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28 Jan 2021

How to have healthy employees during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The working ways of employees have changed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to make sure that the health of such remote employees is not affected. 


There can be various resources provided to employees to make sure that their elearning is boosted. So, a KIT(Knowledge, inspiration and time)must be provided to them. Knowledge can make employees feel empowered and there must be a library of training resources that make sure that the employees get apt knowledge. 

There should be a well-created program so that employees can work remotely. This makes sure employees don’t have any problems in working from homes. Employees can also be educated through elearning series that have been made about how to grow professionally. They can feel support when they have professional support given to them from the companies. 

Apart from professional growth, you can also health and wellness program designed for employees. Health and wellness tips can be sent to employees through emails. Even an app can be used to send fitness tips to employees. They should be able to access resources related to how to reduce stress and how to have proper sleep habits. 

Employees can also have their mental health affected when they are working from home. Therefore, they should have the support of a mental health network. Also, provide a work culture where employees are not hesitant to talk about their health-related problems.


What remote employees miss is known as social interaction. With social interactions, employees can get to know how they are performing through feedback from other employees. The aim of the Learning and Development team should be to support such social interactions also: 

  • Make sure employees can interact through social media resources. They can share their interests and also when they have been successful. 
  • You can have hiring coaches who provide professional advice to employees so that they can do their best. Such coaches can also listen to the problems of employees. 
  • There can also be fitness challenges set up for employees. This implies employees can follow substantial health-related goals. Employees can be given fitness challenges to see whether they have slept properly. 
  • Rewards can be given to employees to see if they are partaking in wellness seminars or not. 


Time is also of the essence for remote employees. Employees also have this excuse that they don’t have time to take care of health. Hence their employers can make sure that the employees can get time for personal fitness as well. They should be taught time management techniques through elearning so that they can take time out from work.

One of the tips to encourage employee participation is:

  • The employees must have time for their health on their business calendars. Employees should be able to block time on such calendars without any kind of guilt. For example, the company can organize a virtual yoga session for employees and they can chalk some time for it from their work schedules. Reminders can be set on the calendars for employees for such classes.
  • There should not be any work-related hassles during non-working hours. Employees should not be sent any emails during that time.
  • Make sure managers can create an example for their juniors by showing what they are their priorities during their downtime.
  • Employees should be given training about time management. Apart from that, they should be shown apps which they can use during downtime.
  • Organize lunch and learn event. This should be virtual where employees can also share some information about how they are managing work from home.
  • There can be lunch breaks where employees communicate with each other through talking through group calls and headphones.

So, this is how companies can ensure that remote employees have a healthy lifestyle.