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15 Apr 2021
human resources

What changes has Covid-19 brought to the workforce?

These are times of great distress. With Covid-19 having affected the whole world, companies are coping with critical situations. The employers have implemented a hybrid workforce. In the case of a hybrid workforce, employees can be working from different locations such as offices and homes. The choice of the work location depends on the employees as they can choose the one most comfortable with their style of working.

Still, the employees have the freedom of working from home, which leads to lower stress for them. They also don’t have to travel much leading to a less hectic work routine. With lesser travel, they can include time for other activities like child care, exercise, etc.

But the difference between working from home and a hybrid workforce is that all the employees might not be working from home. Some of them are working from offices also. Apart from that, some employees work from home sometimes and then they visit the office on some days.

So, with a hybrid workforce, companies have opted for safer work practices. But this means employees will have to learn how to cope with the latest digital trend so that they can communicate online. This is the job of employers to update their employees with the most modern communication technology.

The companies will have to take care of employees making sure that the employees are engaged in IT training. There is a lot of work for HR professionals because of the lack of hiring in 2020 and the exact opposite will happen in 2021. Also, there should be a proper workplace design for them for employees.

Businesses have now started hiring through social media also apart from job portals. Now, interviews are getting conducted through Google Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. It was a complete change for businesses that employees had to be allowed to work from home. Apart from that, companies also had to make sure that business trips were canceled because of this pandemic. Companies started using digital communication tools to talk to clients worldwide. So, companies have to choose HRM software in the current scenario. They were using such software earlier also but now it requires some changes. What are they?

How should a company choose HRM software?

The companies should look at how much human resources they require.

It’s not like that due to Covid-19, the work in the world has stopped. There is still demand for work and therefore companies must invest in a new workforce to meet this demand.

Size of workforce
There are many suppliers of HRM software in the market. But the small suppliers don’t need to be as not as good as the larger ones. An HRM software is based on how many people are working in the company. For example, small companies don’t need the software meant for larger companies because they don’t have such a large workforce.

Similarly, in large organizations where 20,000 employees are working, software meant to handle 2000 employees might not be useful. The processing speed of the software matters in the case of larger organizations because they frequently have to check the data of the entire workforce. If such organizations start using smaller software, this would imply that the supplier would have to enhance the support offered to its large-scale vendors.

New practices after Covid-19
The companies also need to inform employees about the new digital practices through the HRM software. Since they are working from home and using their private networks to access the corporate network, they must be using two-factor authentication. This means after logging on to the network, they are given a one-time password on their mobile phones, so anyone can’t access the corporate network even though he/she has the credential details. The resources about maintaining cybersecurity have to be updated regularly on the HRM software.
This is how a company should choose HRM software by keeping in mind the scale of its workforce.

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