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How to design quizzes in elearning?

Gamification is one of the most important contents of elearning. It is widely used by elearning companies. As per a study, 95% of workers are happy using gamification elements.

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Gamification boosts the morale of employees and they enjoy elearning even more. Also, they are encouraged to work more after they learn through gamification in elearning. 

Include important mechanics 

The learners have to improve performance through elearning. It’s important to make sure that there is game-based learning in your elearning modules. You have to add elearning game mechanics for the users. You can include quiz bars which are dependent on how well the learner is performing in quizzes. Also, There must be badges in a game and points also. These elements should be there but not so much that they distract the user. But adding important tasks to a game is important. Without such tasks, the game can’t be made interesting. It’s important to add only those elements in gamification that make the game more interesting. Games are supposed to contribute to learning, keeping this in mind, elements should be added. During microlearning, it’s important to add quizzes for the learners. This way, micro-learning bites can be made more interesting for users. Quizzes can come up in these bites within short durations. 

Different learning styles 

Those days are over when all learners were given the same elearning solution. These days, learners only prefer to grasp knowledge which is important for their development. All learners also have distinct styles of learning. You also need to have personal learning elements, which are as per the learning requirements of different individuals. 

Give them feedback 

The games should also make sure that the feedback is given at the right time. When learners can get the correct feedback, they can move to the other level. Having cleared the first level gives them motivation. 

How to design multiple-choice questions 

The best way to design multiple-choice questions is simple. Relevant questions should be designed. The questions should be how a person imagines a certain situation. And after the answers given by the users, the tester will know what an individual thinks, how much an individual knows of the situation. It’s important to see that the questions measure whether an individual knows certain topics or not. 

Learn creating questions 

A MCQ quiz does not test how much a user has learnt. It checks what is the knowledge of the user. The quiz does not check what the user has understood over the last years but what is their performance. The user should be able to think about all the answers before selecting any right answer.The test should be colourful so that the user does not find the quiz boring.  

Whether the questions should be tough or easy 

The questions can be tough and easy. However, they should have clarity. They should be clear because otherwise, the user cannot answer them. If the question is tough to understand, then the user is unable to answer them, and individuals have to ignore them even if they know answers. Hence the questions should be written in an understandable language. 

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