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How to ensure greater participation in virtual meetings?

Psychological Safety is an important need when an eLearning program is developed. Now, what is psychological safety? There were a lot of upheavals when Covid-19 emerged on the scene. So many workers were sent to work from home. But there was one greatest impact of remote work i.e. people can ask questions from the trainer in virtual meetings without the danger of any negative effects. So how to ensure that participants in meetings can speak with full liberty without the fear of being punished or embarrassed i.e. they have psychological safety.

Lots of problems: In virtual meetings, however, there are other problems such as someone facing difficulties that can’t be detected. There will also be isolation among team members because they can’t see someone supporting them. There are many disturbances present like emails messages and calls on the phones or the laptops. But such virtual meetings are a necessity now especially due to the Covid-19 situation where no one wants to come to the office.

So, can how custom eLearning development companies can make sure that virtual meetings are a real success.

You can use technology to overcome all these obstacles in virtual meetings:

Raising hands: Raising your hands is an important way to give responses when you are in an online meeting. It can also be used to indicate that you want to mention something important to the attendees of such a meeting. But there can also be problems when employees unnecessarily raise their hands in response to a question without fully understanding it. Employees might also not raise their hands when they don’t want to disclose some confidential information.

Polls are an easy way to get information from the participants in a meeting. This includes voting on pertinent questions. No one knows who voted for which option, so privacy is maintained.

A quiz can be used:Employees can also be sent forms in the meetings in which they can choose an option. The best part is that even employees who are not attending the meetings can be sent such forms to get their input. But there is a problem that there are always just not 2 answers to a problem. It’s better to ask questions in chat through employees to get detailed responses.

Chats:Chats are also not a good option because they contain the name of the sender. Moreover, sometimes, so many chats are sent that some of them are ignored. When there needs to be some concentration in the room, the chat feature should not be on, so everyone can focus on the spoken words.

Breakout rooms: Breakout rooms are an easy way for participants to anonymously discuss topics. The participants still have separated themselves from the main meeting room don’t have to mute themselves so that others can’t hear them in the main meeting. When they leave the breakout rooms and rejoin the main meeting, they can share the breakout room’s idea.

This is how in time of this pandemic, meetings can be conducted without any loss of information and privacy.

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