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29 Oct 2020
online education

The trend of online education will continue

Education has taken a new turn now. Instead of going to school, students are seated behind their computers, laptops, or mobiles.
Let’s explore the reasons why online education i.e. elearning has become so popular.

  • Online education does not cost much
  • It’s true that elearning is relaxing for the students. They just have to sit with their notebooks in front of the laptops or other smart devices. There is no need for them to commute to school. So, they get online learning right from the comfort of their home. There are also no hassles for parents to transport their kids to school.
    Online education also provides financial stability to the teachers. They can take classes at any point of time if working with elearning websites. But this is not in the case of schools, where the timings for classes are fixed.

  • Online learning provides flexibility
  • The students can move at their own pace with a course. Since classes can be recorded easily with online learning, students can go over them repeatedly. This is quite beneficial for them in understanding the course. Sometimes video learning materials and audiobooks are also provided to the students and they don’t need to record a class. They can browse through this learning material when they are free.
    So, the correspondence courses are imparted in this way. Students do a job as well as browse through the learning material in their spare time.

    So, unlike classroom training where you have to ask the teacher to slow down, when not able to understand anything, this is not the case with online learning. When you are unable to understand anything in an online class, you can go over it in a video tutorial given to you.

  • Online education offers many programs
  • There has been a great demand for online education because there has been the advent of many technologies. The increase in online learning resources has led to 3 times more student enrolment. The students are also relying on corporate education because they want to be successful in the corporate world. Once you have more skills you are likely to succeed more in companies. And online learning can impart such skills with ease as per your flexibility and freedom.

  • No need to leave the job
  • Online education is beneficial for those who don’t have much time on their hands.

    You can pass out for a graduate school program in one year instead of 2 years when you pursue it online.

  • Online education is also internationally recognized now

So, you don’t have to step out of the house and you still get a degree that can get you a job anywhere in the world. You don’t have to leave your job to get the degree. Online education is meant for everybody whether you are a student, a self-employed professional, or a housewife trying to revive a career.

Online education has its challenges. There are countries that don’t have proper infrastructure for it because they are not economically developed. Marketing online courses to potential students is another challenge.

22 Oct 2020
Virtual Instructor led Training

Study with a live instructor online in Virtual Instructor-led Training

Ever since the Covid 19 Pandemic hit the world, there have been major and unexpected changes in the education system. Nobody expected the schools to shut down, but it has happened and schooling has stopped for over 1.2 billion students all over the world.

The students are studying from their homes and are reliant on the virtual instructor-led training imparted by schools. They are also using the e-learning courses imparted through major eLearning sites for extra coaching.

What is Virtual Instructor-led Training?

In a virtual instructor-led training (virtual ILT) program, the students and teacher are present simultaneously on their systems.

Since the virtual ILT is like classroom training, the students get the chance to interact with other students which leads to healthy discussions among themselves. The best part is that the teacher controls the live discussion happening between the students so that there is no chaos.

A virtual ILT course is delivered through video conferencing. The students can therefore take part in quizzes and polls which require large-scale participation. Just like classroom training; virtual ILT training must also include quizzes and visuals from time to time to maintain student attention. Virtual ILT emphasizes providing practical training to the students. So, there is also usage of remote labs where practical experiments are done and demonstrated to the students.

Since a virtual instructor-led training program is delivered synchronously where both the student and teacher are present at the same time, the learning facilitator should make sure that such a program allows maximum interaction between the former. In such a program, the trainer imparts the knowledge through a video, the listeners retain it better than by reading a book.

Apart from school-based training, virtual ILT can also be used for imparting job-related training to employees. Since there is the ease of access to this kind of training by participants, it can be used to distribute information about alterations in market trends and products sold. Even changes in a job profile can be communicated to the employees easily with such virtual ILT.

And the employees don’t have to attend a session outside their job schedules. They can attend it from their workplace itself.

These are the benefits of virtual instructor-led training:

  • Scalability

One of the most important benefits of virtual instructor-led training is that more and more students can participate in it logged on to their devices. The organization providing such training does not need to incur more expenses to accommodate extra participants.

  • Diversity

Since a virtual ILT session is given online, there can be students or learners gathered in such a session from different parts of a country.

  • Interactivity

Since both the trainer and the students, participate at the same time in the virtual ILT, the latter can ask questions. Assessments in real-time can also be done. Examples of such assessments are role-playing and live polls. The best part is that the students can get their queries resolved instantly from the trainer. The trainer can also ask questions from students to adjudge how much they have learned. So, there is a real-time response in this mode of training.

Since the training is imparted by a human trainer, the participants can easily make notes. They can refer to such notes at a later stage.

  • Feasibility

Various tools are used for this form of learning such as Camtasia Studio, Cam Studio, and Adobe Connect.

Many such eLearning programs provide complete availability of class-based software so that learners can find class timings.

Also, there is the provision of a virtual lab apart from remote labs. A virtual lab is software allowing users to test their practical knowledge. A trainer conducts training sessions in such virtual labs so that users can understand what’s to be done. And since it’s a virtual lab, the learners can repeat the experiment in their own virtual labs supplemented by a user interface on their PCs.

Requirements for virtual ILT

It’s important for such online classes that the trainers have prior experience in online learning. In that case, the trainers can deliver the virtual class perfectly.

Also, the trainers should be subject matter experts. They must have complete knowledge of the training tool to not face any hiccups during training.

So, virtual-led instructor-led training is crucial for an enhanced learning experience.

20 Oct 2020
netiquettes in online learning

Are netiquettes required in online learning?

ELearning has become an important part of our lives now due to the Corona pandemic.

However, communication in eLearning needs to be done properly.

Netiquette is to be followed while discussing something or posting information online.

    • Never intrude on the speaker during online learning: The most important rule is that since everyone else is talking through a webcam, you should allow the speaker to finish his sentence. Just like in normal offline conversations, it’s impolite to interrupt someone when they are talking.


    • Don’t chat between the lecture: Also, it’s rude to chat with someone else while the speaker is still delivering his line of thought. Imagine while you were talking and someone from the audience is talking to someone else.


    • Write proper sentences: If the students have a query, then they should make sure that they use proper grammar and spelling to represent it. If you are committing spelling mistakes in your post, then it indicates the non-seriousness.


    • Use correct citation: You can also use proper citation while quoting someone.


    • Save your password: It’s important that you don’t let anyone access your password. This can create problems when someone uses your password to send insulting messages to someone. It’s always better to log out of the system when its usage has finished.


    • Don’t abuse online: One should not also crack malicious jokes about someone on the internet.


    • Send short emails: It’s also important for adults to make sure that they send short emails. This way, it will be easier to read them. Also, send emails to a single person rather than to the whole class if not required.


    • Don’t use capital letters: In the online world, the use of All Caps in a sentence is considered yelling. So, be cautious while typing and don’t “yell” at someone.


    • Make sure that you don’t reveal too much information through online learning: Giving out too much information about yourself can be dangerous. This can make someone access your personal information and use it for nefarious purposes. So, such online information can be used to harm you.
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