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How can automated learning programs help companies?

Automated learning can help companies in getting a very high return on their learning programs.

This way, they can make sure that the auto mailers can be sent through LMS to employees where they need to improve based on their test performance. They can be given recommendations on what content they need to study to do better in their LMS tests.

  • Employees can be reminded

Automated learning is helping companies to provide better training to employees. Indeed, supervisors can’t manage all employees. Therefore, it’s true that automated processes can help them manage to learn. The employees can be sent push notifications on their phones so that their progress can be tracked. Such notifications can ask employees to respond through the percentage of courses completed by them.

Employers can also get information about employees who are yet to finish modules. These are the benefits of using automated learning in eLearning programs.

  • Employee’s progress can be tracked

When an employee’s progress is tracked through his IP address, the company can monitor whether he is using the eLearning LMS or not. If the employee has not logged into the LMS for a long time like 2 weeks, he can be sent email-based notifications.

Automated learning can also make sure that the learners get the best possible experience out of the eLearning LMS. The artificial intelligence algorithms can make sure that the learners can be tracked for what they search on the eLearning LMS. This way, the predictive models can be used to ensure that the learners can get the easy search results on an LMS for themselves. Automated learning makes sure that the learners can get tailor-made information through the search method used by them.

  • Set up the learning schedule of employees

The learning schedule of employees can be set up when they have automated learning. Employees indeed prefer to learn after their office shifts get completed. So, all the webinars have to be scheduled during that time because employees can attend them. That’s why tracking employees is important.

The employers can also find out how the employees prefer to learn. If the employees prefer videos, and the tracking data showed that they were accessed the maximum number of times, the employers can include them in the eLearning module.

  • When an employee fails in an assessment

If the learner does not succeed in a test, he can be sent a link to an alternative course through which he can improve his performance in the test.

The training programs can also be in sync with the growth of employees so that they can be promoted when a certain program is completed by them. The HRIS can be directly linked with the eLearning LMS so that when an employee completes a course, his completion certificate is sent to HR. HR can send emails to other employees to provide information about the employee’s progress.

When automated learning is there, managers are informed about the progress of employees through automated reports.

  • Giving employees relevant content

Workers might be needed to gain knowledge about the cybersecurity awareness program. This program teaches them tactics about how to combat phishing.

Products can be created to make sure that employees automatically learn about phishing. Employees generally use simulations to learn about phishing. After their usage of e-learning LMS is tracked, it’s better to provide them with phishing simulations that showcase real situations faced by them. Information about phishing can also be given based on the cultural backgrounds of employees or the languages used by them. This can be done by tracking the IP addresses of where phishing attacks happened and then customizing the eLearning according to them.

There can be automated learning done in LMSs also. This can make sure that the learners are given courses to study based on what job profiles they have. They can also be assigned courses depending on the departments to which they belong. LMS can also help in producing assessments based on the eLearning content created.

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