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20 Nov 2020
problems in Agile

What are the problems faced in implementing Agile?

Have you ever wondered what is Agile?

An Agile project works in the following manner. First, the project is segregated into a small number of outputs. Then the outputs are supplied to the customer at small time intervals. Agile delivers output in two-week stages because it develops it in parts. The software project is divided into parts based on functionality and then output is distributed to customers. Generally, Agile is about producing software in small stages known as sprints. In each stage, the software is designed, developed and tested.
A sprint is a short time when the software development team completes some predetermined work. So, what are the challenges faced in Agile? So, customer feedback is taken at each output. During the production process, whenever each output is discovered, the list of outputs is grown.

  • Changes in project cost, time: As per this methodology, there is a change in the cost of the project and even time because the project is completed in stages. After one sprint, the developers learn about some changes which are introduced in the next sprint. Hence the next sprint may take longer than the planned time.

However, this is not possible for many projects which have a specific budget. Even the time required for such projects can’t increase because there is a fixed deadline. So, an organization which works on Agile has to realize that the time and cost cannot increase after a specific point. The organization needs to realize what point is that. The organization needs to understand that the project cant go overboard after a certain cost or time. The sooner this cost or time is decided, the better it is.

  • Cooperation from team members: In Agile, cooperation is needed from team members because a lot of changes have to be imposed. That’s why, the leaders of the company need to show the team members why they need to work with a new methodology because it’s more productive.

    • The work has to preplanned making sure you can get the feedback of the workers for it
    • Make sure team members are in sync with each other daily.
    • There should be team meetings held early so that there is the correction of the way workers are working.


  • Choosing labour in Agile: It’s tough to choose labour in Agile because it can’t be chosen according to job descriptions, but those who show a flair for working. Individuals have to come forward and then get chosen for the job. Collaboration is also needed on the part of individuals. Agile involves working in teams. So, the employees who are interested in working in teams are suitable for such projects. The organization should be willing to reward such employees financially. They should be willing to give rewards to teams.

  • Taking in scrum masters: Scrum is an Agile methodology. The IT leaders must have scrum masters on board so that the employees can get the right idea about their capabilities. When they don’t have the right idea about their capabilities, they over-commit themselves which leads to problems later. They suffer a burnout trying to fulfil the deadlines. They are unable to sleep at night due to work. To avoid this, scrum masters need to be hired so that employees know from the very beginning how much they can attain in a specified period.

  • Following Agile uselessly-Agile should be followed to ensure that there are certain goals which are met. These goals are increased satisfaction of customers. If there are no such goals set for Agile methodology, it can lead to reduced productivity. Reduced customer satisfaction can also be the key outcome of following this approach without any goal.

So, these are the problems faced when Agile is implemented.


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