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07 Jun 2021
new LMS

How can you do new LMS marketing in your company?

An LMS system is crucial for a company.

But how can a company make sure that its employees can adapt to the new LMS?

The learners need to understand why has the company has adopted new learning management software and how it can benefit them also.

Here are some ideas that an LMS manager can use to popularize the new LMS in the company:

    • Gifts: The gifts given to the employees should attract them to the new LMS. For this purpose, the employees must be given a USB where the employees can download material from the LMS. The employees can also be given a new T-shirt featuring the name of the Learning management software so that there is publicity.


    • Advertisement on company intranet: Company intranet is the best way to draw attention to an LMS. For this purpose, there must be a banner ad on the home page of the company intranet or on the login page every employee logins to get access to his account. You can also include the link to the new LMS in this banner ad. This way, employees can view the design and suggest some changes if needed. They can also give suggestions about the design of the new LMS. Also, you can monitor the conversion rates of the banner ad by checking through LMS analytics who registered on it through the ad.


    • Incentives for registering first:The employees who register first on the new LMS should be given rewards like free discount tickets to movies. They can also be given exclusive access to some entertaining content on the LMS or maybe the right to download it for a limited time. For employees to get such benefits, they should register on the learning management software within a week/month after its launch in the company.


    • Testimonial emails: To popularize the new LMS, it’s best to send registration emails to employees. You can include testimonials in such emails about employees who completed a course included on the new LMS platform and succeeded in performing their job duties. Such emails can also be sent to everyone through their official emails ids on the intranet. There can also be the inclusion of videos prepared by popular employees in such emails on how using the LMS increased their knowledge. You can also include quotes at the beginning of such registration emails. This way, employees are inspired to register and use the new LMS to embark on a successful career just like the stories they read in the emails.


    • Use of social media: Social media is an excellent way to popularize the LMS. The best way to use such platforms is when you can suit your message as per age groups of employees. For younger employees, Snapchat is a suitable way to promote an LMS to them. For senior employees, Facebook can be a good way to promote the LMS platform when posts about its benefits are posted on the Facebook company page. You can use hashtags like #nameofyourLMS on Twitter and Facebook to get the attention of the target audience.

So this is how you can make sure that advertising about the new LMS yields results in terms of higher user registration.