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10 Nov 2021
sales training

Make a difference to your company’s turnover with sales training

Sales training carries importance all over the world because companies need to earn handsome profits. The companies are investing in this training, but the trainer must have some outstanding qualities for him to cast an impression on the audience.

Facilitators’ experience matters

The facilitator is a crucial component of sales training, given the amount of investment that goes into it.

Also, the participants devote a lot of time to such training, especially when they have to travel to the training venue or even when virtual training is imparted. As per research, an exorbitant amount is spent on such training, amounting to $2,326 for a sales employee.

A sales trainer must appear trustworthy to the listeners and for that, he can share anecdotes with them about his experience. That’s when; the audience pays more attention to the lessons imparted in the training.

The training experience is a crucial factor when deciding who should be a trainer. A sales manager who does not have such experience is not an apt person for the job. A facilitator with experience in the training domain knows how to do this job and engage the audience because of good conversation skills and delivery of speech like, including intonation in voice. However, the trainer can still consult the sales manager about any appropriate skills to be included in such training.

Large-scale training requires experts, not amateurs

Also, when training has to be done on a large scale involving sales executives from all across the country, an experienced facilitator is most suited to handle a large audience. The essence of sales training is adult learning, which implies that theoretical knowledge is simply not enough for adults to imbibe some new concepts. They require practical exercises like role-play, which is crucial for retention of knowledge. A trainer needs to devise such exercises, and therefore experience matters.

The sales trainer must be perfectly matched to the industry in terms of his experience. For example, someone who has no experience in selling tech products can’t guide on how to do so. With the pandemic, the online selling experience also matters. So, an efficient sales trainer must have dealt with selling products through virtual means also.

Technically advanced trainer

Sales training is delivered through online mode now due to the social distancing norms being followed. The learners are only called to the class when their doubts have to be answered. So, a trainer must have complete knowledge of the video conferencing tool. He must know how to include live polls in the session apart from allowing the participants to annotate. Therefore, having a trainer with a technical bent of mind is quite significant.

So, before hiring your sales trainer, ensure that you study his resume to find the relevant experience as per the above factors. When you have to expend so much money, neglecting any aspect of the trainer’s experience can result in unfulfilled sales goals.

How can companies impart sales training through informal methods?

Interviews with new clients

The company can also make sure that the successful sales executives share the tricks of the trade with others. There can be a video session with an important client who has just been won over by a sales executive. In this interview, a webcast, the customer can share how his doubts were cleared by the salesperson. And how he was explained the USP’s of the company’s products so that the audience can also use them in the future sales pitch. Such an interview aims to make the sales executives acquainted with the challenges posed by the competition against the company’s offerings.

Through this approach, the salespeople in the company can learn about the customized approach followed, crucial in case he is a big client. Such interviews can also be JIT tools for sales employees who find it tough to resolve specific doubts of the customer as to why the product is overpriced as compared to the competition.

How can sales training help in understanding a buyer’s needs?

The training programs must consider the buyers because he makes the purchasing decision. Once the sellers can’t comprehend what the buyers require, the entire sales process is a waste. Hence, the sellers must have a complete clue about the different kinds of buyers and what can be challenges created by them i.e. their pain points. So, after knowing such points, how can buyers be influenced to get the product? For example, when you understand the emotions of the prospective buyer i.e. why he needs to buy a product, you can use it to your advantage. All the pain points are highlighted through his personality. Drawing on all pain points is a better strategy of selling a product rather than being verbose about its advantages which might not concern a prospect.


26 Aug 2021
sales training

Make customers happy with sales training!

Companies are focusing so much on sales training because the customer is the king. An unsatisfied customer can cost a lot to your business when he/she decides to move his account to another company. The sales reps, however, need to have some skills that can make them close every deal with a positive outcome. This is how sales training is useful for a company. When sales reps have such skills, they also feel confident about themselves and know how to deal with tougher customers.

Communication gaps: Communication gaps can cause customers a lot of problems when the sales rep can’t understand what they are saying. Sometimes, sales executives also face problems when they are in a hurry to sell the product and don’t want to fulfill customer’s needs. That way, product mismatches happen and customers feel irritated when useless products are shown to them. They understand that the sales rep does not have any knowledge about the products and has no interest in listening to them. On the other hand, employees must quickly be able to respond to customers’ reactions by reading his/her body language.

All this is taught properly in a sales training session.

