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22 Nov 2021

Is investing in a white label LMS worth it?

A white label LMS has become the necessity of companies now because it allows you to do much more than add content.

You want the LMS to represent you, which is crucial if you want it to strengthen your brand image. So a white label LMS allows you to do many things as follows:

  • Customizing the learner’s home page-As an LMS administrator, you know that the customization of your main page matters, like adding your logo in the banner, etc. There can also addition of other features such as the headline apart from adding the company’s website in the Call-To-Action button. The users can also add pages to the LMS menu like an About Us page to add some introduction about the company.

Similarly, the LMS users can also add customized pages for the learners after they log in to their accounts. These pages can be set up in such a manner that they can include any announcements made about the course on the top of the home page. You can use drag and drop widgets to create a home page, such as chapter names.

Hence, a white label LMS is worthy of your investment because, unlike any other LMS, you can customize it. A large team of developers is needed to make changes to an LMS, which is not so with a white-label LMS. Apart from the manpower, it’s also the time needed to build an LMS from scratch. With a white-label LMS apart from the time saved in the development of such software, there is a perfect assurance about the quality because the vendor has beta-tested it.

  • Changing navigation: The most recommendable part about a white label LMS is that its navigation can be changed. It can make sure that users don’t get lost once they log in into their home pages because all the links can be included there.
  • Having perfect email and certification templates: Many other features can be customized in a white label LMS, such as the email templates. Every LMS has a facility that can be used to send email notifications to the learners when a new course has been launched. With a white label LMS, apart from drafting this email, you can also add the company’s logo and remove the LMS vendor’s logo. The certificates issued to learners can also be changed in the same manner, wherein you can add a new design created in Photoshop to the LMS. A normal LMS does not have such facilities because you can’t upload or create a new template. You just have to use the pre-existing templates. With a white label LMS, creating a new certificate template is straightforward with extra tags and colors available. For example, if needed, you can add the date of enrollment tag to a certificate, and every time, it’s generated for a user, the tag will be autopopulated.

Hence, having a white-label LMS is quite convenient for a business.

08 Nov 2021

When can a company trust LMS reviews?

Companies in every part of the world are trying to get the best LMS for their employees so that they are regularly updated about the company policies and new technologies. But sometimes businesses can be duped in the process of buying an LMS if one of the e-learning companies USA has posted fake reviews about its product.

The businesses, therefore, need to get into the detail of LMS user reviews before buying it because it’s a significant investment.

Businesses should not go after an LMS if it has all but one positive review. That single positive review is a red flag that the company has posted itself to beguile users about its product.

User details mentioned in reviews

If the user reviews about the LMS are genuine, then they won’t be scared of sharing their details. Through such credentials, anyone can get in touch with them.

Hence, authentic reviews are always in-depth, which include the company and purpose for which the LMS was used. Moreover, sometimes, when the users want to post their reviews about a certain LMS, they have to log into the reviewing account through LinkedIn, and hence the readers can check whether it’s a company posting the review.

Industry based reviews

There are so many review sites these days, but the businesses must look out for those sites which just deal with LMS reviews. It’s because those sites are most credible and contain the opinions of businesses from your industry about a certain LMS. They also have articles that guide a business about how to buy an LMS. For example, how many factors are critical for a business in an LMS?

Are product features included in such reviews?

Another thing that should be checked in user reviews by companies is how much detail about the product is mentioned. If a user has employed the LMS in the company, he knows some features in detail. So, knowledge of such details is proof that the reviews are authentic. At the very minimum, the users have signed up for the free trial of the product and that’s why are aware of its desirable and undesirable features.

How can choosing the wrong LMS cause problems?

When an LMS is not correctly selected by a company, it can lead to learning issues. An LMS should have a practical setup that includes text-based chapters, including images and videos also. Then there can be text animation to engage the user. It must also have ample scope for gamification so that the users are stimulated with games. Any kind of boring game which don’t involve competition among team members is also lackluster for employees. Hence, the game formats of an LMS must include leaderboards to inspire employee performance.

27 Oct 2021

What mistakes while buying technology can prove to be harmful to companies?

