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04 Dec 2020
online quizzes

Tips to have an interesting online quiz

Have you ever received the link to an online quiz in your email?

Training has taken a new form now. Earlier training seminars had question forms distributed to participants when the training finished. However, this is not the case now. Companies are more convenient in sending them an online quiz.
What is an online quiz?
An online quiz is hosted on a quizzing website. Its link is sent in an email to the participant. There are benefits of an online quiz.
Reduction in printing costs
Once you have the online quiz ready, it just needs to be sent to the learners. It’s also not possible to give a paper-based quiz to everyone if your organization is covering a large area. Imagine how many delivery boys for distributing the quiz papers have to be deployed. Also, the printing costs of the quiz if the organization is located in a vast area are high. Online quizzes make sure that no matter how many employees are there in your organization, everyone gets the same quiz. There is no cost of distributing the quiz forms to so many employees.

  • Randomising questions in online quizzes:Most of the quizmaker sites allow you to have a question bank. Therefore, you can select questions from the same. You can choose and shuffle the questions. The same goes for the answers. It’s quite tough for an offline quiz where answers and questions cant be randomized easily.

  • Quizzes don’t need an instructor :Since online quizzes are hosted on a site, anyone can take them without needing an instructor. Noone needs to collect the quiz forms after the learner has finished. This is not the case with paper quizzes where forms have to be collected after the learner has finished.Storing data online the best part about online quizzes is that managing them is very feasible. Once they have been assessed, the learners’ scores can be scored online. It’s not like an offline quiz where the scores have to be stored offline and a large number of files are needed.

  • Better tracking of workforce performance:It’s better to have online quizzes because then you can track, how the employees have performed. You can get to know which quiz question seemed tough to them, and which questions they missed. This is not possible to administer in the case of a paper-based quiz.

There are other ways you can use to make online quizzes more interesting:

Make sure MCQs have more options: The number of minimum options in these quizzes should be 4 and not 3.
Make sure there is a time limit for such quizzes: It’s important to have a timelimit for quizzes. People should have a time limit for each question in the quiz. If there is no time limit, everyone might search for answers online.
The questions should be MCQ and not true-false-It’s better that in a 10 question quiz, only 2-3 questions are of the true-false variety. The rest of the options should be MCQ’s.
There should be badges and points-It’s better to have online quizzes have badges for someone who has scored well in the quiz. This is how learner’s motivation is improved after taking the quiz.
So, these are some tips for organizations for improving online quizzes.

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