elearning companies help in CRM-LMS integration

How can CRM-LMS integration help a company?

Customer loyalty is what keeps an organisation moving. But how can an organisation make sure that you can have a better relationship with your customers? The companies can mix the CRM with the LMS to make sure that the information gathered through the CRM can be delivered through the LMS.

Prospects often watch product videos on the LMS to get better knowledge about the products. This way, the company can get data about its customers. This data can be shown to the sales team.

You can determine which products in the future can underperform and reduce your sales. This way, you can get an idea about the performance of the sales leads.

Elearning companies can make sure both CRM and LMS resources are integrated.

Issuance of support tickets to employees through CRM’s

You can issue support tickets to the salespersons to assist them. Most of the CRM’s support this issuance of support tickets. For example, an SAP-based CRM ensures that you identify those issues that can be tackled in the training program. The company needs to know whether CRM-LMS integration can be used to issue support tickets to its employees. If yes, then online training resources can be boosted and customer satisfaction improved through these support tickets. For example, these support tickets can be used in some form of elearning tutorials which can be used to teach employees. When the employees pass such information to their customers, it can be useful. For example, information like how to handle the products can be used to pass to the customers through elearning tutorials.

Measure employee training and performance 

The CRM-LMS combination can be quite useful for a company. The sales employees can make sure that they sign up for certification to increase their performance. You have to check whether the employees who sign up for different courses get better sales through CRM.

You can also get a chance to check whether the online training given through LMS is converting into sales outcomes. Such outcomes can be measured through CRM. Since LMS is also accessible by the customers, you can check whether their education through the LMS gets repeat business for the company.

Easy Compliance Audits

Every organisation is scared of compliance audits. This compliance is done by external organisations. When you have CRM-LMS integrations, you have all the data ready with you. Since all the data is ready, you can provide data about employee training. The auditor can know what certifications have been completed by employees. Apart from employees reports, analytics reports can also be produced if required in the auditing process.

Increase in Consumer Education

CRM-LMS integration provides knowledge to companies to satisfy their customers. This knowledge flow can be 2 -way. Firstly, the sales team is equipped with the knowledge on how to satisfy customers. Apart from that, you also get to know whether the customers register for any courses. If they do, then the employees can use such leads and enhance the number of sales. A salesforce based LMS can also provide consumer education to employees after purchase to make sure customer satisfaction is increased. Customers are satisfied because they know to use the product in a better way.

Take the help of elearning companies to make sure that the elearning materials are uploaded on the LMS.


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