The organizations are now paying so much attention to the training processes. It’s crucial for them because a lack of knowledge of employees can put the entire company’s future at stake. The companies are investing in new technologies to ensure that employees work with the best. But, how can the employees be informed about the same? The company’s IT department, which introduced such changes has to prove the utility of such software for example, if, with a better LMS, you can show that you are extracting more data about learners then it’s worth it.

Employees don’t have time

But if the users can’t even operate such an LMS, then how you are going to get data about their learning behavior from it?

A company might have introduced a better LMS so that the learning operations can be scaled with it, with its scheduling capacities for virtual-led instructor sessions. But when employees don’t have time for too many sessions, then how can this LMS prove to be of any use.

So, a deeper analysis should be done about an employee’s availability of time before getting an LMS. Apart from lack of time, the new LMS might not be usable for employees. Another problem is when the company invests in a technology that takes too much time to implement. If the LMS requires continuous support from the vendor, then some research should be done about them. The time taken in creating and installing an LMS also depends on what needs will be solved from it. Hence, only get an LMS, when you know what you expect from it.

When LMS requirements have been finalized, companies can get research done on the previous clients of the vendor to know whether his product is suitable for their needs. A strategy is hence useful because it helps you know which LMS is to be bought. The company can incur costs because it moves between different technologies. They can get upgrades from the current vendor as per his needs which causes an increase in costs.

One person responsible for LMS

Some problems can arise when only one person is responsible for managing the whole LMS. The software is going to prove useless when the concerned person leaves the job and then the business has to get another kind of LMS. A business should ensure that no matter what happens the LMS administration goes on as usual. Hence, businesses should ensure that they have at least two or more people for handling the LMS operations. A business must ensure that they have external support in the form of a vendor or hence they have trained 2 or 3 people from the company to handle the job.


07 Oct 2021
technical pharma elearning

Why is technical pharma elearning so important?

There has been an increase in the medical industry due to the rise in the human population. Also, the new generation has better spending power to buy better medicines due to which the medical sector has seen a boom. Due to the increased expenditures, there also have been more innovations that have necessitated technical pharma e-learning. Innovation is a great requirement of this industry because new diseases have been discovered.
What is the need for technical pharma e-learning?
The e-learning is proving to be of considerable use in every industry especially in those where updates happen frequently. It’s true that in the medical industry changes are happening every year. Many new drugs are approved and new devices also get launched.

Hence the technical pharma elearning is used to make sure that medical employees are informed of such changes.

When new drugs are introduced medical employees have to be taught about their administration. Classroom training proves to be inefficient in this regard because medical employees all over the US have to be updated which is a huge number.
In 2020 alone, 53 new drugs got into the market after approval from the CDER(Center for Drug Evaluation and Research) and hence the medical staff had to be taught about their right dosage.

The term “medical employees” is an umbrella term that encompasses physicians, specialists, drug distributors, etc who need to know the right use of the newly launched drug. Therefore, to train on such a massive scale is implausible, and hence technical pharma e-learning is the best possible solution.

The paucity of good trainers: The benefit of training is that once it’s developed, it can be reused for new staff. Apart from that, the eLearning vendors have the time, to develop such courses because they can hire medical trainers. The medical staff does not have the time on their hands to develop such courses. Apart from, medical practitioners, the need for providing e-learning to medical students has also emerged. The medical schools want to remove lectures or lessen their number and even provide lab-based training through e-learning since the advent of virtual reality.

Impact of Covid-19

Medical employees have been trained so much ever since the Covid19 pandemic happened. For example, the compliance laws changed during the pandemic. The FDA issued new guidelines like the EUA which stands for Emergency Use Authorization. This implies that there has been an agreed use of unapproved medical drugs to treat this disease. It’s because the EUA authorizes the use of such drugs to diagnose and cure life-taking diseases when specific conditions are true such as no availability of approved alternatives.

FDA introduced EUA to make sure that the impact of Covid-19 was lessened and causalities could be prevented. There has been the issuance of EUA for using tests, and drugs for diagnosing and treating Covid-19.

Although a manufacturer can provide a EUA request for approval to the FDA, there have to be at least 3 clinical trials conducted for the drug. The drug should not have shown any negative impact in all three trials and exhibited positive results.

