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23 Jul 2021
customized online training

Customized online training is need of the hour for hospitals

There have been so many innovations in the medical industry which has been better for human lives. But the medical employees have to be informed of all such changes. Such employees have to be prepared for work-based challenges that can affect the lives of patients.

  1. Have better employee morale:

    When you as a hospital owner have customized online training implemented for your employees, it can improve their morale.

    They consult such resources all the time, to make sure that they can help the patients in a better way. Through simulations, they can be told the perfect dosage for medicines.

  2. Give better employee training:

    The problem with implementing regular training for hospital employees is that because you can’t track the employee performance whether they are studying eLearning content. But this is possible with LMS software where training assessments are sent regularly to medical practitioners and know whether their knowledge and skills levels have improved.

  3. Get ahead of the competition:

    The hospital industry has a lot of competition and making a single mistake can be disastrous for your business.

    With customized online training, you can ensure that the hospital employees deliver their best.

    They can make sure that they interact with patients better and follow all compliance rules. It’s also important that they know how to take immediate decisions through such tools.

  4. Get better reputation:

    The customized online training can make sure that your hospital gets a good reputation. The medical team gives the best of services and patients are happy. When it comes to competition, patients choose you over others. And doctors also want to work with you because you have set standards for others. Government subsidies can also come your way because you care for employees. When you implement customized online training, it shows your dedication to your workers and the patients.

  5. Introduction of new laws:

    Also, such training is quite important in the medical industry when new drugs are introduced all the time. So training all of the medical employees located in different states about the new drug and new laws is not possible at the same time. So, using customized online training is the best possible option so that employees can see it from their places.

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

For example, there was the introduction of a new law such as the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program in 2012.

Hospital readmission refers to the readmission of a patient into a hospital from which he has been discharged.

This program wants to make sure that patients are involved in discharge plans so that they are not discharged too early and readmitted again. This also involves talking about better care to patients after they have been discharged. So hospitals have to pay heavy penalties if they have more than the average readmission rates for infections such as heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, pneumonia, etc. The patients should not be readmitted in 30 days or less for these diseases into the hospital.

The hospitals must have no initiative to allow readmission of patients. This new law allows CMS(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ) to decrease payments to those hospitals that are part of the IPPS(inpatient prospective payment system) when they have more than average readmissions. The readmission rates of the hospital are contrasted with the national average after adjusting them for age, similar conditions, and gender, and their payments are deducted as a percentage of the Medicare payments which is 3% in 2015. So, this new law needs to be explained to healthcare practitioners who should avoid readmissions.

29 Jan 2021
online training

How to make online training more interesting?

Online training is the new norm now.

But some measures have to be taken to make online training more interesting. It’s because online training may not grab the attention of the audience and they may be lost in their thoughts. So, what are those learning principles which can ensure that online training happens successfully and effectively? 


The first thing that the designers of online training need to decide is how to make sure adults are keen to learn. The online training course should be designed to make sure that its audience is interested to imbibe information. You can give them a sneak-peek into learning something by making a short video of what they are going to learn. The online training must also have set some goals which are relevant to the learners. The course must also be designed in a fun and interactive way so that its audience does not lose interest while watching it. 


The learners need some kind of repetition so that the lessons are familiar. With familiarity, they are likely to continue ahead. Apart from that, you can also use simulations so that audience or the learners feel as if they are a part of something familiar. For example, simulations can be given to employees to make them learn in situations involving a promotion, or other tasks. They can be taught how to tackle daily situations involving clients who are infuriated with a company’s products or services or people who have the incessant ability to bargain.

Include laughter-inducing content 

Adults are likely to pay more attention to online training if it’s interesting. It’s because adults have to focus on online training as a part of their job duties. So, when the sessions have something fun in them, adults are likely to respond more positively. There can be humour added to the online learning course. Make sure simulations have elements which include the industry jokes. Having such humour makes sure that online learners respond positively to training and also retain the concepts taught to them. 


The course modules have to be defined carefully. It’s important because the learners remember the first thing that they see. They say first impressions count the most. Make sure there are more pivotal points which are included in the introduction of the unit. It should include a summary of the chapter. The summary could be in bullet points. The objective of the chapter can also be defined in the form of an infographic. You could also pose a question to the audience whose answer is the purpose of the chapter. There is another way to capture the audience’s interest which is by making them recall what they have learnt previously about the chapter or the topic. This way, they will take more interest in what’s about to follow.

Summary at the end 

The importance of the chapter’s summary is also important. So, just like at the start of the chapter you include a summary, you also include at the end. It can be a video showing the conclusion. It should be small. Repeat the summary, but make sure that it’s not similar to what has been included in the beginning. For example, a quiz can be included when a chapter has ended. This can be an open book. When a course finishes, there should be tests to make sure that the learners retain what they have learnt.

This is how online training should be designed to make sure the audience takes interest in it.

26 Nov 2020
online training and its features

Online training: What does it involve?

In the present years, online training has assumed an important role.

Students are preferring elearning because it is easier to use than classroom training. Especially in the case of asynchronous elearning where the student and teacher don’t have to be present at the same time, students find it very convenient. This kind of elearning consists of recorded lectures. Students don’t have the time to study, and they can log on to the portal at any time to access the course.
Online training has also assumed so much popularity because it’s cost-friendly. When you have a massive open online course available to you, you can learn a language for free. The reason why online training has become so popular is because of massive technological developments. There has been the advent of authoring tools.That’s why, Online training is so much cheaper because authoring tools don’t cost that much. On the other hand, trainers cost a lot and assembling all the students/employees at the same place for training is also costly .

Constituents of online training
The online training consists of software that gets installed on your PC. Now, you can access the course with this software. There is a menu in this course. So, you can browse to whatever section you find feasible. There are various parts in this training course for learning such as tests and an exam. There can be different kinds of tests including MCQ’s, fill-in-the-blanks and essays. The course has animation also to make it more entertaining for the learner.
Online training is of two types:

  • Closed network: To log on to the network, the user must have a username and password. This is necessary so that nobody can access the elearning system of the company. It’s not accessible from every part of the world.
  • Open network: As the name suggests, learners can access the training material from any part of the world.

Problems in elearning.

But managers who have not worked from home or trained from home don’t understand its importance unless they themselves do so.

These are the following problems in online learning:

  • Lack of trust: Managers have no trust in people when they are working or training from home. It’s because they are inclined to see people at their workstations. For them, the physical presence of a person is quite important.
  • It’s better to have employees work or train from home rather than shutting down the office. If in Corona, offices won’t have allowed work from home, there would have been losses amounting to 30 billion dollars every day.

  • Boring: Since there is no interaction in elearning, it turns out to be quite boring. The solution to this problem is that the courses must be made funny and interesting. There can be webinars in courses or speech by characters.

  • Lack of time: Students/learners might not have time to go through online training. Therefore, they need to be given reminders to be able to pursue such courses. There should be a time limit given to the student within which they have to complete the course.

  • Technical problems: Sometimes, there are technical problems in an elearning course is that it’s not compatible with all devices. This can be avoided by giving students a device-friendly course which can be viewed on smartphones and laptops.
    So online training can be easily taken from the home.

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