have to be provided access to ensure that they don’t turn to another website to buy another product when they expect some reply regarding a future purchase. This is how the pandemic has forced businesses to make higher use of technology.