Technical pharma e-learning also became important for doctors who had to treat the Covid-19 patients. The patients who don’t have symptoms like fever may not be required to be admitted to a hospital, but this decision lies with the doctor whether the concerned person should be treated at home, which depends on factors like whether the patient can develop the disease severely or he can’t quarantine himself at home.

Also, doctors have to be made aware through technical pharma e-learning that in some patients, the pulse oximeter may not be the best way to measure oxygenation levels.

However, patients who are already showing severe symptoms of this disease have to be hospitalized. They have to be monitored for conditions such as pneumonia, respiratory failure, etc. Technical pharma e-learning has proved to be useful for doctors for reporting patients who showed the Covid-19 symptoms. They first had to inform the infection control employees in their hospitals so that such patients could be tested for the disease. And once he/she tested positive, the test results have to be provided to the local health department.

This is how doctors got the required information from technical pharma e-learning during the pandemic.


23 Sep 2021

Why and when should a business switch to a new LMS?

The eLearning industry is experiencing such a boom now. Its because its content does not require so much, time from learners. After all, it’s in the form of videos and micro-learning modules. It requires much less devotion of time from employees, which is convenient for them. LMS systems are not similar in features and that’s where the companies need to focus on them because employees’ learning is affected.

Frequency of its use by employees

>You can also determine if your LMS system is regularly used by employees or not.

It’s important to check its usability for employees through feedback. Employees might not be content with the LMS which can be revealed in a survey sent to them. For getting an honest employee response in this survey make sure that they are convinced about the confidentiality of their responses.

Usable on mobile phones

Mobile devices are now used almost all the time by all employees. It’s true that workers also use them for work-related purposes. So, this way, companies don’t have to provide employees with presentations on the projectors to train them. Mobile phones are ideal for employees watching webinars and webcasts and through an LMS it’s easy to monitor the time when such content was used. But, the LMS in the company should be available on mobile. If it’s not, then the scope for mobile-based learning is eliminated for a company’s learner. Hence the LMS should be customizable, i.e., it should be able to bring its content in sync with different users.

So, when you are planning to get a new LMS, based on the response to the previous version you should take your decision.

Cost: It’s an important factor while getting an LMS. These systems charge owners based on per-user registration and if it’s exorbitant, avoid making a change.

Features: The existing LMS might be mediocre, but with time employees have become hooked to its certain features. Then there are some attractive features in the new LMS. So, when you decide about getting a new LMS, make sure you have the tradeoff of features in mind. But before, changing, just decide whether the lack of certain features is a sufficient reason for making a switch. For example, lack of personalization of content is an important feature for discarding the old LMS in favor of a new one.

The following features should be changeable by users as per their aesthetic preferences.

  • Dashboard of a user’s account

The users like to add their pictures to their dashboard and even write some introductions. Also, when a dashboard has a personalized background, users feel inclined to log into it. Instead of Images, the users should be able to use avatars for their profile snaps. They can also choose a theme for the background and then add a dose of personal touch to it with a color palette. When a learner is feeling irked due to some office issue, logging into the LMS can bring him joy when he sees his favorite colors in the dashboard.

  • Prizes

Personalize their prizes for the users. This is done when you add somebody’s avatar on the gamification badge won by him/her or the LMS should have an advanced asset library that allows users to use its images on the badges. The badges should also be displayable everywhere with an HTML code like on LinkedIn next to an employee’s profile. The gamification badge should also have the same color palette as the logo of the company.

  • Certificates

Corporate learners always want to show off how much they have learned in an eLearning course to their co-workers. It boosts their self-confidence when their colleagues know about their accomplishments. So the LMS must have a certificate rollout facility when a course is complete and the learner must be able to print it so that he can display it on the wall. Hence the learners must be able to modify the font, font size on their certificate, and even its borders.

  • Language support

Another useful advantage of the LMS is when its e-learning content can be changed to a specific language. When the LMS does not have translation capacities, the learners with different regional backgrounds can’t get any training due to their no comprehension of the content. The LMS should have features due to which the learners can view its content in their preferred language along with its emails.

Export of data: Also the export of data to the new LMS might not be automatic. It can require the help of an LMS administrator to manually export the data from the old to the new LMS.


