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08 Feb 2021

How to train in house talent of your company?

In these days, running a business requires a lot of efforts. This is with the advent of new technology. After some time, employees become specialized to do the work for which they have been hired and therefore, it becomes necessary to retain them.

The businesses also need to boost the talent of those who are employed.

The main goal of including online training for talent development activities is to identify the inherent talents of employees when they come to an organization. So, once these talents are recognized, activities can be planned accordingly.

Simulations that also act as assessments

The employees can be given simulations which they can be similar to tough situations they come across on the job. There can be characters mirroring them and their situations. This makes sure that the employees learn the reactions to various situations. Apart from that, the employees also discover their latent talents and recognize where they need to improve. For example, through a simulation given to an employee, he may be able to identify his/her problem-solving skills.

Self-reflection sessions

After a training course has been given to an employee, he should have some time allotted to him for reflection. This helps him imbibe everything he has learnt. He can reflect on what challenges were given to him by online training. They can discuss their shortcomings revealed to them during training with the manager. They can also evaluate their weaknesses and strengths which they discovered during training. Managers can ask them questions by asking them to summarize what they have learnt and how it is as per their assumptions formed through their real-world experiences. They can also share these experiences with other workers.

Collaborating in a team

There can be group collaboration activities also. This is important because employees need to know what the strengths of other team members are. For example, employees might get to know which other employees have better communication skills. They can share such knowledge of such skills with their team members. The knowledge of such skills is important when they have to work in a team. When employees are given challenges such as problem-solving in a team, they get to know more about each others’ abilities. Such kind of wisdom sharing is important and it also builds mutual trust and respect.

Live speeches by the talented

There can be live events by those who have expertise in a certain field or the in house specialists of a company. This implies an employee can make sure that there are training events for other employees so that they have better ways to do sales. For example, an employee can also share insights into how to save time and work with more efficiency. There should also be a brief introduction by the speaker including a summary of what they are about to discuss.

This is how training activities can be scheduled to make that the talent of the employees is honed.


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Technological advancements have made it imperative for employees to acquire new skills and learn techniques that can help them stay ahead. However, it is easier said than done. Application training often requires hands-on practice in software and machines. However, this is usually not available during the training session. This is where simulation training or simulation-based training figures in and makes learning easy and experiential.