Instructional Designer- A blended mix of various skills

Instructional Designer- A blended mix of various skills

One general question will definitely come in Layman’s mind- Who is Instructional Designer and what exactly he does? To get the answer of this, first we need to understand what really is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is a set of activities which are designed to identify the skills, knowledge and the attitude gaps of a targeted audience by creating, selecting and suggesting learning experiences which closes that gap. The main focus of Instruction Design is to compress the learning process and fill the gaps. The person who performs this whole set of activities is known as Instructional Designer. This person should be able to research and analyze the learning needs of the targeted audience and should be able to use e-learning tools and techniques to reach organization’s ultimate goal. 

The responsibilities of Instructional Designer is not easy, he needs to perform multiple task such as:

    He is a designer: He designs the blueprint and specifications which can be used for delivering learning experiences.

    He is a developer: He develops what he designs i.e. he is a course developers also.

    He is a guide: He guides consultants, technologists and trainers in whatever issues they may face.

    He is a writer: He writes effective copy, audio scripts, video scripts and instructional text.

    He is a thinker: He thinks of making instructional design model more effective.

    He is an innovator: He innovates best practices and innovative teaching methods.

    He is an explorer: He explores latest processes and skills related to his area of activities.

    He is a communicator: He communicates and maintains relations with faculty, teachers and clients. 

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    He is an evaluator: He evaluates all his designing and developments and comes to a review or revision.

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