20 Aug 2021

Make employees learn about the safety of home PC’s through an LMS

In our age, implementing an LMS is an absolute necessity to deliver knowledge to employees. Employees indeed need to be trained consistently to ensure that an organization reaches its peak level of success. Cybersecurity is quite important for organizations to make sure that the employees are safe in their workspace.

It is crucial because employees are working from home and use company servers to access data. Although VPNs are getting used to protect the company networks, they are still prone to attacks through user errors.

As per security reports, there has been a huge increase in mobile phishing attacks. There has been a huge rise in such attacks between the times since October 2019-March 2020. This has happened due to user mistakes.

Training software is required to make sure that employees protect company systems while working from home. Since it’s so necessary, such kind of training can’t be for a short duration. In fact, the LMS needs to be updated with cybersecurity materials to ensure that the employees look for warning signs to protect themselves from phishing.

When a child is using your system

Cyber-attacks have increased because employees use social media also. But with proper cybersecurity training, employees can inform their companies on time about any potential threats. Employees need to know that their home devices can be hacked also. It can happen when someone hacks, their home Wi-Fi. For example, someone can introduce viruses into the home PC when it is used by a child to access a gaming site. That means compromising the system and giving access to VPN credentials. Even mobile phones used to access office emails can be hacked when a nefarious site is opened.

Make sure employees use the LMS to learn about cybersecurity

Through an LMS, employees can be taught about the rules of cybersecurity. An LMS can make sure that employees partake in games, where they are asked for their response to a phishing situation. An employee with the correct answer is rewarded with tokens. So, an employee with the maximum tokens can be given the awards such as “the best employee of the year”. This way, employees can be encouraged to receive training about the latest phishing trends.

Businesses need to understand the importance of cybersecurity because if the LMS does not contain information on it, the whole system can be compromised. The employees must comprehend how important it is for them to protect the data of the company.

What to do when hackers have accessed the router?

The hackers can get access to the router’s password. Once this password, is compromised, he can attack all the systems in your home. There are many signs of what happens after a router has been hacked:


Low bandwidth: The hacker will take advantage of your bandwidth which clearly implies you won’t have much left to use. You will suffer from the problem of slow-loading sites which can affect your work.

Compromise of firewall: Once the hacker can install some malware on your system, the firewall becomes disabled leading malicious websites to open up on the system. Viruses can be unleashed on your computer, stealing all the critical data. They can also start operating the computer by themselves. They can also check all your internet activity to know which sites are getting accessed.

The employees of a company can be sent videos through the LMS to detect if any hacker has been accessing their home systems.

The employee has to follow certain basic steps:

  • Log into the computer: He has to log in to the computer using his own username and password. Once he has logged in, he then has to type the router’s IP address in the browser’s URL bar.
  • Find the connected devices: After that, you can check how many devices are logged into your network. There is a list of attached devices you can check. You might know some devices, but some of them are recognizable through their IP addresses. If you don’t recognize the IP address of any device, this implies it is the device of a hacker. What to do, once you discover such an IP address. The best way is to reboot the router.
  1. The first thing you can do is to reboot the router. This reset button is located on the back of this device. It’s a hole with the words RESETmentioned on top of it. You have to stick something pointed in this hole to press the button. You have to make sure that this button stays pressed for 30 seconds.
  2. After that release, the button and the router is restarted.
  3. But after that, you have to call the ISP person at home, to configure the network and start the internet on your PC.

All these steps can be shown to employees in a Zoom call so that their home networks are safe.



18 Aug 2021
LMS reports

How can LMS reports improve the performance of eLearning? 

An LMS has become a critical source of information for company employees and customers. But, a company can modify its usage in various ways to get better results.

This software generates automatic LMS reports for a company, but what can be done with it to make sure that it provides more result-oriented reports.

These are the following reports which can be included to increase LMS performance:

Microlearning: LMS analytics contain data about how users correspond to the software. The participation rates of learners are indicated in a variety of graphs. The management can then know whether the learners are taking an ample interest in the course, or it needs to be modified through gamification to enhance their interests. Even microlearning bites attract learners because the former is shorter.

Lack of content: An LMS administrator needs to compare whether the assessments done, after and before the course show some improvement. If they do not, then the content has a knowledge gap that needs to be addressed. Definitely, in this case, the content is not as per the terminal learning objectives of learners.

