elearning companies can create academic and corporate elearning

What is the difference between corporate and academic elearning?

Elearning has become quite popular now. Today, companies and schools both are using it. However, there are differences between elearning in the companies and that in schools.  

The corporate training makes sure that an employee has the skills to conduct an operation so that organisation can do thing smoothly. Corporate elearning makes sure that there is a proper transfer of knowledge. For example, salespersons are informed about the newly launched company products. This makes it easier for them to make sales. Elearning in the corporate sector makes sure that the training is delivered worldwide especially if employees are located in different nook and corners of the world.

Elearning companies nowadays are preparing training materials for both kinds of training.

Corporate learning has the following features:

Speed: Its the most important thing in the corporate sector because time is money in this sector. Hence training has to be delivered in the fastest way possible. 

Career-related: Corporate learning management systems ensure that the employees have new skills to have better careers in organisations. There are extra modules in the corporate LMS. 

Benefits to the whole organisation: Corporate elearning focusses on what benefits are caused to the organisation as a whole through training. There is no benefit of a single individual in the corporate world through such training. 

Standards of the company: In corporate training, there is training for a particular skill. In corporations, training implies getting ready to do something. A skill is imparted and employees practice it until they reach standards set by the company.

These are the differences between corporate elearning and academic elearning:

Rate on investment 

In corporate learning, an enterprise should be able to know the return on investment. However, in education, it’s tough to calculate the ROI, and a school or a college needs years to know how elearning is benefitting it. 

Focus on needs 

Elearning in educational institutions is imparted differently. In business institutions, elearning is more about practical knowledge. But in educational institutions, it is focussed more on theoretical knowledge, how to fare in a certain subject, rather than how to do anything. Corporate training is however focussed on the needs of the business as per which employees are required to do something. Academic training is more about teaching students a subject on a large scale. 

Spending time 

While in the corporate sector the elearning is fast, in the education sector, elearning takes much more time. Its because a certificate is needed at the end of the day for the student. Without this certificate, he won’t be able to attend the corporate institution any further. 

Beneficial for both

Elearning in the corporate set up is beneficial both for the company and the employee. The employee gains new skills while the company gets a more skilful employee. The latter is more motivated to do the job after the training. On the other hand, the school might not benefit from elearning and might not get anything except the fees. This is how elearning differs between the corporate sector and the academic sector. Elearning companies focus on this difference and hence provide courses.


There are however similarities happening between the corporate sector and the academic sector. For example, the academic sector has started using the corporate sector methods in the classrooms about how particular topics are imparted. In the corporate sector, academic methods are now getting used for teaching technologies to corporates.

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