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07 Jan 2021
encourage frontline workers

How to boost the morale of frontline workers in 2021?

Many corporate teams were working from home in 2020.

But frontline workers didn’t have that choice.

2021 has begun on a positive note. There have been favourable changes. Such changes include the provision of vaccines. However, as the number of cases is increasing a lot of work awaits companies. 

Businesses have to move their business strategy now. 

Companies should help frontline employees don’t face any obstacles. They have to work from the office and yet work hard. 

Provide economic security

The front line workers should be able to get economic security. They need to have such security because they can only take care of the business once they can take care of their families. 

Employees are aware that businesses are dealing with issues due to Corona and sales are less. However, managers can make sure that the front line workers can get rid of such concerns. 

These are the following ways in which managers can eliminate the economic tensions of such workers:

  • The managers should be clear about any future layoffs. This will make sure employees are informed on time about the layoff which is important because they can accept any other offers if required. It’s true that employees also don’t always have a job in hand. 
  • If employees are not going to be fully deployed, then any change in work schedules must be told to them. They lose their income once they are going to be on the bench. So, they should be informed about any such work schedules in advance. 
  • Although companies are not in a position to offer any wage increases, they should do so when required. 
  • They can also implement reskilling programs as and when the need arises. This will make sure that employees are retained on their existing jobs rather than finding replacements for them. 

Devoted to health 

Safety at the workplace is important but it has become even more important in 2020. This makes sure the office boys and front line workers wear personal protective equipment. Management must also have rules about social distancing. This is important to make sure employees coming to the office don’t contract the disease. 

  • A company can make sure that there is proper training given to employees. 
  • The behaviour of the employees should be reviewed to see that they are following health-related norms. 
  • There should be proper absence policies so that employees can take sick leaves when they are not well. 
  • Extra training should be given to employees such as recognition of symptoms, and knowledge about vaccines. 

Having resilience 

2020 has been a year of contracting Corona. This is the year when everyone has been wearing face masks. Companies have faced issues. But if companies want to increase profits they should make sure that their frontline workers have adequate motivation. 

  • It’s important that the managers provide adequate support to employees so that they don’t have any problems. 
  • The frontline employees should be thanked for their contribution to the job. This is very important for boosting their morale in these harsh times. 

Apart from all these, in 2021, since Corona has not gone, management needs to make sure that some sales efforts are followed with regards to customers. This includes wearing masks when delivering products to customers. Companies must also evolve their methods of communication with such workers. This includes digital messaging through WhatsApp groups. Such employees can also be given scenario-based training so that they can deal with individual situations. This is how companies can keep motivating their frontline workers in 2021 who had to face some harsh times in 2020. 


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