The learners are unable to complete a course, and there are many reasons behind it. You can ensure that they can solve their issues by connecting them with those who completed the course. Whatever problems in the content are acting as a deterrent to the learners, they can be modified in the course.

However, there are some other sets of reports that are also important for LMS:

Course-based reports: The LMS administrator can ensure that he has performance reports about a certain e-learning assessment. If the report shows that a significant percentage of learners have not cleared the test, then there is some problem with the e-learning content or the assessment. So, either way, it is the duty of the SME, and such LMS reports can be sent to him. The course might be suffering from the problem of providing too much information to learners in just a single lesson.

Time tracking: Tracking the time the learners take to complete a course is also important. You can track the time spent on individual lessons. Whenever there is an anomaly in the time spent on lessons, this shows that the lessons have an above-average difficulty level. On the other hand, some lessons might be so easy that learners just complete them in record time, so it’s better to enhance their difficulty level.

Recording learners certification for compliance

The learners might also need to be updated again and a one-time certification is not enough. You should get regular LMS reports about the certifications completed by learners so that you can report to the authorities whenever any compliance-related audit is carried out.

You can also set up surveys to know how satisfied learners are, after completing the course. Therefore, a feedback survey lets you know whether the content or design of the course needs to be improved.

21 Jul 2021

Why Indian banks need an LMS in BFSI to train employees?

The banking sector has progressed rapidly in the last couple of years. This has happened due to transformation in the banking sector. That’s why an LMS in BFSI is necessary to update employees about changing technologies. Banks are facing intense competition also because of the opening up of so many MNC banks in India.

The World Bank has reported that India is the country with the maximum number of commercial bank branches. So, banks have increased their hiring. The banks will require more and more employees to fill positions such as sales executives and customer care representatives. The growth in the banking sector can be attributed to changes introduced by the government also. The government has encouraged the reach of banks to the rural areas by the development of banking apps that can be accessed by villages. There has been excessive digitalization by banks in the phase after demonetization. The villagers can use their aadhar cards to open up accounts in banks. There has been the introduction of aadhar enabled payment system(AePS). This scheme makes sure that anyone whose bank account has been synced with is aadhar card can conduct basic transactions with the help of a business correspondent which can be a grocery store owner. So, anyone can withdraw funds at the local grocery store with the aid of micro ATMs brought by the grocery owner. Bank Customers will be supposed to input their aadhar card number for identity authentication. The customers can get the cash through the grocery owner after this identity verification or even make deposits to a bank.

So, it allows such business correspondents to act as banks for villagers where they can withdraw or deposit funds. The best part is that the bank customer/villager can only deposit or withdraw funds because apart from aadhar numbers their fingerprints are used for identity verification. Banks need more technical professionals to deal with such micro ATM-based transactions.

These are the following roles for which training is needed:

Salespersons: Apart from technical representatives, banks also require personnel in sales. It’s because customers in villages who were wary of opening accounts with banks due to their inability to withdraw/transfer funds can now do so with AePS. So, banks have to make sure that sales personnel know how to convince these naïve customers.

Therefore there is an increase in the use of LMS in BFSI to ensure that there is no paucity of skills when the banks are expanding their reach in rural areas.

Sales executive these are also important positions in the bank where the employees are supposed to handle the bank products sales. They can look after the needs of customers and ask them to take loans, both short and long term. They can also sell credit cards of banks and other financial services such as overdraft facilities meant for current account holders.

That’s why; an LMS in BFSI is required to make sure that recruits of banks know how to deal with their roles and responsibilities.

Investment representatives: There are investment representatives which hold important positions in banks because they guide customers about where to invest their funds. They chat with prospects through the phone and persuade them to invest in fixed deposits schemes of banks. They can also maintain data about how the bank is doing in terms of its assets and liabilities like whether anyone’s defaulting on a loan. These representatives make sure that the customers are convinced to open accounts in banks. An LMS in BFSI ensures that the investment advisors can meet their targets. Moreover, the reason for implementing an LMS is that instead of verbal training, every new employee gets access to the same training material.

