What is cybersecurity and how to implement it?

Cybersecurity is important for companies because so many devices are used like servers, employee computers, mobiles and everything is vulnerable.

It has the following types:

Network security: It implies protecting the network of a company from hackers who can attack it by installing malware on a certain system. So, install antivirus software on every system.

Application software security: This kind of security makes sure that your software does not get viruses and stops working. It can lead to problems for a business. Devices should also be protected from threats. So, application software should be checked for vulnerability before it is installed on a PC.

Information security: It makes sure that the data is not accessed when it is stored, such as on a computer’s hard drive or USB. Even when it is transferred through emails, it should be protected through encryption.

Companies have become quite conscious of their website getting hacked. This is because now websites include customer login accounts also. So, employees need to be trained entertainingly about cybersecurity because technical training appears boring to them.

How to talk to employees about cybersecurity?

It’s also important to have the proper tone in training. It’s because when employees are given training in a motivational way, they feel inspired to make changes otherwise they can feel guilt about their cybersecurity techniques


It’s better that you have virtual meetings to teach about cybersecurity. When there is a virtual seminar, employees can also put up their questions. Arranging a conference room is tough when there is no office space rented because everyone is working remotely.

Simulations and games to teach employees

Cybersecurity training is a problem because the employees are located in different parts of the world. So, they have different work hours. They can be sent games to learn about cybersecurity. These games can be in the form of simulations where heroes fight hackers.

Train through positive reinforcement

Employees should also be sent phishing emails to test their knowledge. If someone opens such emails, inform them what is phishing and what are the signs of such emails. You can also make sure that if a certain employee receives such emails and reports them to the IT team; he is acknowledged in front of others.

Cybersecurity training during Onboarding

When you are onboarding employees, it’s important to teach them about cybersecurity measures. They should be aware of the ways they can be contacted by hackers, like through social media. They can also be contacted through WhatsApp by such hackers.

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