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07 Dec 2020
language training

Growing need for language training in businesses

Many companies are hiring people these days from different social backgrounds. Different ethnicities can make sure that there can be some language barriers in the company.
Sometimes, it becomes important that your employees are trained in languages so that every kind of miscommunication is avoided.

But what are the signs that a company should consider before going for such kind of language training:

Trust issues: Communication can’t happen between people who don’t speak the same language. There can be no trust among people who don’t speak the same language. It’s because one does not know what the other one is talking. Language barriers cause a lot of confusion.
Bad communication: Bad communication also causes another set of problems which are higher stress for employees. Apart from stress, there can be missed project goals, loss in business and delays in project completion.
Problems in Conference calls: A lot of problems can arise when the executives of a company have to interact with executives from all over the world. There can be barriers in international communication whether its in conference calls, meeting and emails. There can be depletion of respect due to wrong communications therefore instead of facing such situations, it’s better to have some language training. It’s better to have online language training for your employees. Employees should also make efforts to learn the language on their own. They should try to grasp up what their colleagues are talking and what are their accents. You should take the help of translators so that you speak the proper language during conference calls. You can also look for language translation programs on search engines so that you can translate all the necessary documents before sending them.
Benefits of language training
As per a survey done by Rosetta Stone and Forbes Insights, it was found that there are many benefits of language training which include improved employee confidence. 60% of managers included in this study quoted better customer feedback as a result of language training. Companies should make sure that language training is in sync with the goals of an organization. This implies that companies should include solutions for language training of employees. These solutions should be online such as language tutoring for employees, and technical platforms that ensure employees grasp the language whenever they have time from their busy office schedules.
How to go about language training?
Businesses don’t have multilingual staff. In the survey of Rosetta Stone, it was found that 66.6% of businesses gave a report that not even half of their employees have expertise in two or more languages. 36% of businesses in this survey don’t even have 10% of multilingual employees. Companies need to invest in language training because the marketplace is growing fast and a diverse workforce is needed which knows the language of different places.
Rosetta Stone has advised about a specific approach to implement language training which includes reviewing employees for whatever language they know and then put them on the right trajectory as per their learning requirements. So, this is how businesses can include language training and make sure employees can cope up with staff and customers from all over the world.

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