tools to be used by elearning companies

Which tools should be used by elearning companies?

Many organisations want to provide the best training solutions to their employees. Businesses have been dealing with remote teams this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, there was no training given by instructors in classrooms. The businesses had to focus on online training programs for this remote workforce.

Elearning companies have come to the aid of businesses for such remote training.

There are many kinds of elearning development tools but elearning companies have to focus on the right development tools as per the needs of their clients. 

Cloud-based tools 

Cloud-based tools are easy to access from anywhere. It’s easy to work on these tools from any location because they are cloud-based. Since so many team members can work on the course at the same point of time, it gets developed quickly. Although cloud-based tools are easy to work with, sometimes, they lack some special features offered by other tools. These tools can be used on any device, and don’t require special operating systems. For example, Vyond is one such tool. For example, you cant record simulations in Vyond. 

Use of Powerpoint 

It can also be used to develop custom elearning courses. You can content on to the slides such as quizzes and videos. Although PowerPoint does not have special features like character animation, it can be used to develop courses quite quickly. Since many professionals are aware of this tool, they can develop content quite easily with this tool. 

Local elearning tools 

There are many tools which can be downloaded on your PC and you can work on them. They have all the special features like character animation etc. However, it takes some time for someone to learn these tools. But since they are not cloud-based, multiple IDs can’t work on them at the same time. They are accessible by only a single ID at a single point of time. 

Special tools 

Many specialised tools are used for content development. Every organisation does require such kind of specialised tools. Some kind of training programs only requires one kind of content. Blended learning can be asynchronous and synchronous. In synchronous training, webinars are only there. However asynchronous tools can also make use of videos. Some such videos require tools like Flash that are appropriate for character-based animation of any kind. Then, the flash video is uploaded into the content created through Storyline. 

This is how elearning companies can use tools to develop elearning modules. 


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