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19 Apr 2021
self service

Are self-service platforms helping companies?

Companies have started adopting self-service models due to a lack of employees. But this is leading to a lot of problems for the customers. The customers are not able to cope up with it. It can also have a lot of repercussions for the business when customers lose their trust in the brand due to bad business service. These are the following reasons why this is happening:

Salesforce can also help in offering such information to customers.

Customers love using self-service because they dont not want to waste time with a chatbot waiting for answers.

Self-service not only is used for customers but it is used for employees as well. On a self-service platform, a customer can see any information which is of use to him. This information can be in the form of videos, knowledge-based articles. Similarly, information can be used to help employees also. They can also be given information on newly implemented HR policies and even documents training them about information technology processes.

Poor structure

The customers find the self-service platforms to be quite complex. There can be many tabs on such platforms. Also, there is a lot of lack of information on such platforms which makes customers get annoyed.

No attention paid to self-service platforms

There is also no attention given to such platforms. Such self-service platforms won’t indeed run on their own once started. Similar to any other website, there also needs to be an analysis of self-service platforms to make sure better results are yielded. Such platforms should not contain any obsolete documents that act to be nonsense because they are no longer valid. There should be the use of machine learning to make sure that the problem-resolution times are low. An example of machine learning is the use of chatbots.

Not receiving any feedback

Another reason for the failure of customer service platforms is that companies don’t consider any feedback. This can be complex. As the platform has come into effect, companies must regularly take feedback from customers. It’s not enough to take feedback when the self-service platform has been implemented. The preferences of customers change over time and hence it is mandatory to change the platform as well.

Customers forced to choose the wrong alternative

Sometimes, customers don’t want to use the self-service platform. Neither they want to take help from chatbots. They want help from a live agent. It’s because their problem is extraordinary. When the customers have to use the platform in that situation they get infuriated.

Putting the burden on customers

Customers can also get frustrated when they have to provide information about themselves and their problems repeatedly on such a platform. Instead, they should be given login details so that their information is stored every time they access the platform. Every time a caller asks them about the same problem, customers get irritated.

With a login, the customers can also be shown data that is important to them.

So, this is how by solving these issues companies can improve their self-service platforms.