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23 Nov 2020
Is microlearning better than macrolearning

Microlearning and macrolearning: Which is better?

Today, microlearning has become a trend.

It is learning delivered in small modules of 3-5 minutes. It is quite useful for corporate training because they don’t have time on their hands. So the attention span is the highest in the small modules of microlearning. Apart from videos and text, the microlearning modules can contain images, games, text, audio and quizzes.
There can be various forms of content in microlearning. It can contain text-based modules or interactive video-based modules. Both are useful for learners. Microlearning can be used for the purposes of training employees, employee onboarding etc.
Easier and quicker to deliver
These days corporate training demands are changing quite frequently. Hence it’s important to build courses quite frequently.
A microlearning course is much cost-effective. Its because since it’s short in size, the resources used are less. A content editor will be perfect for creating a microlearning course. A microlearning content editor tool allows you to create content including knowledge checks. This content can be shared with learners by uploading it. It is easily viewable on smartphones. The content editing tool can charge as per every single author who accesses it to create a course.
Now the question arises whether microlearning or macro learning is beneficial.Macrolearning is like a massive open online course which can teach you about a specific subject. It includes interactive videos, knowledge checks etc which are longer in length than microlearning.
Macrolearning is concentrated: Microlearning is good when you want the employees to understand short topics. But when you want employees to see the bigger picture, macrolearning is a better option. For example, you want the employees to learn MS Word, then macrolearning is an option. Microlearning can be offered to them for learning various applications in MS Word, but that’s divided over time, while macrolearning offers it as a single chunk. In the latter way, employees are more likely to remember it.
Right topics in microlearning: This is also quite important because the employees need elements for practice and retention.
Low attention span: It’s not true that people always have low attention spans. Attention spans can be made to vary like for example people watch 3-hour movies with complete focus.
Microlearning gives answers to our queries: It’s not true because macrolearning builds up our knowledge base because it’s bigger in size. With a detailed knowledge base, we are easily able to solve problems. Microlearning might answer our questions, but macrolearning helps us solve complex problems.
With microlearning, learning is easier: It’s not true that learning is easier with microlearning. We have made learners believe so. When we need to grasp new skills, it needs time and efforts. So, macrolearning makes people more efficient. However, it also makes them more effective. Microlearning may not do that. People who are trying to grasp a new topic need detailed instruction. That’s why macrolearning is useful. With detailed instruction, people are able to save their efforts and refrain from the unnecessary struggle. People with deeper knowledge gained through macrolearning try to use the correct approach in tough situations rather than using different approaches.

According to Glahn, microlearning is only effective once it, provides enough practice to the users so that they can apply their skills, gives them feedback and they can expect pre-determined learning outcomes. Microlearning is liked by users compared to macrolearning.It’s correct that what people like may not be the best thing for them. The target of the microlearning nuggets should be learning objectives rather than how many times learners have watched the modules.

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