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Advantages of an extended enterprise LMS

Is a big LMS of any use to a company? By a big LMS, it means an extended enterprise LMS.

You can get such an LMS from one of the elearning companies.

This kind of LMS makes sure that different kinds of customers can be trained by making sure that there are different portals for them. This depends on what sort of training the team needs. The finance department sets the rules for the purchase of the LMS. It’s because although there might be advanced skills involved, they are not worth the monetary risks. However, you need to get an LMS whether it is to train internal employees or external partners of the company. They can be consumers, vendors or the sale agents who work on commission. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a bigger LMS to train them. 

These are the following benefits you get from a large or enterprise based LMS:

Sales teams are empowered 

Sales is a job which requires a lot of efforts, but it gives some rewards also. The salespeople are not hired directly by the company. Instead, they get a commission on sales made by them. It implies that to every 20 prospects they try to sell, they are only able to sell to one lead. You can hire a large number of these salespeople because payments are only made when sales are done. An LMS can help you with training these salespeople. It makes sure that they can perform their jobs better, which benefits you apart from increasing their earnings. This kind of training also boosts the reputation of the company among such salespeople and to the customers to whom they sell your product. You must make sure that the LMS has offline access making it accessible on mobile phones and tablets. 

Clear brand identity 

Once your business can sponsor a franchise, it implies you are successful. But good service should follow your brand wherever it appears. But the point is how to monitor these branches. The best way is to make sure that these franchise members have access to online training. They can be taught about the different trivia about the brand and the skills needed by them. 

You can make sure such kind of training is included when you sign a franchise deal with them. This way, all of your franchisees will get the same training. Every shop that is selling your product will get the same training. This kind of training makes sure that your brand name is boosted. The brand develops a certain identity by every salesperson selling in the same way. An enterprise-based LMS makes sure that whenever such franchisees face any crisis, they can get direct access to you. It makes sure nothing goes wrong with these franchisees promoting you and your PR is not affected. 

Reduces training costs

Depending on the set up of your business., you have various external sales teams. There are also franchisees. You can’t go about training everyone. The companies selling fast-moving consumer goods are likely to sell products through grocery stores and local shops. The customers don’t meet the sales staff, rather they come across the distributors. Since these distributors make sales and leave a lasting impression on customer’s minds, it’s vital to train them. Instead of having a seminar every season, for such distributors and retailers, it’s better to have online training. You are saving a lot of resources like those spent on transport and lodging of distributors. Apart from that, the staff of the company does not need to be devoted to tackling training. 

A centralised system to train

Once the partners are trained about the customer dealing with extended enterprise LMS, they can make sure that they have the best product knowledge on their hands. They get certifications for their training and also know how to listen to customers’ woes. This makes sure your brand becomes a favourite with customers. So, the major benefit of an enterprise based LMS is that the training can be given from a central system to distributors, sales agents and company’s internal sales force, wherever it might be. 

Involve customers

This kind of training is not meant for franchisees. It’s meant for customers also. Its because when customers shop online, they must know how to make the payment. By providing brand education to them, you can make sure customers have trust in the brand. You can give customers product training, explaining all the technical terms as to why they should choose a product over others. 

If you have not laid your hands, on the extended enterprise LMS, you can go through a directory of elearning companies and LMS vendors for it. 

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