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23 Mar 2022
online learners

5 Tips to make online learners finish a course

Online learning is everywhere, although creating e-learning content is tedious. But the course creators also have to create awareness about the existence of the course, i.e., its marketing. Herein lies the challenge for the e-learning companies USA must get adequate completion rates for their course. The course might have huge enrollment numbers, which is excellent because the fees are paid, but what if the students drop out of the course.

If online learning courses don’t see completion, they won’t be advertised because the students didn’t enjoy them. So, they can’t let anyone else know because they have not completed them. Due to lack of completion, the course does not get any testimonials or reviews to prove its quality. Also, when the course does not have any testimonials to corroborate its worthiness, how can online learning companies charge a high price for it.

  1. Clear descriptions
  2. The e-learning companies can do much about the course when there is a problem. Of course, the analytics’ reveal here the highest time was spent in an online learning course, i.e., which module was the most difficult. The module could be challenging to understand, or there could be some technical difficulty due to which browsing through it was tedious. In addition, the online e-learning course could have problems like vague descriptions. If the online learning course description is unclear, the learners might sign for a wrong course because they might not have completed a beginner’s course and sign up for an advanced course.

    This means that the learners have no idea what they are buying.

    The online learners should be given all the information before beginning a course, including the course length, deadline, projects, and technical requirements.

    They should also be given the instructor’s email ID and phone number if they have any trouble.

    The learners should also know the technical skills needed for the course because they might have trouble completing it if they don’t have them.

  3. Availability of an instructor
  4. The learners can also have problems with the instructor. Maybe he is not available on time to handle their queries, or he does not exist. The online learning vendor signed up somebody to create the course, but he left afterward. So, an instructor is not available to handle course-related problems. Hence, the online learning vendor must stay in touch with the learners to know whether they are getting any in-time support.

    Thus, the learners must post their queries on online discussion forums built especially for this purpose. If a regular instructor is unavailable, a part-time instructor can be hired to provide a VILT session once a week. Make sure that the learners are informed about such a session through email.

  5. Complete accessibility
  6. The learners also feel it’s an issue to complete the course when they can’t leave their desks because the course is only accessible on the laptop or desktop. The course must be accessible outside the hours and across all devices. It should not have a restricted availability so that the learners cannot leave the office to pursue the course. The learners should be able to download course-related materials to go through them while they are traveling on mobile phones.

  7. Online forums
  8. Having an online community is also vital because the learners discuss their queries, which helps them with FOMO. Once they know what other learners are doing through this community, they also get encouragement to finish the course and not to lag. Learners carry through a course because they know their friends have done so. Online learning courses also have problems because the students miss the live interaction with classmates. This can be replicated through the discussion forums, where students can interact through chats or even video calls. When students get access to an online discussion forum, they must be required to post a query with a certain word count.

  9. Due recognition

The learners also get an incentive to finish the course when recognized on the company’s Facebook page. They can also be given additional resources such as EBooks for assistance with course material. When learners are given badges that they can display on LinkedIn pages, they get a winning sensation, and this is why they finish a course. So, this is how you can make learners complete a course and benefit the business

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