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08 Feb 2021
Interactive PDF's make your courses more interesting

How can interactive PDF’s make your elearning interesting?

Elearning has become the main focus of education these days. However, you can make sure that you can grab the maximum attention of users through this form of education. One way to do this is to use portable document format, known as PDF’s.

The PDF’s can be used to send large documents online because they are condensed into some MBs therefore easy for them to be emailed. They can be read in a web browser which has an Adobe PDF reader attached to it. Otherwise, you can download the document and then watch it offline through a PDF reader.

You can also attach a video to the PDF.

When the user opens the PDF document using the live web browser, he/she can watch the video.

Embed a video: Now, how to embed a video in a PDF document? It’s very simple. The PDF document reader has the inherent functionality that the video or audio could be added to it at a certain place in the document. After pressing the correct buttons, you can add the video either through its URL or look for it on your PC.

Add the word meanings: Whenever you have read a document on Ebook readers such as Nook or Kindle , you must have seen that you can see meanings of the tough words open as pop-ups. You can also be redirected to a website of a dictionary to know the meaning. In PDF documents, you can do the same. Either way, you can make the word into a button through the option. It’s easy to add an “action” to this button so that when you click on it, you get the larger button showing the word meaning and a close icon. The PDF’s can also include social media icons so that users can click on them and share the information on the social media page.

Add a narration: It is also easy to add a soundtrack to the PDF file. This soundtrack will contain the text of the PDF. Sometimes, this kind of soundtrack is necessary to make sure that the users who have sight-related issues can listen to the text.

Also, you can add a soundtrack to make sure that reading the PDF does not become a boring activity. Make sure that you select soundtracks that are entertaining to listen to.

Add hyperlinks: You can easily add hyperlinks to an interactive PDF. This will make sure that learners can go to any part of the PDF. You can connect the words in the PDF to their meanings in the glossaries or make sure they are connected to the significant page which contains the meanings. You can easily add a hyperlink to a word in a PDF by choosing the Edit PDF option. Then choose Link from the drop-down menu and choose Add or Edit. You can draw a rectangle around the text which needs to be hyperlinked. In the Create Link dialogue box, you can choose whether you want to link to a page or a URL.

There are also applications where you can upload your PDF document and add a hyperlink.

Some hyperlinks can be external pointing to other web pages while others can be offline pointing to pages in the document. There can also be links in a page which point to other parts of the page. These links make sure learners can work with these links even when there is no internet access.

This is how interactive PDF’s can be added to your elearning course to make it more interesting.


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