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08 Jan 2021
how to elearning interesting for students

How to interestingly train students through elearning?

Elearning is used as a popular way to teach nowadays. Now, what are the popular ways through which elearning developers can attract audience interest? Please read below.

Be cooperative with students 

The instructors must make sure that there is relationship building among the students. For this purpose, the teachers must always take names of students while talking to them. The students should also be encouraged to build a rapport with other students so that connections are built. They can talk about common interests or a common point in life. Instructors can tell students how they have to give their intro through a video. Instructors can also make sure that students can form groups by involving them in discussions. Pairs can also be formed for assignments. This makes sure students talk to each other even though it might be only through a webcam.


There must be extra communication when you teach students online. So, when the course is asynchronous i.e. the students are not viewing it in real-time, then they can be helped. You can send a welcome message to them when they are about to begin a course. During the course, you can send them messages through discussion boards. Make sure students are told every week that you are available for them on certain days of the week and for certain hours.

During this hour, students can be a part of a video conference and get answers to questions. Make sure that you offer answers quickly to questions, this time frame should not be more than 24 hours. Students can post questions on discussion boards. You should check them. If they post answers to questions posted by you, you should also check them.

Be clear 

The students can take some time in learning about the details of LMS. Its because students are developing skills in LMS. They are learning about how to use buttons, how to download and browse files and videos. If you have some hopes from them, tell them in the beginning only.

Be consistent

Make sure reminders are set for students. These reminders can be about due tests. When students have a structured routine before them, they are easily able to focus on the course. The trainers can also be creative. They can make sure that images are used with the text. This will make the content more interesting for students. You can also use funny backgrounds but they should relate to the course.

This way, you can make an online course more interesting.


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