Need for compliance training

There can be problems when your employees have not been given the proper training especially compliance and you have to pay fines for their noncompliance.

For example, for cheques withdrawals of more than Rs 5,00,000, RBI has introduced certain changes. These changes are known as the Positive Pay mechanism and as per them, the issuer of such cheques will have to provide the bank with certain information such as the name of the payee, amount of the cheque, and date on which the cheque had been issued. This information has to be submitted to the bank either through an SMS, Internet banking etc for the bank to clear the cheque. This Positive Pay System has been implemented from January 1, 2021. So, the recruits have to be informed of all such compliance rules changes through an LMS in BFSI. They can be informed through updates sent to their phones and computers through email and mobile phone push notifications through the banking LMS.

The employees also feel comfortable adapting to changes when they have been trained. It has been calculated that banks face fewer losses due to errors of bank employees when they have trained. Banks can make sure that employees know all the technologies through a proper needs analysis before introducing such training

20 Jul 2021
elearning for nonprofits

How elearning for non-profits benefits such organizations?

Nonprofit organizations are helping everyone during these critical times because it is important for them. The underprivileged that were unable to take care of themselves during the pandemic benefitted so much from their initiatives.

Through elearning for nonprofits, they were able to impart training to so many without extending their budgets.

This pandemic had imposed closures of offices throughout the US. The nonprofits collected donations for those who were laid off from their jobs due to the pandemic and could not afford groceries also. Nonprofits have been a major help during these critical times because office closures lasted longer than anticipated. People took help from these organizations for improving their mental health also as they lost their jobs. Businesses took PPP loans which stands for Paycheck Protection Loans to ensure that they could support their workforce. But these funds were also not sufficient to help businesses during such mass closure. The businesses could use these loan funds to ensure that they were able to pay for property damage caused due to vandalism during Covid-19. They could also pay supplier costs. But there were some conditions for businesses such as they had to retain employees after the loan was given to them.

Apart from donations of money, these nonprofits also accepted blood donations. It is because the blood of Covid free individuals was used to extract plasma for the patients. The recovered patients could donate their blood to ensure that their plasma could be given to the sick. The interested donors could schedule an appointment with the local centers of such NGOs to support the cause.

The nonprofit organizations also raised money to make sure that the health care workers were able to arrange amenities including masks, gloves, gowns, and PPE kits for treating patients of this disease. The nonprofits also collected food donations in their local food banks for the patients who had nobody to cook for them.

LMS makes it easier to handle donor data

The biggest benefit of the elearning for nonprofits is being able to manage the donors. Since there can be all sorts of donors, like blood and food donors, it becomes tough to manage the data. One way to do this is through elearning for nonprofits that have an LMS integrated with the portal. The donors can register themselves on the portal entering all the information about their location, age, covid19 status, and blood group, name, and other credentials. They can also access information about how to donate at the local site of the NGO. An LMS is like donor management software only but it has some different features. The donor management software does not require any donor to register, they can be tracked easily through their names because it’s like fundraising software. This software is integrated with Facebook so you can get all your donor information from there once he creates an account. You can also organize fundraising events through this software.

The elearning for nonprofits is also integrated with Mailchimp through which you can send automated emails to registered donors about the next donation event. You can arrange such emails depending on how much the donor contributed in the past event.

How do employees benefit through elearning for non-profits?

The elearning for nonprofits is beneficial because they can train a large number of employees through it. They can also provide useful information to volunteers. As the volunteers belong to different areas, it’s tough to arrange face-to-face learning for them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, elearning for nonprofits was extremely useful because they were able to add so much new content through the LMS dashboard. Such content was about topics like how to get donations remotely without contacting the donors. So, employees of such organizations benefitted from such content.

It’s easy to train workers through elearning for nonprofits through microlearning sessions. It’s because scenarios can be created in elearning through elearning software. Such scenarios help workers of non-profits organizations in dealing with situations like getting donations through the phone. The workers have to be patient on the phone because sometimes the recipients of such calls can be rude. So, this is how such workers got proper training through elearning for nonprofits.



15 Jul 2021
Energy industry LMS

What changes are responsible for using an Energy industry LMS? 

