Benefits of using an LMS for nonprofit organizations


Benefits of using an LMS for nonprofit organizations

There has been a massive change in technology which has led to the adoption of LMS systems. Companies all over the world are now using such systems in collaboration with elearning USA companies. There are many benefits of using an LMS system. It’s a better option to provide training than providing in-person training. The LMS is accessible on mobile phones which is imperative in today’s times.

Non-profit organizations need this kind of functionality in an LMS because they need to have a massive reach and everybody does not have access to a laptop.

Also, a nonprofit organization aims to train all its members and volunteers. Anyways, classroom training is prohibitively costly for such an organization.

For non-profit organizations, LMS provide these benefits:

  • No need for IT: First of all, there is no IT admin needed to manage such an LMS. The organizations also are saved from the hassles of giving a PC to learners. Such an LMS is hosted on a cloud-based server so it’s accessible everywhere and at any time. For example, such an LMS can be accessed on desktop computers and mobile phones. Such an LMS also has an increased bandwidth so that maximum accessibility is there.
  • Data security: Such an LMS is also quite secure because the LMS vendor has servers that are protected from hacking.
  • Train whenever and wherever you are free: There are no time and location bound restrictions because the LMS can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Promotes mobile donations: A non-profit organization needs donations for its work. This might not be possible when the website is not running owing to a lack of IT staff due to lockdown. Hence they can get donations through a mobile-based LMS. Nonprofit organizations can ask for arrangements through the LMS vendor where they can activate customer service. Once such a service is activated, they can mobile users can donate money to the Paypal account of a non-profit organization. Once they call the customer service team of the LMS vendor, the mobile LMS users know about the authenticity.
  • Easy accessibility through mobile apps: When the NGO is working towards helping people, it does not have time to know who accessed the LMS portal on websites. It can be done by logging in to the LMS website, but it takes time. But with a mobile LMS, it can check the reports of users through its dashboard easily because the interface is easier to use with an app. LMS analytics help a nonprofit organization change the training material to drive engagement. The mobile-based LMS app can also be accessed across different browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Internet explorer. So, iPhones can also be used to access it.
  • Integrations with the LMS: You can make sure that various apps can be integrated with such an LMS like Paypal, Shopify and Zoom. The employees can call you anytime to seek clarification about training material. With apps like Zendesk integrated with LMS, employees can also chat with anyone.


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This is why non-profit organizations should use an LMS.






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