22 Dec 2020
elearning localisation manager

What is the job role of an elearning localisation manager?

Elearning has taken a lot of importance for companies these days. Now, it’s localised also. That means it’s changed and adapted to meet the cultural and language references of a certain place.

Therefore, an elearning localisation manager is very necessary.

He helps to pick the right instructional designers and SME’s for the project. Apart from that, he also checks whether the project is as per the requirements of the client. Also, when a company hires a large scale elearning company, it gets the benefit that it can cope up with the language challenges. Its because having a global workforce has its issues because they need elearning content as per their language requirements.
The elearning localisation manager has to ensure that the deadlines are not missed because so much work is there. It’s especially true when there is a large workforce and content has to be adapted to their needs worldwide.

Meets the deadline
Having a project localization manager makes sure that all the local resources are responsible for the work done by them. They make sure that all the translators have the resources and the local project does not get extended beyond the deadline.

Reduces conflicts 
There are a lot of people which are involved in the same elearning project all over the world. Its because different languages have to be catered to. However, a project localisation manager ensures that there are no problems and conflicts. Ensuring there are no conflicts, does not have a bad effect on the ultimate quality of the products. Apart from that, he helps boost the motivation of all the team members.

Good communicator
The project localisation manager makes sure that there is absolute cooperation between clients and employees(translators). This kind of manager has the job to check whether the learners in different places can understand the content.
The project localisation manager must have a lot of interpersonal skills. Its because he handles a workforce distributed globally. The manager has to talk to the upper management and become aware of the learning objectives. He then has to pass on the same to the localisation team of every country.

How to select the best elearning team?
The elearning localisation manager also has to ensure that he gets the best elearning team for each market. In this procurement, he has to reject some resumes and accept the same. He has to select the best of employees from local markets so that local clients are satisfied with the end product. He has to evaluate the portfolios of local candidates to see whether they will justify the roles allotted.

The elearning localization manager has to be completely aware of what the audience wants. If he is not aware of the cultural references, he would not be able to get the right vendors. They must know how to grab the attention of the local audience and have interactive elearning content. This team should be selected carefully because they know how to make local audiences glued to elearning and learn something new. You have to select someone who has been able to strike a chord with the local audience in the past.
You must have an elearning localisation partner with your elearning client so that the best results are delivered to you. You must get the project quotes from different elearning vendors to proceed on the same.

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