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How to get the elearning content?

Elearning Content is the foundation for successful training.

Companies may want to shop for content, but there are many considerations involved. The first of them is that you need to search for various options before getting the right one. You can’t just get fixated on the first elearning content you see.

It is because you should not be regretting the decision about the purchase of the learning content including videos, text and assessments. This kind of mistake can land you in trouble when the employers and the other stakeholders are not able to understand it.

Decide about Elearning content topic

It is important to decide about the topic of the elearning. Businesses need elearning content for various reasons such as communication skills, customer service training, safety, health and fitness and compliance training. So, with the proper categories in mind, you can find content easily. There are so many inbuilt characters in elearning authoring tools. For example, in Vyond, you can change the expression and action of the character chosen by you. It’s important to use a proper elearning tool to prepare an entertaining video to get the attention of learners. Even if the topic is boring, an entertaining video can make sure learners learn something through the video.

Use of Modern-day authoring tools

The impact of the content is also a powerful consideration. It’s because if the voice is used in PowerPoint, it does have an impact but it’s outdated now. Now so many better authoring tools are available in which you can incorporate visual animation not possible in PowerPoint. You can enable the text-to-speech feature in PowerPoint which will read whatever you have written in slides. But, you can’t include a pause in it, unlike an authoring tool where commas can be introduced to indicate a pause. In PowerPoint, you have to enable the Speak button and then select the text and click on the button to generate text-to-speech.

You can get off-the-shelf learning content if your topic is quite common and you don’t need some special research into it. In that case, that content is apt. But most of the elearning companies don’t change the content regularly because of the expenses of hiring a subject matter expert. So, you should get the most updated off-the-shelf elearning content. Getting off-the-shelf content has one advantage that your internal teams are freed from the job of developing learning content. Elearning content vendors can also provide you with localization services, i.e. to translate the content into any language.


Microlearning videos are also a good idea. First of all, the companies know that the employee’s attention span is low. So when they watch such short videos, they can watch them with better concentration. You should ask a company for their microlearning videos and see whether any one of them is relevant for your purpose.

This is how you must get the elearning content for the most productive results.

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