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05 Feb 2021
learning experience design

What is a learning experience design?

Marketing is of a lot of importance to a business these days. In marketing, the directors have to create “brand experiences”. Only when customers can associate a brand with an experience, they buy its products.

The learning materials also need to create a similar kind of experience, known as learning experience design

Learning experience 

The learning experience has to make sure that everything is put for long term retention. It should be into the long term memory of human beings.

In learning everything is not for long term retention, but only some things.

Information stored on a mobile phone

There has been a change in the learning experience design. Indeed, earlier, whatever had to be stored in memory does not have to be now. In case you forget anything, you can look it up on the mobile device by browsing it on the internet. Everything which can be integrated into a web platform can be accessed on a mobile device. You can look up the job aids for one thing. Anyone who needs a job aids to perform the regular job tasks can access such things from a mobile phone. Accessibility of information on mobile devices prevents us from putting up a load on our memory all the time to recall the things of importance. 

How to design learning experiences?

There has to be so much energy put in the learning experience design, the most important of which is user experience design. There are many problems which have to be avoided like the problem of sign-on to different platforms. Another one of the other problems is the non-searchable content like a poor search process. These poor design processes waste a lot of energy of learners. Therefore, the focus should be on the learning experience design and all these problems must be avoided. Curriculum structures also matter while designing a learning experience because the user understanding depends on it. Only a perfect learning experience design can lead to the best results. 

There must be an outcome of learning experience design. This outcome is dependent on how the experience is designed. Each experience must fulfil the below-written functions to be considered seamless

  • It should have a lasting impact on the audience
  • In the field of education, two kinds of new experiences can be created. Either new knowledge must be provided to the learners or make sure that you provide solutions to existing challenges.

This is how a learning experience design must be created.