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How mobile apps are beneficial for the learning of students?

The global pandemic has made sure that students are forced to learn from their homes. Those days are past when schools were concerned about students using smartphones. Now, students are using mobile phone applications for learning. Elearning apps are getting developed by schools, but how to make sure that students spend time on them. As per a survey, mobile learning is going to see an unprecedented increase.

The world market for mobile apps is going to increase to 78.5 billion dollars by the year 2025.

That’s, why schools are focusing on such app development to increase knowledge transfer and retention for students.

What are the benefits of using apps for students?

Personalised learning

In a classroom, the students might not get the attention of their teacher because there are so many of them. The students have different learning rates, due to which some understand things faster while others don’t. But teachers proceed at the speed of the class, not at the speed of someone who can’t progress at the speed of the class. So, with educational apps, students don’t have to cope up with everyone else. They can rewind the concept and then get a better understanding of it.

Better learning methods

The apps developed with the help of languages such as Android and Ios are helping students in many ways. These apps have opportunities for gamification where the students can learn the concepts in an easier and fun way. They can imagine the concepts with characters and a storyline. Therefore, students can focus more and study for more time.

Students develop curiosity

With games, students just don’t imbibe theory but practical concepts also. Through elearning apps, they learn how to apply theory to practical concepts like dividing a pizza into pieces when they learn about fractions.

Elearning apps also have several games integrated with them. These games include puzzles and Sudoku. So, students put their intellectual abilities to complete use when playing these games. So, instead of becoming couch potato, students play these games to pass their time. This is a good use of any free time on their hands.
Tailor-made apps
These apps make sure that the user experience is customised as per his preference. When a student does not do well on an activity, he is shown hints to let him know where he has gone wrong. The students can also set their learning charts as per their ease. This includes setting up a personalized training syllabus that makes sure students imbibe concepts as per their own learning rates.

Enhanced communication

These apps also make sure that the performance of a student is known to the teachers and the parents. Since the apps are digitized they keep a record of how a student is doing in terms of assessment and learning. Hence the apps are made more personalized to make them more engaging for students. So, android and Ios based apps are perfect for students to learn things. They don’t require any instructions from the teacher also because instructions are included in them.


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