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08 Jul 2021
virtual learning

How to get student attention in virtual learning?

Due to the pandemic, every educational institution started using virtual learning. This had a great impact on teachers who had to accommodate video-based learning into the syllabus. It required a lot of effort from teachers because the syllabus of a year had to be converted into video communication very quickly.

Educators were not happy with the implementation of virtual education. During the same, many teachers wanted to leave the teaching profession.
The students also felt very irritated that they had to study from home. Virtual learning has become a norm now.

The schools have started shifting to hybrid learning which includes virtual learning and learning through physical presence at schools.

However, educators can use better tools of educational technology to improve the experience of teaching students.

Controlling the Distraction: It’s important to check whether a student is listening or the lecture or not. The teachers can get alerts when the students open other tabs on their PC’s. The teachers can either scold the student or change the topic to get the attention of the student.

Students can reply to chat: You can make sure that the virtual learning environment is the same as a classroom’s. This implies that the students are asked a question on chat and asked to reply. Although a student’s classmates get to know his answer, this helps in building camaraderie among them. This is much like a classroom where students can also make fun of someone over a wrong answer.

Quizzes: There can be the use of quizzing tools like Kahoot. This quizzing app can be used to generate quizzes for students by teachers. The best part is that instead of just text-based questions, videos and pictures can be used as questions. Images can also be used as answers which are useful in mathematics based quizzes. Apart from that students can be sent the game pin to access the quiz on their Kahoot app. Both the students and teachers can access the app without any cost. Company employees can also use this app. It can be used by teachers all over the world because quizzes can be created in multiple languages. Apart from that, there are already quizzes uploaded on different topics on this app which can be used by new joiners also.

Since Kahoot can also be used on desktop PC’s, schools can indeed get the site license and onboard as many members as they want. After you enter the site license code, you have to enter the email addresses of teachers and students whom you want to invite.

Instead of quizzes, you can also test students with true/false questions. You can also present students with polls so that they can express their opinions.

You can also ensure that you get to measure what was the student’s response to the call, whether they answered a quiz or responded to a chat question. You can make sure that in the video conferencing tool, you can set a counter for every time a student says something or types in a group discussion.

This is how you can engage student attention in virtual learning.

22 Jun 2021
virtual training

How to deliver virtual training for effective results?

Elearning has become the most urgent need for companies these days. Companies are promoting high-end employee development through it.

LMS portal is now implemented by every company. They need to share the content on it to promote it throughout the organization. Companies can use the services of subject matter experts for training employees through webinars arranged through video conferencing tools of an LMS. But, they do not know teaching skills. That’s where it becomes a problem because they might not know how to connect with an audience. Virtual training is an unexplored domain for subject matter experts.

Professional trainers on the other hand can deal with the fundamentals of VILT training. They know how to read the body language of the target audience and all. That’s why companies should look forward to imparting training through professional instructors even if it is virtual.

Hiring professional virtual training experts through managed learning partners means that you don’t put the entire pressure on the learning and development teams of your company.

It is because such partners also provide elearning creation, so your internal resources are freed. The companies have varied training needs. First, virtual training is delivered in a department in a single branch only. Then, it’s extended to cover different branches also and gets a nationwide reach wherever the company has its presence. So, whenever the needs for training are high, the organizations can ask the managed learning partners to provide them with more resources without hiring anyone themselves. Hiring trainers through a managed learning partner means that you can get them to travel anywhere which internal trainers might not be willing to do. The trainers hired through managed learning partners have been chosen through careful screening. So, they know their job well.

Train the SME’s

Also, subject matter experts might not have much idea about how to use a virtual training tool like Zoom etc. For this reason, also, the companies can get help from the managed learning partners. They can provide training assistance to the subject matter experts so that they yield better results.

Help with onboarding

You can easily manage onboarding through such managed learning partners. Onboarding is a critical process for a company that requires huge work. The employees must have the best of experience during onboarding because they will remember this during their tenure in the company. The managed learning partners have an organised process for onboarding. This reduces the burden of the internal teams.

The business can ensure that they can have more resilience when they outsource training. The business can get rid of any kind of training gaps the employees have because new technology gets tough to learn for them.

There is also the consideration of employee. The employees who want professional development can indeed be helped; everybody is not interested in skill enhancement. The business should motivate such employees for skill development to reach the top and also get the maximum return from its managed learning partner.

The managed learning services partner should also be informed of the way employees like to learn and at what pace. When such a provider learns about your company values they can deliver a better outcome.

These points can be kept in mind while hiring a managed learning partner:

What your employees want: So, if your employees can want elearning platforms where the content is uploaded for them. They can also desire a blended learning approach where some virtual training is there and the rest of the content is through elearning where they study on their own. This is how companies can ask the managed learning partner to provide them with a customized solution.

The company culture: It’s also important to check the content of the managed learning partner because it is quite crucial. The managed earning partner should know the culture of the client to know how the content is to be written because the employees can ask for formal and informal language.

07 Jun 2021
virtual training

How to have result-oriented virtual learning?

Elearning is the demand of the hour. But there are some problems when companies don’t properly research it before launching it. For example, a company might not have the proper technology for it. If it provides the access to the employees to the LMS on their home computers, it can be hacked. Therefore, they don’t need to install antivirus software on their PCs whose firewall will manage all the incoming traffic.

Sometimes the home computers don’t have graphic cards to run the graphics of the eLearning program.

So, before designing any virtual training program, it’s better to know about the existing technology on which it will be used.

Hence, learning about the technology is like doing a capabilities analysis.

Employees were not expecting this

Employees can also have issues with a virtual training concept because they are used to studying in classrooms. You can’t assume employees will be prepared for virtual learning. Just because you think that employees are spending their entire time on computers, so they will have no problems with virtual training, it could be wrong. Employees can be frustrated with having to sit in front of a PC just for training. So you should ask employees what they want for training, whether it should be classroom training or virtual learning.

Make sure employees know the advantages of virtual training. It’s the best way to convince them. Also, if employees know how can virtual training help them, they will be motivated to take part.

Lack of virtual training experience

There is also the concept of hiring the trained trainers. For example, you should find someone who has handled a virtual classroom. A large organization has someone who has experience in handling a virtual training session.

This person should know how to read the virtual and audio hints of learners through the video conferencing tool. It’s best when training is delivered by two people, so apart from the trainer, there is the second person who is handling the video conferencing tool. He might have a better knowledge of the Zoom web conferencing tool than the trainer, so he might know how to launch an online poll through it. Otherwise, if you are not willing to hire a second person, make sure you hire someone part-time who can train the trainer about the web conferencing tool.

However, trainers in small organizations might not have the experience on how to conduct a virtual training program. They might not even have an acquaintance that has such an experience. So, they could use some common sense to train adults, for example, the information should be presented in bytes and there should be delivery should video, text, PPT slides etc. There should also be constant revision for adults.

Training does not focus on learners

Subject matter experts can be a cause of a problem when they don’t know what to make learners learn. Its because some of the knowledge delivered by them might be useless for learners. So, they should know how to cut down on the theoretical knowledge and train the learners with relevant stuff.

When the learners find the information to be obsolete they can skip the virtual training session. By following these tips, you can make the virtual training interesting.


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