There is a need for use of an LMS in every industry now because of the prompt response times. The employees can consult the LMS when they face a problem looking for knowledge to resolve customer issues. An energy industry LMS can be used by the companies in this sector to train employees on all matters. The energy industry comprises all those companies which have been involved in the extraction of natural gas, petroleum, its distribution, generating electricity and its distribution, etc. These are the following reasons why companies had to train employees:

Need for diversity training:

There is also a need for training because new employees with no experience get hired. The companies are facing retirement in huge numbers. They need technicians especially in the electrical industry and training is needed.

These companies are also hiring women in the workforce to benefit from their experience which has necessitated diversity training.

Changes in demand situations:

The companies are coping with changes in the laws by the government. For example, Coal companies had to face problems after the government started putting a restriction on the emission of gases like sulfur dioxide during coal combustion to release energy. This change was introduced as per amendments to the Clean Air Act that happened in 1990. Also, due to the higher discovery of natural gas, the US started to focus on using this substance to produce electricity. Also, due to the discovery of shale for extracting natural gas, the latter’s price has been falling since 2005 due to which its cheaper to use this resource. The energy industry has also lost its credibility as a stable employer because of the cyclical nature of jobs. This is because shale is used to extract natural gas. But its drilling does not happen throughout the year due to which natural gas companies have cyclical employment now.

The employment scenario in the energy industry has also been affected adversely due to the fall in oil prices. There was a high layoff in this industry including numbers till 1, 07,000.

Solar energy has also started getting used on a large scale. There has been a tremendous increase in the yearly installation of solar power in the country and it was 12 gigawatts in 2019. It has happened because of European subsidies to solar panel production. Climate change has also been a reason owing to the gas emissions that focus is now more on using renewable sources of energy to generate electricity.

Hence, energy companies are now shifting to the production of electricity through solar power. The employees are now getting trained by companies for this kind of work. It’s because fossil fuels are not getting used that much for producing power especially coal. Such companies are connecting workers to knowledge-based resources which are uploaded on the LMS and the latter can also get diplomas in these courses.

Requirement of training due to automation:

So, there is a need for hard skills training through the energy industry LMS.

This is important for companies that are in the drilling sector because soon the drilling jobs will be replaced by automated drilling machines.

So, there is a need for learning how to operate such machines for those in drilling jobs. Although drilling machines had been used in this industry for a long time, self-propelled drilling machines eliminating human roles would be used. Drones would be used to supervise the work of such machines. So, an energy industry LMS could be used to train energy workers about how to supervise such machines through drones.

The companies also have to invest in employee training because at the end of the day rehiring costs a lot as compared to upskilling. Companies have to pay layoff costs also when employees have to be laid off due to a lack of skills.

Effect of Covid-19:

Energy companies also had to focus on safety for the front-line workers because they got sick due to the pandemic. During the summer, most of them fell ill because during that time they had to make frequent customer visits due to electricity shortage caused by weather. However as the effects of the pandemic are plummeting, the utility companies have started operating as usual.

Companies have started implementing social distancing norms for their workforce and internal communications have been digitalized completely. The customers can visit the utility companies when they have an issue but now barriers have been erected to maintain social distancing.

The workers can communicate with their managers through an energy industry LMS. Companies are also using mobile communication for this purpose but they also need to keep such communication safe. So, they are using energy industry LMS platforms on mobiles. Such LMS’s can be accessed by front-line employees through mobile browsers or apps to ensure that managers and other team members have been informed about their messages. Through such an energy industry LMS, a company can ensure that all its frontline workers receive important updates about how to handle customers during Covid-19. This involves getting feedback from customers whether there are any Covid-19 infected persons in their premises or whether they have sanitized the whole place.

Managers can also post on the energy industry LMS bulletin about what are the different schedules for workers to prevent crowding and the spread of disease. It’s better to post such schedules online rather than offline because in that caseworkers can throng the bulletin board and get infected.

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DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera. It has a digital imaging sensor. In this kind of camera, the captured image can be viewed in the viewfinder when the shutter button is pressed. Its shown through the main lens rather than through a secondary lens, so the user knows what has been captured. 

He was a German psychologist who is known for discovering the forgetting curve. According to this curve, the biggest decline in memory happens within 20 minutes, and then 1 hour.