elearning for nonprofits

How elearning for non-profits benefits such organizations?

Nonprofit organizations are helping everyone during these critical times because it is important for them. The underprivileged that were unable to take care of themselves during the pandemic benefitted so much from their initiatives.

Through elearning for nonprofits, they were able to impart training to so many without extending their budgets.

This pandemic had imposed closures of offices throughout the US. The nonprofits collected donations for those who were laid off from their jobs due to the pandemic and could not afford groceries also. Nonprofits have been a major help during these critical times because office closures lasted longer than anticipated. People took help from these organizations for improving their mental health also as they lost their jobs. Businesses took PPP loans which stands for Paycheck Protection Loans to ensure that they could support their workforce. But these funds were also not sufficient to help businesses during such mass closure. The businesses could use these loan funds to ensure that they were able to pay for property damage caused due to vandalism during Covid-19. They could also pay supplier costs. But there were some conditions for businesses such as they had to retain employees after the loan was given to them.

Apart from donations of money, these nonprofits also accepted blood donations. It is because the blood of Covid free individuals was used to extract plasma for the patients. The recovered patients could donate their blood to ensure that their plasma could be given to the sick. The interested donors could schedule an appointment with the local centers of such NGOs to support the cause.

The nonprofit organizations also raised money to make sure that the health care workers were able to arrange amenities including masks, gloves, gowns, and PPE kits for treating patients of this disease. The nonprofits also collected food donations in their local food banks for the patients who had nobody to cook for them.

LMS makes it easier to handle donor data

The biggest benefit of the elearning for nonprofits is being able to manage the donors. Since there can be all sorts of donors, like blood and food donors, it becomes tough to manage the data. One way to do this is through elearning for nonprofits that have an LMS integrated with the portal. The donors can register themselves on the portal entering all the information about their location, age, covid19 status, and blood group, name, and other credentials. They can also access information about how to donate at the local site of the NGO. An LMS is like donor management software only but it has some different features. The donor management software does not require any donor to register, they can be tracked easily through their names because it’s like fundraising software. This software is integrated with Facebook so you can get all your donor information from there once he creates an account. You can also organize fundraising events through this software.

The elearning for nonprofits is also integrated with Mailchimp through which you can send automated emails to registered donors about the next donation event. You can arrange such emails depending on how much the donor contributed in the past event.

How do employees benefit through elearning for non-profits?

The elearning for nonprofits is beneficial because they can train a large number of employees through it. They can also provide useful information to volunteers. As the volunteers belong to different areas, it’s tough to arrange face-to-face learning for them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, elearning for nonprofits was extremely useful because they were able to add so much new content through the LMS dashboard. Such content was about topics like how to get donations remotely without contacting the donors. So, employees of such organizations benefitted from such content.

It’s easy to train workers through elearning for nonprofits through microlearning sessions. It’s because scenarios can be created in elearning through elearning software. Such scenarios help workers of non-profits organizations in dealing with situations like getting donations through the phone. The workers have to be patient on the phone because sometimes the recipients of such calls can be rude. So, this is how such workers got proper training through elearning for nonprofits.



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