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How artificial intelligence maximizes the experience of using an LMS portal?

Corporate training is proving to be useful for companies to ensure that the employees learn the necessary skills. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence are being deployed in an LMS to reap the maximum benefit.

These are the following ways in which artificial intelligence can be useful to a business:

  • Eases the job of L&D professionals and answers search queries of learners: 

One of the biggest problems a learning and development professional encounters is that he can’t handle the administrative tasks related to the LMS platform. But all this is solved by an AI based LMS. The searcher on an LMS platform can get the required information delivered to him because he gets answered by a chatbot. This chatbot can also communicate with people. This is quite a time-saving for the L&D professionals because they can ensure that they focus on different tasks. They don’t have to respond to the search queries of the searchers who use the chat messenger to get information. Even the search feature in an LMS uses artificial intelligence and it gets auto-populated with results when the user enters a search query.

  • Gives content ideas to L&D professionals: 

The L&D professionals spend a lot of time creating content for the learning programs. But still, there can be problems:

  • When the content seems to be too boring for the learners
  • They can also be irritated by the huge volume of content.

When there is artificial intelligence used in the LMS platforms, the L&D professionals can get ideas about what kind of content is preferred by learners. It’s because it monitors the content read by learners. It is used for analyzing learners’ data and based on such statistics it suggests the preferred course options. So, an AI-based LMS portal eases the job of L&D professionals.

  • Easy search for learners: 

The learning experience of the learners is also enhanced by a powerful AI tool. Indeed, learners might not want to go through the content of the LMS portal and want to study specific content only.

However, learners get help in looking for the content on the LMS portal through AI.

Dependent on the learners’ search history, it makes sure that they get auto-completion of their search entries. So, artificial intelligence helps them in an easy search.

Microlearning is also done with an LMS portal. Its learning is divided into small sessions, which boosts the learner’s engagement. It also makes sure that the learner’s engagement with the elearning content is the maximum.

  • AI technology can help in microlearning; 

Artificial intelligence can help you in designing such microlearning sessions. The LMS can also make sure that the microlearning sessions can be prepared. It’s because when there is language processing in an LMS, the learners can get to see the videos as per their search entries. Just like Youtube, an AI-powered LMS can ensure that the learners get directed to the exact point in the video related to the search entry. This way the learner can watch relevant short videos rather than going through the entire video uploaded on the LMS.

This is how artificial intelligence ensures that the learners can get the most satisfying experience using an LMS portal through artificial intelligence.

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