Instructor-Led and Virtual Training

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Virtual Instructor Led Training


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) refers to a training method in which lessons are imparted to the learner in an instruction environment that mimics traditional classroom, thereby, giving the learner a genuine learning experience. VILT has turned out to be one of the best methods to reach out to widely dispersed learners most efficiently and cost-effectively. In recent years, VILT has found significant traction in the corporate world and organizations are increasingly adopting it to train their employees both on and off the job. In today’s day and age when most working professionals find it challenging to strike a balance between their personal and professional commitments, following lengthy training programs can be a difficult job. However, VILT programs offer training content in short and incremental modules. The learners can, therefore, complete these modules without much hassle.

Why Instructor-Led and Virtual Training?

While online training has already made major inroads into how companies train and educate their employees about their various processes, instructor-led training allows for a real-time human connection, giving the employees a first-hand practice. An amalgamation of these two training methods, i.e., VILT can, however, offer a whole new world of benefits that neither of them can deliver on their own.

The idea behind VILT is to train a substantial population spread out extensively at a reasonable cost.

Thus, VILT gives organizations the opportunity to create excellent learning experiences while simultaneously controlling unnecessary travel and accommodation expenditures. It also prevents any situation wherein the employee has to spend time away from the job.


Virtual instructor-led training allows learners to return to online recording to recap the points that the learner wants to revise. Thus, it offers greater opportunity for learners to learn, practice, repeat, explore and acquire new skills and knowledge. More opportunity means enhanced understanding, which would consequently lead to better application in the workplace.

How your company can benefit from virtual instructor-led training?

Studies indicate that students manage to retain on an average 50 percent of the content that they come across in videos, as compared to merely 10 percent of what they read. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more companies are looking forward to a combination of eLearning and instructor-led training to give themselves a competitive edge. While virtual instructor-led training allows two-way communication between the trainer and the learner, it also benefits your company in two ways, i.e., cost and learning effectiveness. However, there are also a host of other benefits associated with VILT which you should consider.

  • VILT offers more convenience to learners.
  • VILT offers enhanced capacity and scalability.
  • VILT promotes diversity.
  • VILT makes it easy to track the learner’s performance.
  • VILT is easy to customize; therefore, disseminating information to your employees at short notice is possible through VILT.

VILT offers a continuous learning environment. The various cost reductions that VILT provides can solely motivate a company to adopt it as a training method. However, numerous other benefits that VILT offers can give any company significant leverage, allowing it to create maximum learning opportunities for its employees.