compliance training

What should constitute compliance training for HR employees?

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes around the world. One of them is being able to cope up. There are so many ways in which training has to be delivered to employees to get the best results from them. HR could be one of such employees.

The compliance training for HR is a way to make them deal with pertinent company issues.

There could be employees coming to them asking them about pay inequality. Now, how should HR deal with such compliance issues?

The HR could be taught about compliance training in the following ways:

Branching scenarios

They are the best way to teach HR employees. Make sure that they have branching scenarios shown to them about different company situations. This could include bullying of employees. Show HR what needs to be done in such situations. You have to use branching scenarios to make HR learn the most. And how not reacting in such situations can have important consequences. In such cases, text can’t be just shown to them for learning purposes.

Real-world analogies

Make sure that HR employees are given real-world stories to make them learn the most. Storytelling can be used to ensure that HR feels positively towards stories. If there is an emotional connection with the staff, the HR won’t commit any mistake while dealing with their issues. The HR should be told the same stories that the employees have faced.

Discussions on social media

Social media discussions are relevant ways of teaching HR. The HR employees can use social media to make sure that their doubts are cleared. Furthermore, they can seek clarifications about confusing policies.

They can also use social media to discuss and voice their opinions about certain policies.


They are useful for dealing with employees that have faced discrimination at the workplace. It’s important to teach the HR employees how to deal with such changes. So, whosoever has been affected by such harassment must be pacified to make sure that they can regain trust in the company. They should continue to work there rather than thinking of quitting. Its because if they quit, it also affects the morale of other employees. So, you can use infographics to make sure that HR is completely aware of the process to be followed in case of such discrimination. They can also be informed about the different rules for harassment in different organizations.

Assessments for HR

There can also be assessments sent to HR showing how to handle harassment. The HR can then choose the correct option in a branching scenario video. The HR must know the difference between something innocent and something constituting discrimination.

How to make the employees believe that diversity is beneficial?

There can also be the use of videos to show HR how they are supposed to deal with such situations. Such videos can be about stereotyping how certain genders and ethnicities face prejudices when they are working in a company.

The HR can make sure that they can show how diverse people bring different things to the table. So, they can show such videos to employees to reduce gender and race bias.

The HR can also show videos of harassment to employees so that they learn how normal situations can include victimization.

It’s important to understand that the compliance training for employees has the wanted consequences. Therefore, there should be the following changes in employee’s behaviour after going through such training course.

  • Understanding: Employees should understand what includes sexually discriminating behaviour.
  • Change in behaviour: There should be a reduction in reports against bullying employees after they have received some training.
  • Passing of information: HR should transfer the knowledge gained by them to those working in the company.

This is how HR compliance training will give the biggest benefits.