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11 Nov 2020
learning objectives

How to meet your learning objectives with an elearning course?

Elearning courses have become an urgent requirement these days to impart learning. But how to create an elearning course has become a paradoxical question for many instructional designers out there.

The elearning course should meet the learning objectives of the audience.

There are a few basic steps that you can follow to design an understandable elearning course:

    • Choose an authoring tool :This choice depends on who is a part of your elearning team. If your designers are good with graphic design and animations, you can choose a simple elearning authoring tool. Such an authoring tool will have all the templates ready for you like Vyond. However, otherwise, if your team has good graphic design skills, then you can choose authoring tools like Captivate.
      The tools like captivate can also include quizzes which provide scores and feedback based on the user’s response. You can also include scripts in this tool and get the actions you want.


    • Inquire about the subject matter:It is important to make sure that the elearning course has learning objectives which are in sync with the needs of the target audience. The course must be prepared carefully after getting an opinion about the objectives with the subject matter experts. You can also take interviews and conduct surveys of the concerned audience. You can also form focus groups of important and senior employees in the office. The reactions of such employees have to be taken into consideration before deciding upon the learning objectives.


    • Use an elearning template:Elearning templates are also available for the instructional designers which can reduce the design time significantly. So, make use of such templates and create a course with ease. These elearning templates allow amateur designers to design a course they want to create. The experienced elearning professionals can also make use of such templates.
      Sometimes, such templates are necessary when the time required for elearning courses is less


    • Have a cloud-based elearning system:It’s important to have an elearning course hosted on the cloud because that way, it can have unparalleled access. There are elearning management systems hosted on cloud-based platforms such as Litmos. You can add your course content to such LMS’s and include graphics too. There can also be quizzes included in such elearning tools. There is also the inclusion of calenders in such systems to remind learners for important events. Such LMS’s hosted on the cloud also charge fees, so it’s better to decide on a monthly amount you are willing to devote.


    • Add links to animations and multimedia:You can also include links to graphical elements in your course. This way, your learners won’t have to go through the internet to check on relevant pieces of information. When the links are included in such a course, the learners can click on the links to access information.


Apart from these points, you also need to ensure that the course has graphic and video elements at a reasonable level. The course should not divert from the learning objectives to which it is supposed to cater.It’s also important not to have chunks of text but have points with bullets.This is how an elearning with important learning objectives can be designed.


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