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20 Oct 2020
netiquettes in online learning

Are netiquettes required in online learning?

eLearning has become an important part of our lives now due to Corona pandemic. However, communicating in eLearning needs to be done properly. Netiquette is to be followed while discussing something or posting information online.

    • Never intrude the speaker: The most important rule is that since everyone else is talking through a webcam, you should allow the speaker to finish his sentence. Just like in normal offline conversations, it’s impolite to interrupt someone when they are talking.


    • Don’t chat between the lecture: Also, its rude to chat with someone else while the speaker is still delivering his line of thought. Imagine while you were talking and someone from the audience is talking to someone else.


    • Write proper sentences: If the students have a query, then they should make sure that they use proper grammar and spelling to represent it. If you are committing spelling mistakes in your post, then it indicates non-seriousness.


    • Use correct citation: You can also use proper citation while quoting someone.


    • Save your password: It’s important that you don’t let someone access your password. This can create problems when someone uses your password to send insulting messages to someone. Its always better to log out of the system when its use has finished.


    • Don’t abuse online: One should not also crack malicious jokes about someone on the internet.


    • Send short emails: It’s also important as adults make sure that you send short emails. This way, it will be easier to read them. Also, send emails to a single person rather than to the whole class if not required.


    • Don’t use capital letters: In the online world, the use of All Caps in a sentence is considered yelling. So, be cautious while typing and don’t “yell” at someone.


    • Make sure that you don’t reveal too much information: Giving out too much information about yourself can be dangerous. This can make someone access your personal information and use it for nefarious purposes. So, such online information can be used to harm you.


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