Clear perceptions and make them buy: The customers don’t always enter stores for buying something they just want to check the merchandise. Window shopping is a common phenomenon, but sometimes customers discover the ideal product during the process. They, however, can’t buy it because it’s too costly. At that time, a talented sales rep, knows how to offer another product to them at a lower price but with almost similar features. This is how a customer can be made to purchase. The sales reps with sales training also know whether the customers have heard any negative reviews in the past about the product. A sales rep who has adequate sales training knows how to dispel such negative thoughts. They can also provide proper reasoning to prospective customers about why such a negative customer experience was faced in the past. The reps can also make them think with their helpful behavior, how wrong their perceptions were about a certain product.

How to divide time between customers: The sales reps have a lot of work on their hands. They need to understand which customers are deserving of their time and who are not. It’s because some customers don’t want to buy anything but have come to while their time in a store. The sales rep should know how to pay attention to them without wasting too much time. Such customers can’t be complexly ignored because if they are happy with their experience, they can return in the future to make a purchase. Those who are not there to buy won’t like to be given a 10-minute demonstration of a single product. It’s because they can scurry around the product line themselves. Instead, customers who are keen to buy should be given such demos because they need product knowledge to make a buying decision.

Online etiquettes

The sales reps should also be made aware of technological changes like how to get customer information once he has sent any query on the website. They should be aware of how to get in touch with such customers through their WhatsApp numbers and how to talk to them. In sales training, the sales reps are taught when to stop chasing a customer because he might have changed his mind. Anyways, you can send him product newsletters until he unsubscribes from them. Too much aggressive marketing can also damage the image of the brand. Lead nurturing is also an important part of sales training where sales reps are taught how to woo the customer. They should first ask the customer why do they need the product and what is their budget. This is how you can inform the customers, whether you have something for them or not. It builds the customer’s trust in you and leads to a long-lasting relationship. For example, you can tell the customer frankly, if the product of their size is not available and then correspond with them when it’s there.

So, this is how your sales reps can be trained through sales training on how to win customers.

19 Aug 2021
sales training

Impart sales training to boost numbers

Sales are of paramount importance for a company to boost its bottom line. There are also new challenges that are posed for sales representatives. But the most important thing is that the sales representatives must know everything about a product, i.e., they must be omniscient about the company and its offerings.

Sales training is not considered so important by many companies because they don’t have the proper budget for it.

It’s problematic for an organization to focus on product training first when they have to make sure that its launch happens in the most avant-garde manner. So, all the sales managers are busy with this big event and have no time to gather the sales reps around for a meeting. Therefore, the company can start its sales training program as per its time limitations. This involves providing employees with JIT resources like flashcards. Then they can be sent small videos to increase support, and finally, LMS-based sales training courses where they get certifications.

Satisfied customers

The most undeniable advantage of sales training is better customer relations because the information is provided ASAP to them. Customers build their trust in a company because of its knowledgeable employees who don’t fumble when asked a question. They also don’t have to lie unnecessarily to sell the products because they know everything unique about the product.

A positive word about the company

Customers are likely to boost sales when they do word-of-mouth publicity. This makes sure that companies get repeat sales and new customers also. When sales representatives understand the USPs of a product, they don’t have to create a superfluous sales pitch for it which might not have a relation to customer’s requirements. When employees become successful in their jobs, they are more likely to stick to it rather than jumping over at a new opportunity. A company also incurs more expenditure when it has to rehire someone for the same old role. There can be transfer pricing involved when a competitor’s resource has to be lured.

Deal with angry customers

When the employees are not prepared for the sales meeting, then they can’t handle the job well. In that case, sales training is important so that they are prepared for bad days at work. The employees learn how to deal with angry customers, who have to be pacified that their problems will be resolved. With sales training, they can learn how to handle every situation in their daily jobs. When customers can’t deal with customer complaints, your company might lose valuable sources of sales and income.

Updated about policy changes

There are always changes happening in the market. The team members might feel hassled by new policy changes and therefore such changes need to be explained to them. The sales team must change their sales techniques to make sure no compliance issues happen. The sales training is indispensable for your employees because they have to modify strategies when the best-selling product loses its market share. They have to learn how to sell the new product so that the company does not lose its market position.

Many companies are now using sales training to empower sales employees. GE Healthcare, for example, trains its employees on how to use innovative heath machines. One of them is the Discovery XR656 HD which allows for a faster X-ray and the machine has a lower risk of getting infected.

This is how sales training is useful for employees.

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