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01 Jul 2021
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How can LMS education be imparted through just-in-time learning?

The companies have learnt to move ahead with the times. It is true that companies now want to equip employees with all the necessary skills to survive in today’s times. Therefore companies have to make sure employees get all the support needed by them.
The learners can complete all the work assigned to them when they have just-in-time learning. They also can read the same material again when they need it. The learners can consult such material whenever they get time. Learners have certain confidence because they know they have material to consult whenever they face any issues. Also, they won’t need much time to go through such material because it is short and can be customized as per different learning styles.

How just-in-time learning benefits learners?
The students can also gain a lot through just-in-time learning. The students can also be assigned tasks to check their knowledge of the coursework. But, they can need help to do such tasks. So, just in time learning can be used to impart such helpful instructions to them.

Scaffolding is quite important for learners because it ensures that the learners get a support tool. They are easily able to understand the lessons because it gets segregated into small portions for them and every portion has a structure so that it can be understood easily. For example, when a book is divided into lessons or chapters, every one of them has key vocabulary given after it, which includes the meaning of tough words. You can also give a summary of the chapter before its beginning so that learners know what they are going to study.

The same fundamentals of scaffolding can be applied to an LMS education where a glossary can be uploaded at the end of each chapter.

Including scaffolding in LMS education is also important because it helps learners imbibe important knowledge about the topics. It also ensures that learners learn as per their previous knowledge of the subject. So, there are portions included before lessons and students who are aware of them can skip them comfortably or go through them quickly. When students don’t have to go through the knowledge they have learnt previously it lessens frustration and they can easily start with a topic they are not aware of.

Blended learning where the students study at home and attempt assignments in classes can also be improved with just-in-time learning. It’s true that through LMS education, students can learn the lessons divided into small portions. They can go through such chunks on the LMS portal and since they are small, the students can revise them again to boost understanding. Education should be imparted to them in such a way so that students can get rid of the monotony of the long lectures. The flipped classroom method gets boosted through just-in-time learning because the students can use the classroom time for discussions with teachers and peers on the subject matter. This is how just-in-time learning can be used for LMS education.

An example of just-in-time learning involves students learning about dental courses. A virtual tour of the dentist office can be included in the LMS education where all his equipment and dental chair can be shown. The student can click on any equipment he wishes to know more about. A 3D model of human teeth can also be included where students can click on canines and molars to know what kind of ailments can affect them and how they can be rectified.

This is how just-in-time learning can simplify LMS education for all kinds of learners.

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